[FUN/MISC] Tribu v0.6.4 - The ZombieSurvival continuation [1.6.4]

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    Tribu - A zombie survival game !

    Currently looking for translators please contact me by PM if your language is not already translated or not fully translated.

    What is it ?
    Tribu is a zombie survival game in which you can set zombie spawns. Zombies will appear wave by wave once the game is started. You have to kill them! Each kill will get you money and points, and with the money you can buy items to kill more zombies. The game will stop when everyone is dead.

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    Compiled ToDo List:
    1. Special tribu door block that disappears after payed for. (Restored after each game). Have custom tribu buttons. The buttons cost a certain amount of money, and are configurable. Looking at the button and typing /tribu cost "CostHere" can define the cost of the button.

    2. Having it so that you could configure windows for the zombies to break down would be awesome (using worldedit wand).. I use Nacht der Untoten, and I simply encage the zombie spawns with glass so that they will not escape, except through the window (get to us)... Making it so that they have to knock down and rebuild barriers would be awesome. Might require some custom spout blocks though. You can rebuild these blocks by pressing and holding "R". Gives points.

    3. Custom mobs, especially angry wolves. Make like anywhere from wave 8-12 a wolf round, and anywhere from 18-22, etc.

    4. Make the arena completely reset every rounds - I don't allow breaking of blocks, so for me this is mostly for the doors, etc.

    5. Make the game auto-start on anyone joining the game, not just ops.

    6. Create a buy block for guns. You can configure as many as you like, and they basically replace the current signs in tribu. You can configure the guns they use - support for spout sub-id's such as 318:1035. This is very important for the use of guns from plugins such as GunPack, and is crucial...

    Ex Config:

    name: AK-47
    #(in Config.yml file)
    cost: 500
    #basically, the 318:1075 is the gun the block will give you.It can also be normal ID's.
    #The 318:1025-128 is the ammo, the '-' signifying the start of the quantity of that item.
    #cost is obviously the cost.
    #Name is the name you want to appear on-screen when looking at the block from close. USE spout for text on screen. This also displays the cost of the weapon.

    You can make as many as you like in the same format. Also, you can define the block's texture, so you can make a 2D image of the gun (Like in the game), and put it in the wall. This way you know what gun it is.

    7. NEW important suggestion: Make it so that every kill gives you xp in a COD like way, with a yellow +10 (or configurable points per hit), in the middle of your screen... Like in RPGEssentials, they have it. It looks really cool.

    8. Add additional bosses and mobs.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this at the very least compatible with 1.2.3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's not like I'm going to make a 1.1/1.2 plugin when 1.2.3 is out.
    Also, 1.2.3 is only big fixes, it won't need to be updated for just bug fixes. Really, plugins should only need to be updated when new mobs/blocks have been added to the game, or bug fixes in the plugin.
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    update it please!!!!:mad:
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    So what you're saying is Spout compatibility is very important... I'll get right on that, I guess.
    The ID for AK-47 is 318-1075, right? I've been thinking, and to get Spout items into a plugin, you shouldn't really need to edit the source code for it. As long as the items have in-game-ID's, it should work. As for Spout test, that will get a bit trickier, but I'll try my best ;)

    Really? It takes some time, and with all the things I am adding to it.
    Why don't you try updating it yourself then?

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    The default is 318:[Subid]... However, people can create whatever divider they want for their plugin... Pvparena uses ~, MobArena uses : for it and quantity. I like ~ or - better. But default is 318 : subid or 318:subid

    Spout would allow guns, which would be AWESOME.
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    Considering bukkit has made some major code changes, and ive tried with the latest dev build, it needs to be updated to 1.2.3 or later. So can it be done? KEEP THIS PLUGIN ALIVE!
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    If it couldn't be done, I wouldn't be doing it. :p It's my favorite plugin, and trust me, I'm going to keep it alive :)
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    if i donated 100 bucks u be happy :D?

    okay. So on my server, i have a more of rpg zombie setup, first direction goes off into the multiply maps of zombies ive made and are ready for spawning, Then another is a villige. A place you can buy houses, now what id like u to do Well more of an idea (Sorry if im sounding needy) But, like Make it so you can buy stuff from a town, Such as power ups, and use them inside the Map, but ud have to have money, witch would require Iconomy support, Itd be cool. But id have to make a forrest, rite now im currently running on a flat world, and i cant find any plugins that would tell the mobs to fuck off, perferibly the annoying ass slimes that spawn rite on my path... If you do anything could u tell me

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    YES MY HERO!!!!!!! I have spent 5 months working on Kino Der Toten, with all the bells and whistles. ALL!
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    Spout my friend, and Bebopvox personally emailed me denying showing Kino. He said it was nothing personal to show a walkthrough, but its not a walkthrough i wanted, it was for the Holy "chicken" did u see that. 5+ months of work down the drain.
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    Dude, I am going to make a server with COD weapons and your map - And give full credit. It deserves to be huge, it is amazing. With the new update on doors and all it may take some tweaking, but it is SO cool. Any server I can play with you on right now? I really want to, and I don't want to set up my own yet.
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    The download i provide on my site has a server version, comes with full readme. I play on mc.craftyn.com(when the stage is done, they agreed to put it on their server), i used to be an admin on that but i quite. Im a "roamer" now. When 1.2 is out working for the plugins and tribu is re-coded to work with 1.2 i can finally start work on simplifying the stage a bit.(Ive already started, anyway).
    And thats great news on the server part. Ive been trying to get people to try it out and throw out suggestions.
    My timezone is Pacific Standard

    So tell me, you a dev or what? Or are you just some random guy who likes my work(with help from others) Either way, im flattered.

    Speaking of the plugin, you should add a feature. Zombies break down doors even if not in hardmode. And the doors are reset when done. Even can put a sign above it to deny zombie breakage. Or allow it.

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    Was this meant for me? Or was it meant for Graindcafe?

    That sounds pretty cool, it would also be pretty easy. Hard mode Zombie AI is already in the game, so I wouldn't have to create it or anything.

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    I develop servers with the best current plugins :D I have no Java knowledge, but your work is absolutely amazing... I just find it quite a bit more laggy than the normal MC map, probably redstone. New doors should fix it.
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    Wiinick - Wow.. Your map is just.. Amazing.

    I'm a bit confused.. What are you asking?

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    mmob18 Thanks, me and my bro worked REALLY hard on it. We realized, that no one made an actually "good" Kino Der Toten that was both playable and accurate. We added some fun touches to it also, such as the cheat room. But for those hardcore accurate fans, you can disable it.

    TheFluffey Thanks, the redstone is tha lag, my computer gets none but i find that players with less capable computers do get lag, its most likely the particles the redstone emits, also the lighting updates it emits.

    PS: I didnt souly make the stage on my own, but i did contribute to it. You can thank Ps991(my bro) for that.
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    It's not my computer though, I have a better computer than my friend and he get s 70 fps. I think it may be because I am hosting... I just wish I could use more basic plugins from falsebook, I don't prefer it.
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    70FPS!!!!! I got an imac 3.01Ghz Inted core 2 duo 64 bit, 4GB ddr3 ram and 256MB or Video memory Gddr5. I only get 30 and rather unstable at that. And thats using Normal, particles decreased, and fast. What is ur secret.
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    AHahaha a mac.That's why. Their video cards are absolutely horrible integrated. I have a 6 core 2.7ghz Phenom, 8 gig ddr3 ram, and 256 mb ddr5 video card.

    MY video card SUCKS too. But what is my secret? My system is so good outside of that that it runs very nice :D

    Macs integrated video cards are pretty horrid.
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    Well that sucks. Youd think where software and hardware are perfectly integrated theyed at least have a perfectly integrated video card. And yes, there video cards SUCK. For what u pay for it, you should be able to use it to its full potential. And no wonder u get so much FPS
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    I agree, they are overpriced. I love PC too much. But honestly, that map is so well done. Everything about it is perfect.
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    THANKS!!!!! honestly u dont know how much that means to me. Have u played it? Have u solved the [EE Cheat] room. (easter egg)
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    Hello, Graindcafe, I have send you a PM but I never got a response. Anyway right now Tribu is the most important plugin on my public server which has just reached over 2000 unique players. This latest update seemed to have broke Tribu. I have been trying to get it fixed by having one of my moderators that knows java to try to fix the Tribu plugin but he is having difficulties.

    I need to know if you are still working on the Tribu plugin, if someone else is working on it, or if this plugin has became inactive.
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    He is not working on it, hence the [1185] BUT i hear mmob18 is working on it, and grandcafe is allowing him. YES!!!
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    That is great! mmob18, if you see this, please add multiworld support. Lots of people on my server really want to have multiple games going on at once and multiworld support will make that possible.

    I hoping I can have it so that players enter the world they automatically join the game on that world and when they leave and go back to the lobby, they are taken out of that game so they won't have to kill themselves in order the get the voting started.
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    Agreed ;)

    Well, if you read back ( I think it's on page 16 of this thread ), you'd find that I am updating the plugin, as well as adding tons of new features. The "Compiled ToDo list", made by TheFluffey ( Also on page 16 ) , is a pretty good idea of what I am going to add.

    I guess I'll add that to my To-Do list. I've almost finished updating Tribu for the new 1.2 Bukkit. I realized how much Bukkit changed their code when I updated my server, and more than half of my fifty plugins failed to be even recognised..

    TheFluffey - For the Gun Purchase Block, that would have to be Spout. You'd import the blocks through this plugin, http://forums.spout.org/threads/fun...custom-blocks-and-items-spn-737-cb-1-1-r4.70/. It is called MoreMaterials, and it's pretty cool. Unfortunatly, this plugin requires a special type of Craftbukkit called Craftbukkit++, it was developed by Afforess, he's part of the Spout Team. Here's the link for it: http://forums.spout.org/threads/craftbukkit.938/

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    But how would we add the gun for purchase from the block? A command (While looking at the block) such as
    /tribu pack [packname]
    would work...

    We could define items to be in the pack in configuration files, similiar to classes in that of mobarena and PVParena. Similarly, if you only want one weapon, only define one ID. (Spout support).

    When you go pack and look at that block, it will print the name of the gun on your screen with spout, and its cost. Right click to buy!
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    Well, I suppose that's possible too.. I was thinking that you'd have a different block for each gun, than you can just get the block, and place it on a wall. It's all up to you, though.

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