[FUN] MobArena v0.96.8 - Become a mob-fighting gladiator! [1.7.x, 1.8.x]

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    MobArena - Become a mob-fighting gladiator!
    [​IMG] Latest build: v0.96.7 (1.7.x)
    [​IMG] Wiki
    [​IMG] IRC Channel
    [​IMG] Source

    BukkitDev Project Page - Find MobArena on dev.bukkit.org here: LINK.


    Old description (open)
    If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena!

    Heavily inspired by Deminetix' Fight-plugin, MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-gameplay, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to beat oncoming waves of monsters, earning rewards in the process. MobArena can be played alone, or with as many friends as you like!

    • Fight oncoming waves of monsters
    • Play alone or team up with friends
    • Earn glorious prizes
    • Customizable classes, rewards and waves
    • Easy to set up
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Very few user commands
    • Supports Permissions and all major economies
    • Supports Spout
    • Supports Heroes
    Note: When you post a bug report, please provide a stacktrace/error from the server log/console window. Post this stacktrace in either a pastebin, a pastie, or a CODE-block! The same applies for config-files, permissions-files, etc! Please don't put them directly in your posts, as they become gigantic and annoying to read. If you don't follow this guideline, I might ignore your post!

    Wiki - Instructions, commands, FAQ, etc.
    I have set up a Wiki for MobArena. It contains a bunch of information and guides on how to set up and customize arenas, an overview of all the commands, how to set up Permissions, as well as frequently asked questions.

    New: MobArena now has its own IRC channel (#mobarena @ EsperNet). Click here for a web-based IRC client. Feel free to stop by to get help setting everything up if you really don't understand the Wiki and the instructional video, or to have a chat about MobArena (or anything else, for that matter) :)

    Relevant links:
    Getting started with MobArena, by Flamers
    Flamers made this really easy-to-follow, simple video of how to get started with MobArena. It covers installing the plugin, defining an arena region and setting up basic leaderboards, as well as a few pointers for arena design.
    Old instructional video (open)
    Instructional video for setting up MobArena:

    Note: This video was made for v0.67, but all the in-game instructions still work the same for the latest versions. The config-file has changed, so make sure to read the Wiki on how to set it up.
    More Videos (open)
    Review of MobArena by plugin reviewer jamescosten (v0.84):

    Note: My nickname "garbagemule" is pronounced "garbage mule", as in "trash donkey" ;)

    Hilarious showcase of MobArena by Daniel James and Daniel Cherry (v0.92.3):

    Delios showing off his beautiful arena setup:

    slowmonkey1227 in his interesting "island" arena: YouTube
    French video by avalondrey (v0.87.3): YouTube
    German video by blutherz and his friends (v0.91.2): YouTube

    To avoid wasting not only your own time, but mine as well, I expect everyone to do some extensive troubleshooting before posting bug reports. What does this mean?

    Try MobArena on a fresh server.
    MobArena works perfectly fine when I release it. Sure, there are a few bugs, but it works. If it doesn't work for you, something is most likely wrong on your end. Set up a local test-server, and verify that MobArena works before claiming that it doesn't. When you have verified that MobArena does indeed work, you can start adding other plugins and settings until something conflicts.

    Disable other plugins.
    The first thing you need to do is disable all other plugins. If you can't reproduce the bug with other plugins disabled, you know that you have a conflicting plugin. Now perform a binary search on the other plugins, or if you don't know how to do that, just add a couple of plugins back to the plugins-folder, try to reproduce the bug, and if you can't, the conflicting plugin must be in the remaining set of plugins.

    Write down reproduction steps.
    Figure out the exact steps to reproduce/trigger the bug. I need precise steps, and as much information as possible, because there are often many things that could be going on. An example of reproduction steps could be:
    1. Type /ma join
    2. Punch the Archer class sign
    3. Wait for someone else to join
    4. Punch the iron block
    5. Type /ma leave before the other player picks a class

    Check the console window/server.log
    Make sure you check the server.log file for any MobArena errors or exceptions. If you find any, copy the ENTIRE exception (including all the lines that say "at com.garbagemule.MobArena...") and paste it (with the other information) in a CODE-tag here in the thread.

    I develop MobArena for the fun of it and the positive feedback is all it takes to make me happy, but a few people have asked for a link, so if you're one of them, here's a link: Donate - You can donate as much as you want, even down to a few cents! If I get enough donations, I will spend the money on an extra Minecraft account to aid me in developing/testing/debugging MobArena :)


    • Updated for CB 1337.
    • The repair-delay node is now unused! The reason for this is that it is now possible (with the release of 1317) to cancel block damage in explosions, and still retain the animation and sound! This also means that arenas should be fully pistons-compatible (for arenas that don't use soft-restore or force-restore)! I'm hoping to see some screenshots and videos of shifting arenas! :)
    • You can now right-click signs in the lobby! I finally found a super easy solution to the improperly updating inventory issue with right-clicking class signs. The result is that players can now left- or right-click as they please. This should solve all issues related to players not being able to choose classes, due to spawn region and WorldGuard/Factions/whatever conflicts.
    • It is no longer possible to warp out of the lobby.
    • New per-arena setting: final-wave - Allows for setting a final wave, meaning on that wave, the arena will end, regardless of how many players are alive.
    Version (open)

    • v0.94.3.11 - Updated Register, built against CB 1240.
    • v0.94.3.8 - Added basic leaderboards.
    • v0.94.3.6 - Fixed MagicSpells support - MobArena no longer supports MagicSpells pre-v1.1!
    • v0.94.3.5 - Fixed a bunch of bugs introduced with CB 1185, as well as a couple of minor MobArena bugs.
    • Updated for CraftBukkit #1185
    • Updated economy support (now supports iConomy 6).
    • Added the three new mob types, Enderman/Endermen, CaveSpider/CaveSpiders, Silverfish. They can be used just like the other mob types in the waves.
    • Endermen cannot pick up arena blocks (this is why).
    • Endermen cannot place blocks in arena regions.
    • The per-class permission syntax has been fixed and changed slightly. The Wiki has been updated (clicky).
    • Fixed MagicSpells issues.
    Version 0.94.2 (open)

    • Redstone circuits now work properly in arenas.
    • Lightning now properly strikes on spawnpoints on special waves.
    • Fixed an issue where players somehow warping/cheating out of the arena world get kicked from the server when discovered.
    • Added MagicSpells support. Use the magicspells.yml file to ban certain spells from the arena either for the whole session, or only during boss waves.
    • Fixed the Heroes death conflict. MobArena and Heroes should now play nice together. Further Heroes support is planned for upcoming releases.
    • [COLOR=#1000000]MobArena will no longer support the discontinued Permissions 2.x and 3.x permission systems.[/COLOR] Recommended permissions systems include PermissionsBukkit (defacto standard) or PermissionsEX.
    Version 0.94.1 (open)

    • Added two new boss abilities: 'shuffle-positions' and 'flood'. Try them out!
    • Players disconnecting/crashing during an arena session no longer get corrupted data files due to economy rewards.
    • Weapon durability is now correctly set to "unlimited".
    • Item sub-types (cocoa beans, bonemeal, colored wool, etc.) now work again.
    • Players can no longer join the arena without first picking a class.
    • MobArena now works with spawn-monsters=false again.
    Version 0.94 (open)

    • Completely revamped the waves system! Undeniably the biggest feature in MobArena since multiple arenas in v0.92, the new customizable waves are guaranteed to bring much more awesomeness to your MobArenas. The waves system brings two new wave types, swarm waves and boss waves. The latter is a very elaborate feature, and the whole waves system has been given its own page on the Wiki. Note: MobArena will ignore all old wave settings, but use sane defaults.
    • Revamped the logging system. Instead of logging: true, you can now use logging: yml/xml. The logging system will now keep track of the last session only, but also maintain a collection of 'totals' for each arena. The idea behind these easy-to-parse files is making the stats available on server web pages.
    • Added SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit support. Note that specifying mobarena.arenas.* and mobarena.classes.* probably won't work, but these nodes are given to everyone by default.
    • Added Spout support. Currently, the only Spouty thing MobArena does is print (some) announcements as notifications/achievements. This should limit the amount of "chat spam" that MobArena produces. Other Spout-features are planned, but don't expect something crazy. Note that MobArena does NOT require Spout!
    • Monsters will no longer target pet wolves. This is a major nerf to pet classes, but they were very overpowered as it was.
    • Fixed item amounts greater than 64 sometimes bugging out. You should now be able to put arrow:1024 for your Archer classes :)
    • Fixed players losing their stored items and/or earned rewards upon disconnecting from the arena.
    • Fixed blocks not restoring when burned by fire.
    • Fixed an issue with entry fees. They should no longer cause any problems.
    • Fixed slimes. That's right! Slimes that spawn as a result of bigger slimes splitting upon death are now considered arena monsters. This also means that Slimes no longer drop slime balls; as intended.
    • Revamped the repairing algorithm. It is now MUCH more sophisticated, and is capable of repairing not only signs and containers, but also torches, doors and beds. Redstone -should- repair properly as well, but it is still slightly buggy.
    • Added support for restorable containers. Registered chests, dispensers, and furnaces will have their contents stored upon arena start, and restored at arena end. This is useful for providing the arena players with chests with e.g. upgrades or food.
    • Added new commands (for the feature above) - /ma addcontainer <name>, /ma delcontainer <name>, /ma containers. These commands work much like the the spawnpoint commands. To add a container, simply look at the container and type /ma addcontainer <name>.
    Changelog (continued)
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    @teegee543 - Then I think the problem resides with how PEX handles (or doesn't handle) PermissionAttachments. There's a chance that none of the non-MobArena permissions will work properly with PEX then. Would you mind trying out FastFood or Snowballer and their respective permissions with MobArena's class-permissions and PEX? Just to verify. If they don't work either, then there's clearly some flaw in PEX.
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    @garbagemule - Snowballer v0.1.0 doesn't do damage to mobs in the arena with the permission node (PEX disabled)
    I installed the "latest" version of FastFood which reports is v0.1, but I got it from the download link in your thread. That version doesn't allow healing at all with PEX disabled and the fastfood.instanteat node
    Any way I can make sure I'm using the latest version of either plugin?

    @garbagemule - Players randomly stop being able to right-click food at all in the arena while I was using PEX with FastFood. That was 1-2 versions back on MobArena so I'll do some more testing to see if there's a pattern to the problem with both PEX and PEX disabled.

    FastFood stops working randomly both with and without PEX. I can't really tell when it decides to do that, but healing always works when you first start the arena.

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    For some reason, bosses die WAY too quickly. There is no dying animation or explosion, they are just gone and the next wave starts immedietly. The only message i get that has anything to do with mob arena is that the spawnpoints may be too far from each other, if that makes any difference...

    Also, i noticed that Cows and Endermen drop loot on the arena. It's really annoying when i make psycho cow swarms allowing the players take a breath before the next wave and they can collect insane amounts of beef :I

    AND I still get the message "A New version of MobArena is still available!" No matter how many times i update it.

    My MobArena is like my car. It is really important to me to take good care of it and keep it cool and shiny. Thank you very much for this plugin.
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    @teegee543 - With the following class setup, no permissions plugins, the Knight class can properly eat any type of food specified in the foodhealth.yml file:
            items: diamond_sword, grilled_pork:2, rotten_flesh:2
            armor: 306,307,308,309
            - fastfood.instanteat
            - fastfood.nostarve
            - -fastfood.autoregain
    If that doesn't work for you either, I really am not sure what is going on. Are you using CB 1185?

    @Strange_ice0 - Not sure what's going on with your bosses. Is there a chance your arena region isn't defined properly? Try expanding it down by 1-2 blocks. It's not that you're using MagicSpells and a player uses the Purge spell? As for drops, I don't know if there's anything I can do about it. At this point in time, MobArena simply cancels all drops, but if some of them slip past, it's probably some sort of "extra drop" in Bukkit :( As for the new version available message, if you're on v0.94.3.x, it really shouldn't pop up - and I can't reproduce this unless I use a version older than v0.94.3. Can you post your config-file?

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    @garbagemule - The Knight class set-up works both with no permissions plugin and also with PEX enabled. In my previous experience though, FastFood would randomly stop working as if the permission node were lost.

    Edit: I'm using CB 1185 (This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-1067-g6301507-b1185jnks (MC: 1.8.1))
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    I tried expanding the region, but it didn't do much. I also noticed that the bosses (along with some other mobs) seem to disappear near torches and half-steps :eek:.

    Here is my config file
    # MobArena v0.94.3.4 - Config-file
    # Read the Wiki for details on how to set up this file: http://goo.gl/F5TTc
    # Note: You -must- use spaces instead of tabs!
        enabled: false
        allowed-commands: /list, /pl
        update-notification: true
            items: stone_sword, bread:6, grilled_pork:5, mushroom_soup:2, cake:3, cookie:12, 350:2
            armor: 314,315,316,317
                    allowfly: false
            items: iron_sword, grilled_pork:4, apple:2
            armor: 310,311,312,313
                    allowfly: true
            items: diamond_sword, grilled_pork:3
            armor: 306,307,308,309
                    allowfly: true
            items: wood_sword, bow, grilled_pork, 322, bone, arrow:576
            armor: 298,299,300,301
                cf: true
        Wolf Master:
            items: stone_sword, 350:4, bone:4, 319:10
            armor: 298,299,300,301
                    allowfly: false
        Epic Master:
            items: iron_sword, grilled_pork:3, apple, tnt:4, fishing_rod, flint_and_steel
            armor: 302, 303, 304, 305
                    allowfly: false
                world: world
                enabled: true
                protect: true
                entry-fee: ''
                logging: false
                clear-wave-before-next: true
                detonate-creepers: false
                detonate-damage: false
                lightning: true
                auto-equip-armor: true
                force-restore: false
                soft-restore: false
                soft-restore-drops: false
                require-empty-inv-join: true
                require-empty-inv-spec: true
                hellhounds: true
                pvp-enabled: true
                monster-infight: true
                allow-teleporting: false
                spectate-on-death: true
                share-items-in-arena: true
                player-limit: 0
                max-join-distance: 0
                repair-delay: 5
                first-wave-delay: 5
                wave-interval: 20
                special-modulo: 4
                max-idle-time: 0
                min-players: 0
                max-players: 0
                spout-class-select: true
                        type: default
                        priority: 1
                        frequency: 1
                            zombies: 6
                            skeletons: 6
                            exploding_sheep: 4
                            wolves: 5
                            spiders: 6
                            silverfish: 5
                            creeper: 3
                        type: default
                        priority: 1
                        frequency: 1
                            zombies: 5
                            skeletons: 6
                            creepers: 2
                            wolves: 7
                            spiders: 5
                            enderman: 4
                        type: default
                        priority: 1
                        frequency: 1
                            zombies: 4
                            skeletons: 5
                            creepers: 7
                            wolves: 6
                            spiders: 5
                            enderman: 4
                        type: special
                        priority: 5
                        frequency: 4
                            powered_creepers: 3
                            angry_wolves: 7
                            zombie_pigmen: 7
                            humans: 5
                            giants: 2
                        type: swarm
                        wave: 22
                        monster: silverfish
                        amount: high
                        type: swarm
                        wave: 7
                        monster: slimes
                        amount: low
                        type: swarm
                        wave: 11
                        monster: sheep
                        amount: psycho
                        type: swarm
                        wave: 18
                        monster: humans
                        amount: high
                        type: boss
                        wave: 13
                        monster: chicken
                        health: low
                        abilities: chain-lightning, lightning-aura
                        ability-interval: 5
                        ability-announce: true
                        type: boss
                        wave: 9
                        monster: slimes
                        health: medium
                        abilities: fetch-distant, throw-nearby
                        ability-interval: 3
                        ability-announce: false
                        type: boss
                        wave: 20
                        monster: giants
                        health: Psycho
                        abilities: fireballs, flood, shuffle-positions, chain-lightning, arrows, throw-distant
                        ability-interval: 5
                        ability-announce: true
                        type: boss
                        wave: 16
                        monster: zombie_pigman
                        health: high
                        abilities: arrows, fireballs, throw-nearby, disorient-target
                        ability-interval: 3
                        ability-announce: false
                        type: boss
                        wave: 25
                        monster: squid
                        health: psycho
                        abilities: living-bomb, lightning-aura, root-target, arrows, throw-distant, fire-aura
                        ability-interval: 1
                        ability-announce: true
                        '7': minecart, storage_minecart, powered_minecart, iron_ingot:2, 329
                        '16': diamond_sword,diamond, diamond_hoe, diamond_boots, diamond_axe, 283, 285, 320:20
                        '13': iron_sword, iron_pickaxe, iron_spade, arrow:42, iron_chestplate, iron_leggings, diamond:1
                        '20': diamond:3, diamond_chestplate, diamond:5, diamond_helmet, diamond_leggings, diamond_boots:2
                        '25': obsidian:128
                        '3': feather:3, bone:2, stick:15, gold_ingot:1, log:2, $30
                        '10': iron_ingot:5, gold_ingot:4, 22:5
                        '5': mossy_cobblestone:4, log:4, stone:4, 47, compass, 347, 22
                        '20': diamond:1
                p1: 170,64,351,48.44966,22.050005
                p2: 206,64,375,-133.35031,5.4000115
                arena: 188,65,363,-115.80032,-12.599991
                spectator: 189,81,362,41.84955,27.450014
                    s1: 173,64,372,228.44951,9.299988
                    s2: 173,64,354,316.04953,4.0499864
                    s3: 203,64,354,46.49951,7.949981
                    s4: 202,64,372,125.09958,-5.7000165
                lobby: 211,41,370,-271.50195,0.14997104
                l1: 209,40,366,-130.20203,5.3999753
                l2: 217,40,373,-130.20203,5.3999753
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    @teegee543 - Can you tell me more about this permission node thing with FastFood, where it randomly stops working? Is this with or without PEX, or both?

    @Strange_ice0 - If you take a close look at your coords-node, you'll see that p1 and p2 share the same y-coordinate (64)! This explains why the monsters are being removed (if they move outside the region, they are flagged as "dead") when they step onto half-steps (their y-coordinate changes and goes above the 64). Try expanding the region down by 2 and up by 10, then check the config-file again. If the numbers are still the same, try editing them manually (make sure p1 has the LOWEST of the values, and p2 has the HIGHEST) to like 60 and 75.
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    one thing though... Could it be possible to add a /ma edit command to edit the arena without deactivating it?
    I hope you find time to answer! Thanks :)
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    when someone die in lava.. he will burn to death after leaving arena.. no errors but fix this pls
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    You can install auto "GOD" disable ?
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    For people who, for some reason or another, can't seem to find boss abilities or how to set up waves.
    It's here.

    @garbagemule: Awesome plugin! Keep up the great work. [diamond][diamond][diamond]

    New MineCraft Server: mondo.dyndns-server.com
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    @teegee543 - I tried for 5 minutes only, but FastFood didn't stop working then. Can you give me a time frame, number of players, and how much food your classes have?

    @PITTSTAR11 - Already there. Read the Wiki :)

    @Readark - I'll look into it, but the MobArena code extinguishes fire on death and on leave, so it shouldn't happen - not sure if I can fix it :/

    @Zeiss - There are literally hundreds of god mode plugins, and "god mode" is not a player state, so there's no way for me to possibly cover all god mode plugins. Why are you using god mode plugins in 1.8 anyway? Just use creative mode?
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    Thanks, i expanded the regions and now it works just fine. I noticed two other things though:
    It seems that endermen burn in the sunlight and take damage from the fire if the battle is held during daytime.
    Chests don't seem to get registered in to containers (maybe because they got shiny new animations?) with the /ma addcontainer command. It just gives the "you must look at container" even if i am.

    Thanks again for the plugin.
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    You should put in silverfish. they scare the sh*t out of everyone so it will be funny as hell!
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    I can only estimate about the time frame, usually after 4-5 minutes when people lose enough health and armor to need to heal.
    It always happens with more than 1 player in the arena. Haven't had the problem happen solo yet.
    Doesn't matter how much food the class has, they still can't eat. It has happened to grilled_pork:2 and also golden_apple:40

    I think it probably is a permission issue. The permissions get reset in MobArena somehow because I tried out NoHunger as an alternative to FastFood and the same problem still occurred. you stop being able to instant eat. However, NoHunger uses left-click for eating, so you can still use normal eating to refill your food bar. If you fill the bar after the bug happens, you start healing with the food bar even though that healing had been disabled at the beginning of the match.
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    @Strange_ice0 - The burning Endermen is something I've noticed myself, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. I think it is because they haven't been updated in CraftBukkit to send the combust event that other monsters send when they are burnt by the sun. Hopefully with the next RB, they will. As for chests, it sounds likely that 1.8 introduced some new chest classes, meaning I'll have to look over the API to make sure, as soon as I have some spare time. Glad you got the region trouble sorted out :)

    @xkingxdreadx - Read the Wiki :)

    @teegee543 - Thanks for the additional info. It might be a Bukkit bug, but I'll run some more testing. By the sound of it, PermissionAttachments get reset or removed under certain circumstances. Could be a glitch, though, making it even harder to track down :( Oh, and I'd stay away from NoHunger, as it is prone to introducing performance hits, if you have a lot of players on your server (it listens on a dangerously lag-prone event to keep the food bar full).
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    Hi there!

    I've installed this on our server, created a landscape to use as an area, with a volcano, a mini-forest, rivers, ruins... and edited our own classes. Everyone thinks it's a great deal of fun.

    I have two questions though:
    1) In one of the videos in the OP, called "Delios showing off his beautiful arena setup", Delios shows a healing fountain. Is there an option in MobArena that I've overlooked and allows users to regen their health? If not, what is he using?
    2) Since food now fills the hunger bar, is there a way to make things more interesting? I mean, my players seem to find a lack of interest in porkchops, apples, cakes... They'd prefer the cook to heal their life, instead of filling their hunger bar, since they tend to die faster than regenerate their life. How are you, users, or plugin dev, dealing with this? I've looked at the wiki and found no hints about this, so any idea is welcome!

    Thanks for the great plugin which makes a cool addition on our server, and for your help!
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    I'm using the Magicspells plugin and set up a healer class to help people stay alive, I think Garbagemule also made a plugin that reenables instant-healing, I think it's called fastfood.
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    Could someone help me with how to bind heroes into this? It says it works but I find no mention of how to do it on the wiki.
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    Question: Can you use any of the mo' creatures smp mobs with this ?
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    More random wave options please!
    Ability to have a random type of wave out of a list be picked.
    Or a random boss from a list of bosses.
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    I've noticed a two more bugs:

    1) I've been receiving the after rewards at the start of the specified round:
                        '11': cookie
                        '12': milk_bucket
                        '13': pumpkin
                        '16': iron_ingot:16
    2) The 'wave-interval' isn't working how I'd expect it to. I think the counter currently starts at the beginning of a round, so if a round lasts longer than 'wave-interval', the next round will start immediately after the previous round ends. Right now I've set wave-interval:20 and every round starts immediately.

    I hope things are going okay with the permissions madness :p Let me know if you need me to do more testing. Right now my Sniper class is really underpowered compared to the Archer because it's lacking the ascend command.
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    I'm having a minor issue with explosions. The explosion damage does happen but the audio and visual aren't there, creepers, sheep etc... This only takes place in the Arena.
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    Thank you very much Quizdonkey, both solutions are very creative and I'll into each one! A healing class would be very nice indeed.
    If someone knows a plugin that could add a "healing spot" on an arena, I'm still interested though, as it helps when not having a lot of players and not choosing that said healing class! WorldGuard healing flag for a region doesn't seem to work with the current version of the plugin.
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    No problem, and it isn't an exact answer to your question, but I set up dispensers with armor and golden apples in them at the sides of my arena, and have a single squid spawn after each boss, so players have a chance to collect the items for the next wave-set, it gives a lot more survivability while soloing
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    Love this mod. It has added so much life to my server, it's amazing. Thank you for working so hard on it.

    I have had a few, minor issues with it so far though, and wanted to see your angle on possible fixes.

    Firstly, an issue that primarily deals with the construction of the arena, I have found that with classes like the oddjob, or custom building type classes, if you are able to get out of the arena, it doesn't seem to shut it down the event, or port the player back in. Characters could, if they were so inclined, sneak their way out somehow, and just afk as rewards piled in (Minus bosses that warp them)

    Secondly, bosses should teleport to the player, regardless of abilities if it takes suffocation damage. Some warping bosses, and other bosses, easily get stuck in arena walls, and suffocate till they die and despawn. It happens rarely, but when it does, it's a buzz kill.

    Thirdly, some building classes like mentioned above, could make impenetrable huts of blocks and or TNT, and wait out mob spawns as well. I'm not sure what can be done here.

    Lastly, and this might be an issue with MagicSpells, and not mob arena (Though it could be a Mob Arena Issue) Summoned minions from MagicSpells, don't seem to attack other creatures in the arena. Not sure why.

    Anyways, thanks for hearing me out, let me know what you think of the issues I have ran into, and I hope to see more releases from you. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I had no idea what clear-wave-before-next setting did, I assumed it meant each wave was cleared by the mod before spawning, maybe I should read more of the description.

    I am having an issue where sand, struck by the lightning of special spawns is disappearing, and not coming back after the arena is restored. Additionally, if you have ice in your arena (Mine is a 4-way elemental arena of sorts) melted ice won't get restored at the end of an arena match.

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    @KubaBVB09 That will probably be something you have to work on by yourself as its a very specific request.

    @Jed11314 No unless you want to change the source file yourself, then yes.

    @vrox Why? You could end up with 3 boss waves as the first three or 50 normal waves, hardly fair?

    @teegee543 thats how it's meant to work? set the interval to 60 then or something. it encourages players to kill quicker if it's lower though.

    @Phliz sounds like another plugin, what plugins do you have?

    @Zombiemold build a lip or a roof? or use clear before next wave?

    second, change your spawn points, none of my mobs suffocate

    read my first point

    probably magic spells, I'm not sure
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    @BadDog - I'm glad you guys are having lots of fun! It's always nice to hear from people who are genuinely enjoying the added depth :) To the questions! 1) Delios' healing fountain is a feature of another plugin, but I don't know which one. I can tell you, however, that Heroes has an ability that allows certain classes to heal when standing in water. On Craftlegends, they use it for the Pirate class. 2) Try using my supplement plugin, FastFood, which allows you to revert the food/health system to pre-1.8 based on permissions.

    @KubaBVB09 - I don't know what you mean by "bind Heroes into this".

    @Jed1314 - Nope, sorry. I realize that it would be interesting, but for now, I'm afraid I just don't have time to look into it :(

    @vrox - Boss-randomization is something I've been thinking about looking into, but it will most likely not come to MobArena until I revamp the config-file. The plan is to split it up into several smaller files, so it's not such a big ball of mud to work with. Additionally, bosses will get their own config-files, so it will be easier to share and copy/paste certain bosses into other setups. The only trouble with "clashing" is the priority system, which picks the wave with the highest priority. I'll look into more randomization, but don't expect anything special for the non-boss waves any time soon.

    @teegee543 - 1) The 'after' is really a misnomer, I guess, because what it means is that "after wave 11 starts", meaning it should have probably been named "at" or "on". I might look into it later, but it might generate some unfortunate off-by-one errors :/ 2) The wave interval is working as intended, which might not be exactly what people expect :3 If you have clear-wave-before-next: true, the wave interval is ignored, and waves will spawn (almost) instantly after the last monster has been killed in the current wave. Why? Because it's less bloaty this way. There are alternatives to the way I've coded the spawn timer, but changing it now means a lot of testing before releasing a new version, and with exams coming up in a week, I just don't have the time :( As for the permissions, I still haven't had time to look into it more, sorry.

    @Phliz - Sounds very much like you have some strange region-based plugin interfering somehow. WorldGuard, Regios, Factions, etc. are all known to cause trouble.

    @Quizdonkey - The squid idea is absolutely amazing, and so creative! I love it! :) I wish more users were this creative, and if they are, I wish they'd post their creative workarounds more often! :)

    @Zombiemold - Glad to hear you're enjoying MobArena :) Building classes have been an issue in MobArena since the first release, and I've added quite a few features to prevent their camping since then. Most notably the clear-wave-before-next setting, which allows you to basically force your players to kill monsters, or else the next waves won't spawn, and they won't gain any rewards. Furthermore, there's detonate-creepers, which detonates Creepers before the next wave spawns (this one doesn't work with clear-wave-before-next: true). Finally, there's the max-idle-time which is a little buggy at the moment, but go ahead and try it out. As for people getting out of the arena - like Flamers says - a roof or a lip should circumvent that. Bosses teleporting on suffocation is not a bad idea, I'll look into it :)
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    @garbagemule - No rush with the permission thing with exams coming up.
    1) I think updating your wiki to say "The after-branch denotes rewards that the player can receive after the start of wave x (only once)." would make everything clear. No coding changes necessary :p
    2) Yep, i have clear-wave-before-next: true. I think adding your clarification above to the wiki would also be a sufficient "fix" for this one. I tend to create longer rounds and was wondering why things were working the way they were. I'm perfectly fine not giving my gladiators any time to breathe between rounds [creeper]

    Good luck with exams!
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    so its for 1.8 ? seems yes, but on our server its bugged :( weaves appear slowly and only first wave really spawn mobs. when I type /ma leave it will put me in center of arena (i set lobby region correctly). and sometime it bug me after /ma leave.. i cant join again (it tell me im playing) and i cant leave (it tell me im not in arena)..

    on 173 it was working cool :(
    We have only few plugins, same as on 173.. essentials, levelcraft, antitower, residence, lwc, bukkit ofc..

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