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    zombieattack - Zombies will break blocks to get to you
    Version: v0.4
    Uses Permissions (Tested with v3.0.3).​
    Honors WorldGuard regions (Tested with 5.0-alpha10).​

    0.4 -
    Improvement on zombie digging. Seems to work much better, and doesn't get the block stuck at the feet.
    Also added some logic around the null thread issues that creep up, looking for feedback please.
    Additional note on permissions. I had to add - 'zombieattack.user.enabled' to the Default group to get it to work. Relying on '*' inheritence from Admins didn't seem to do the trick.

    Want to add some additional difficulty to survival? This plugin will allow zombies to break blocks of your choice to get to the targetted player. You choose the blocks you want zombies to be able to break and the time in seconds it takes for the zombie to break that block type. WorldGuard can be used to protect regions from zombieattacks. Permissions lets you set what player/group is under attack.

    The default enabled settings in blocks.config (block type, time to break):
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    For example: A zombie targets you in your sand walled home. The zombie will come up to the wall and in 3 seconds will break out that block of sand in front of it. This will continue until one of you are dead or you leave the server.

    Download jar here (or from the attached file below):

    Copy the zombieattack.jar file to your plugins directory. The plugin will create the plugins/zombieattack folder, zombieattack.config, and blocks.config with default settings.

    Honors WorldGuard regions, can set which regions zombie's do not attack.​
    Set permissions for players/groups under zombie attack.​
    Customizable breakable block list with timers. Full list here under Enum Constant Summary section.​
    Source included in the jar.​

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    Multiworld support (work started)​
    code clean up​

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    Version 0.3
    Fixed the non-breaking blocks when worldguard is enabled but zombie not in a region.​
    Fixed that ENTITY_TARGET spam​
    Version 0.2
    Allows for not having WorldGuard and/or Permissions​
    Version 0.1

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  2. Can you explain to me, what i need the permissions for?
    And does this plugin allow for the mods / admins with a specific permission to not be targetted in that region defined? :)
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    i am only running permissions. not worldguard.
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    I saw this and I literally burst out laughing. This is AWESOME.

    Testing now.

    Okay i have the permissions set, the zombies still aren't doing a thing. Plugin loads fine on startup.

    Actually, what do the permissions even mean?

    How is the zombieattack.user.* different from zombieattack.user.enabled????

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    @SeeD419 , they are the same thing basically. I only have the one permission setup for now. Will add more options as things progress.

    As far as zombies not doing anything - are you even getting the zombies are coming for you message?

    @WaterFalcon , ill look into turning off worldguard on my test box. I thought I had set it up so you didn't have to have permissions or worldguard, but it may still be flaky.

    Zombies will only start going after people with the permission set, but will break anything in their way which would include other people's blocks not protected by wourld guard.

    Multiworld support is coming. Still need to write that in.

    Permission is to basically have a group or player be a target for the zombie. In theory a
     - '-zombieattack.user.enabled'
    in the permissions file should 'unenable' the command, but I haven't had that work yet. Should be a built in permissions plugin thing, but maybe I'm just not doing somethign right? Anyway - give that a shot, if you are having similar issues maybe I'll just add a .disable permission.

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    I turned the message off, so we just get a random blank line. They just don't destroy any blocks. I uncommented almost every block in the config file.

    I'm using the test version on build 740

    Is it because I'm not in the main world? How does the plugin know though? Shouldn't it just work for all worlds?

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    Yeah, no world checking yet, I tried on my test box and a different world worked fine. I am noticing a little trouble with zombie breaking a block at his feet if you are level with or above it. Working that bug out.

    Have you tried blocking one in on all sides and see if it digs out?
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    Okay, I got it to work on the main world with your test version. The zombie wasn't breaking the block at his feet though.
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    I'm getting the following error with the test version and 754:
    2011-05-02 23:58:46 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-11"
    2011-05-02 23:58:46 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-05-02 23:58:46 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-05-02 23:58:46 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-13"
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-15"
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-05-02 23:58:47 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    Can't really pin the cause down, but it seems to be happening on respawn.
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    @haita , thanks for the info. I'll check out 754.

    As a side note I was seeing similar behavior when I was using the zombieattack-test.jar AND had accidently left the regular zombieattack.jar in the plugins so both were trying to run

    @all, sorry a little slow on updates right now. Busy with RL stuff.

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    The test version works great, the zombies break the right blocks atm but I can't use the plugin as I had 4 zombies after me which sent my server CPU from using 8% of a core to 4 cores almost maxing out as if one core per zombie.
    *No errors or anything else happening under the logs.
    *Using 740
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    Dude, gotta say. Although I haven't tried it yet, it looks pretty awesome. I've even got some ideas too :]
    • I saw this plugin a while back and it made it so that when a zombie dies, 2 more spawns where the earlier one died. That would be amazing for you to add (the plugin got abandoned btw), maybe even making it a configurable amount. However, you should probably make it so that when a zombie dies in lava or by fire, 2 more do NOT respawn, UNLESS there is a player within a certain radius (configurable) (otherwise players will just use lava or fire to kill the zombies) This might be good to be configurable Boolean, as some servers may be able to handle the lag, and may want 1000's of zombies, but if, if a zombie falls in lava it dies, 2 more spawn, they die, 4 more spawn, they die. etc. O.O' Can you say lag? And if you think that's bad, just think about when day comes around o.0 100 zombies catch fire. 200 spawn. they die and 400 spawn. O.O O.O O.O O.O O.O O.O So yea, which actually brings me into my next suggestion
    • Turn off day. Make it an eternal night, so that zombies will always spawn, or maybe make it configureable length, like maybe a minute or 2 long for day and 10+ minutes of night (give em some time to make a shelter ;D not like it will do any good...)
    • Also, maybe make it so that zombies can jump? They would be able to jump 2 blocks high, and if something is blocking, they will break the blocks above 2 blocks from foot level so that they can jump, probably better so that they don't just wreck the map, and actually improves navigation for them
    • Increase their target range, make it so that all zombies in the map will target one random player, no matter how far away. So if a zombie spawns, it will randomly choose from the online players one to target, and follow that target until it dies. At which point 2 more will spawn and do the same thing ;)
    • Also add permissions, say if their numbers are growing too fast, make it so that certain people will be able to kill a zombie WITHOUT spawning more, or even a command to kill off a certain number of them in the entire map.
    • All this seems like it would cause a lot of lag, don't you think? Maybe add zones, where zombies can ONLY spawn in those zones, and add restrictions so that players can't go in and out at will
    • Multiworld would be another alternitive to the above, adding borders to the world, essentially making it one big zone
    • An alternative to allowing zombies to jump, is making them like spiders, so they can climb, but I'm not sure how they would be able to break blocks that way, and that wouldn't make them too much of a threat :/
    • Increase the speed?
    • Give them small explosive powers? Very small, but not kamikazi like creepers. And a configureable percentage, or delay
    • Higher health
    • Increase the zombie's grunt to be heard from a greater distance (creepier that way :p)
    • Give em armour?
    • Weapons?
    • a /butcher command, like worldedit, but for those who don't want WE, for those times when 100 zombies seems too much even for an apocalypse.
    • Speaking of which, ZombieApocalypse is a better name, no?
    • Shut off godmode? I don't know how you would override other plugins that way, but it might be possible?
    • If a wall is in front of them, and it is of a certain amount of blocks high, let him climb it instead of breaking, jumping, breaking, jumping?
    So yea, I don't want to seem like a troll, so I will stop now o.0 If you could add any or all of these, I will <3 you forever. I've been wanting to do a plugin like this, but I have no idea how to write in Java. O.O!
    (P.S. ;) If you have spare time, I would very much like to learn how to code Java, and write plugins, maybe you could tutor me :D? But maybe I ask too much D:)
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    A lot of the suggestions in the previous post are Notch-level changes.

    Is it possible to tweak the plugin slightly so the blocks are disassembled (dropping their item) instead of being deleted? Rather annoying to make a new door every morning.
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    Will you be able to toggle the plugin while in-game?
    And will Zombies destroy blocks they walk into randomly? Or only when they spot a player and tries to chase them?
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    @Kai No. Only when he chases a player.
    @Ranz Agreed.
    @KH Most of those suggestions would require a client side mod. Also, 100 zombies? Try 1000+. Lol. :D
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    xD I'm trying to keep my town region from being attacked by zombies while having the zombiepost region be attacked by zombies, but even though I've set it that way in the settings, zombies are still capable of destroying blocks within my town region.

    I've set zombiepost as the allowed region but my towns men still suffer Dx

    PS: Can you give us a setting to toggle the zombie powers while in game? :D Thanks
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    jonathan edel

    6:29:49 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-11"
    16:29:49 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    16:29:49 [SEVERE] at
    16:29:49 [SEVERE] at
    16:29:53 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-12"
    16:29:53 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    16:29:53 [SEVERE] at
    16:29:53 [SEVERE] at
    16:29:56 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-13"
    16:29:56 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    16:30:01 [INFO] War> Last player left warzone storage. Warzone blocks resetting automatically...
    16:30:02 [INFO] vfhnbhjvhggh lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    16:30:02 [INFO] Connection reset

    I really want to use this plugin for Zombies but this keeps on showing up.
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    Getting Read time out errors every once in a while. Removed this plugin, haven't had one since. :/ Can you see what's up?
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    Is it normal that the zombies don't dig the blocks that are at their feets?
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    A bit of a conflict with the Vampire mod. Zombies don't attack vampires (unless the vampire attacks them first), but regardless the system spams "A zombie is coming for you!" over and over when one is within aggro range, and the server log spews errors about a NullPointerException. I'll see if I can grab the full error message later.
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    G1R Productions

    NOO!!! Was just going to add this plugin to my server but since you bring this problem up ill wait until its fixed.
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    You just have to set the a TARGETTED_MSG in the zombieattack.yml file to false.
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    That solves the front-side problem of course, but the error message spam still exists in the server log. Not healthy.
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    hope the bugs can be worked out of this soon :(
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    Is it normal that zombies don't break blocks that are at their foot, because I wanted to do a kind of survival, but when we tried, the couldn't break the walls because they were only mining the blocks that we in front of their head.
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    In the test version they break the right blocks but its just unusable due to the CPU maxing out at almost 100%, core per zombie(only when they target you)
    *Is anyone else having this problem?
    *Did ran this plugin on its own with the same results.
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    Shay Williams

    I have the same problem.
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    Yea probably, but I just figured since I have all these ideas, might as well shoot em all out, even is some don't work
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    This is brilliant for my server, especially as some groups are immune to it while others aren't, making a sort of outcast scenario.

    The only improvements would be for zombies to hit blocks that will end up them getting to the player quicker, for example, a zombie kept destroying the blocks around my friend's house.
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    Yes, definitely having this problem.

    I'd love to get my mitts on the source for the test version -- found it in the .jar, kludging now -- and have a shot at dumping the thread priority for whatever it's doing there. I don't mind some crazy CPU work now and then (my server sits around 12% CPU load anyway) as long as it's all low priority and doesn't cause the obscene lag it currently does.

    Or maybe there's just a nasty loop in there.
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    Could you please update?

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