[FUN/MISC] Tribu v0.6.4 - The ZombieSurvival continuation [1.6.4]

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    Tribu - A zombie survival game !

    Currently looking for translators please contact me by PM if your language is not already translated or not fully translated.

    What is it ?
    Tribu is a zombie survival game in which you can set zombie spawns. Zombies will appear wave by wave once the game is started. You have to kill them! Each kill will get you money and points, and with the money you can buy items to kill more zombies. The game will stop when everyone is dead.

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    You are welcome :)
    Makes me wonder if it is possible to edit the source for custom aliases. Like "Potion of Blanky Blank Blank" would refer to 373:123
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    Is there any way to add the new potions to the buy signs. I NEED them
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    Derek Hong

    Some of my players don't seem to be teleporting to the death spawn I set, and instead are teleporting to the default spawn for the world.
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    I used to have that issue but then I found out it had to do with an exact spawn plugin. If you have any plugins that manage spawning then that might be the issue.
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    Can you change what kind of Mobs get spawned? I think it would be a godo feature because I want a giant to be spawned in the ratio of 20:1 Normal Zombies:Giants
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    Great mod it is working great so far except for one thing, signs. I place a sign beside a lever (Even tried over) and put

    But it still lets anyone use it without taking away their money. Any idea what im doing wrong?

    Also a feature request would be to have a reset command that will start the map over after the game is done it could close all the doors and reset the scores to what they were when you /tribu save (ed) the map.
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    can we have a command to refill dispensers after tribu ends so we don't have to refill or can we already do this
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    Salut à toi Graindcafe je t'écrit en français puisque c'est ta langue maternelle :)

    Tout d'abord je te félicite pour ton mods qui est très apprécié !

    Tu à demandé quelque idées et j'en ai pour toi :).

    Ce serais pas mal que les zombie puisse détruire certain block pour qu'on puisse faire des barricades mais il faudrait que les block possédent différente résistance ! exemple woodplank 2 seconde stone 3 sec et enfin brique 5 sec.

    Tu pourrais aussi ajouté un pourcentage de spawn (activable dans le .yml) de skelleton ! pour narguer les personne qui se réfugie dans les maisons !

    Voila c'est tout se que j'ai en tête pour le moment :) En te souhaitant bonne chance pour la suite et encore un grand merci pour se mods qui permet de se défouler !
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    Right now one of my main focuses on my server that focuses on your plugin is to get multiple games running at once. Everything else is almost complete except for this plugin not having support for multiworld yet. I don't think there is any way to have multiple games running at once without it. I noticed multiworld support is an upcoming feature but this plugin has not updated for such a long time. Are you still working on the plugin?
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    I see you haven't updated this plugin to 1.1, and 1.2(as of today).
    I was wondering if you need someone to update it for you, I would be more than happy to do this.
    Tribu has been my favorite plugin since 1.7.3, and it would be a huge shame if it doesn't update. I want to add more things to the game such as:
    -Special Drops
    -Power ups
    -And more!
    Just let me know when you decide.
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    if we get no response for a long time from him i hope you may take it upon yourself to update this great plugin
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    Last I heard from him was in December 2011, so I've already downloaded the source code. If you guys want, I'll start working on it today.
    I also want your feedback on what changes I should make to the plugin(example: Bosses). If you want just regular Tribu, I can just update it, but if you want more in the plugin I can do that too.
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    I love you right now.

    Add a resetting arena, doors with lock keys (Spout), a random box with configurable weapon ID's (Supporting sub ids, ex: 318:1056), and on screen stats with round #.

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    By that reply, I'm guessing adding Bosses is a good idea.
    So I was thinking, and what if we add a couple more Mobs? Just a suggestion, and I'll understand if you don't like the idea of adding more mobs to Tribu. It would go something like this:
    Wave 1-20: Zombies
    Wave 21-40: Zombies, Skeletons
    Wave 50, FIRST BOSS: Skeleton with (?) hearts? Does double damage?
    That's an example, if you don't like it, I won't do it.

    Sounds good, I'll add that.
    I'm not sure Spout support would be so good for this plugin. It kinda gives the Spout players an advantage over the regulars.

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    My server is 100% spout only (forces, or you can't join)... Don't make it to high of priority, make it toggleable on or off.

    1.Restores EVERYTHING after a game. This means redstone currents go back to normal. Pistons go back to normal. All blocks go back to normal.
    2.Special tribu door block that disappears after payed for. (Restored after each game).
    3.Auto-Start game on anyone joining it. Not op, anyone.
    4. Create a special buy button block for tribu - 3 different block switches, with different costs (500, 1000, 1500).
    5.Item kits for sale on signs (Full diamond, etc) (Already done by other mods, not a high priority)
    6.Permission NODES!
    Description of permission nodes (You basically already have some in custom.yml, but make them permission nodes... this means I can add a node to admin's so they can use a feature of Tribu, or a command. Ex: Tribu.Start.game for starting a game...
    7. Support for sub id's through spout such as 318~1053...[Default minecraft is 318:1053]
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    Yeah, I'll try to make it toggle able.
    What do you think about adding new mobs?
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    Optional - for me, I only need zombies as the soul purpose is literally cod nazi zombies... However, dogs would be RAW, and so would other varieties of zombies... Others may love it though.
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    Well, my goal is to make everyone happy with this plugin.
    I could add wolfs though, there is a seperate ID for hostile wolfs. What would be better, wolfs by your side, fighting with you, or wolfs attacking you with the zombies?
    There could be bones in the shop so you can tame the hostile wolfs.
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    I'm not dead :)

    But it's true I haven't much time so I can't works on Tribu.
    Don't hesitate to ask me if you have questions mmob
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    attacking you :D

    Graindcafe and mmob18 - you guys should work together

    Add as many features as you like, just make them toggleable :D but I mean a whole wave of just hostile wolves.

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    Graindcafe - So you're okay with me adding in new features and updating the plugin?!
    I've been trying to find some way to contact him, we're in different time zones.
    As far as I'm concerned, Bukkit is completely changing their code, so the plugin literally has to be updated in order to work.
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    In fact I'm in Canada for still two month, so maybe we are in the same timezone.
    Yes the pluggin has to be updated, and yes you can do it if you want, do a fork on github ;).
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    I'm in the Toronto area, I believe it's something like GMT -5.
    As for github, I'm not that familiar with it, I've downloaded Git and made my account and all that.
    I'll try to fork it, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work that well :confused:

    Well, I guess the fork worked :)

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    Toronto ? Amazing, I study at Brock, in St Catharine
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    So with the new Bukkit update, they say "We're cleaning up our code to help us better prepare for the release of Minecraft 1.2. As a result, a lot of old, inefficient and buggy code is being removed and plugins will need to be updated."
    This leads me to wonder, how are we supposed to prepare for R5, they don't tell us what code is being removed, and they don't tell us what code is being added. Should I just update it like a regular update?
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    Yes, I think so. The new API may have some deprecated methods deleted etc...
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    Makes sense, I'm going to go look at some of the source, just to get familliar with it ;)
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    1.2 came out, now heres what im getting in tribu, Nazi Zombies, lol, think of it, u build a house make doors, make doors buyable and the zombies nock down the doors like in nazi zombies, but then itd be kinda easy.. Depending on how u play the game, but now what if you added, a Wolf File? maybe have 3 wolfs spawn on 1 round or something. It'd be awsome! Oh yea culd u guys make a texture pack for tribu.
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    I second jimmydode, having it so that you could configure 2x2 windows for the zombies to break down would be awesome.. I use Nacht der Untoten, and I simply encage the zombie spawns with glass so that they will not escape, except through the window (get to us)... Making it so that they have to knock down and rebuild barriers would be awesome. Might require some custom spout blocks though.
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    Well, I guess I'll add that to my extremely long to-do list.
    Can I get a list, in one post, of things to add/fix?

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