[FUN/MISC] Tribu v0.6.4 - The ZombieSurvival continuation [1.6.4]

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    Tribu - A zombie survival game !

    Currently looking for translators please contact me by PM if your language is not already translated or not fully translated.

    What is it ?
    Tribu is a zombie survival game in which you can set zombie spawns. Zombies will appear wave by wave once the game is started. You have to kill them! Each kill will get you money and points, and with the money you can buy items to kill more zombies. The game will stop when everyone is dead.

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    I hope you recover mmob18, this mod is nothing without your support ^^
  3. I've also been having a problem where I deleted a zombie spawn but they keep spawning at that location.
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    Hi, I have another problem.When someone joins the server he has no items and have to write the /tribu leave command to get the items back. Even the /tribu stop command doesn't help. Please help. I don't want to get rid of the plugin.

    here are some lines from my config :
    AutoStart: false
    DefaultLevel: ''
    ServerExclusive: false
    Language: english

    And here came the end of Tribu era for now :( Strange thing..it was working fine except the above problems but now it isn't..
    The neverending wave, problems with start, sometimes even the message " Starting wave x, y zombies etc" isn't showing. Deleting Tribu folder and putting only the lvl files in new made folder did't help..
    Maybe this is the problem? something must have written in the lvl file so the whole plugin isn't working now. I'll do some tests tommorow..
    For now, we are all with you bro to make it work fine. Take care

    Edit 2 :
    Some note about conflicts. When someone dies, he teleports to Factions home, not to dspawn.
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    We have to add Factions to the ''Conflicting Plugins'' list until we get this fixed. Since I don't actually have admin controls over this post, we have to wait until I can contact Graindcafe.
  6. Great plugin!
    When I'm using this, I want to be able to spawn other mobs with deispenser + spawn egg.
    Could you make this possible, thank you!
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    Great plugin !
    But Zombie Attack don't work. Can you add this feature in next update ? (feature that allows zombies to break the blocks)
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    The "PluginMode.ServerExclusive: false" does not work on my server(s). BIG showstopper! Does anyone have it working on the current version? On my servers, ALL online players are teleported to the game when it starts!

    Basides, I think I have found the "AutoStart don't start the game" bug:

    In Tribu.java line 469 the config-node is wrong:
    if (getConfig().getBoolean("PluginMode. ", false))

    It should read:
    if (getConfig().getBoolean("PluginMode.AutoStart", false))
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    So i gave this plugin a test run last night. I've been playing around with plugins enough to understand how they work and how to set them up. Things i noticed wrong as well as suggestions below.
    1. First and foremost. It's only letting one player at a time. Any other player who tries to join gets ported to the dspawn instantly.
    2. When you type /tribu enter it tells you that you join already (Should say "You are already in the event)
    3. When you type /tribu start it should announce globally that the event is happening.
    4. if a tribu isn't even going on players can still type /tribu enter to escape being pk'd.
    5. /tribu leave just stops the event. The players remain in the battlefield (Should save their old location to a file and return them apon leaving)
    6. When players die they are sent to their designated respawn locations rather than the dspawn.
    I apologize in advance if most of these questions/suggestions have been addressed. I do not get any console errors so i can't help the solution, Just figured i would give my 2 cents. Other than that, The plugin seems like a great idea and when fully functioning on my server it will be remarkable.
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    You're totally right ! Thank you !

    It sounds helpful, thanks
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    very very nice !!!:)
    but you could add that one sign can activate multiple
    zombie spawners.
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    You can do this with redstone
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    Hey Graindcafe, when will focus work? I'm building a massive project.
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    It will be fixed for the next release whose I'm working on it
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    i have no idea why but when i have set all the spawns and saved lvl and stuff when i start the game with /tribu start it says the zombies are goin to spawn but they dont. whats wrong?
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    Did you enter the game with "/tribu enter" ? Did you start it with "/tribu start" ?
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    yes i did and the server runs on hard so that should not be problem.
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    Are you sure you used "/zspawn set Name" ?
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    Hello, how do you make a sing that lets you buy bottle of enchanting?
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    yes. my friend sees zombies like flashing in the spawn point but i dont. lol​
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    Are you sure Zombie can spawn in your server and it's not a configuration/a plugin that prevent them to spawn

    It's not possible yet
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    when i create a sign only some fo them work and yes they are added like when i type


    It works but when i do


    It doesn't and i have also tried using Wooden Sword both on the same line and it still doesn't work for me.
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    It's a setting .. again, read the wiki Apparently missing from the wiki
        DropItem: true
    It should just drop the item but make it not lootable , but it doesn't works well on last release, you can loot it so you should put this setting false.

    I may delete this feature in next release as I don't know if anybody use it
  26. can you add doors that take points to open?
    also can you make it so zombies can knock doors down on any difficulty
    but only in the arena?
    EDIT: didnt know what tollsigns meant
    also can you make it so you set reigions where the zombies spawn
    and maybe a /zombies startgame [level] command
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    it was plugin viped all plugins because there were lots of them so no idea what plugin. =D well thx
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    Niice good job
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    Firstly, this plugin is awesome.
    I've followed exactly what is said to do in the wiki:

    "If this sign is placed beside a button/lever/door/pressure plate it will require the player to pay to use the block. You can put what you want on the others lines so that the sign mean something (like "Pay 50$ for cross the door")
    1. Pay
    2. PriceWhy doesn't this work for me?​
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    Do you use english language for the plugin ?
    If yes, what did you exactly put on the sign ? Should be at least something like that :
    1. Pay
    2. 10
    But if you put other things it doesn't matters :
    • Pay
    • 10 $
    • to cross
    • the door
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    U should make the zombies spawn to the nearest player "zombie spawn" cause i have an escape map and i need the zombies to spawn from the doors that players are near to and not into random doors..

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