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    Using the .jar you posted I have encourted these problems:

    1. /perks does not work

    2. Every time i reload or reset the server, it regenerates the bedrock spawn point (clean room generated room)

    3. /coop doesnt work
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    When I checked out the coding before Kostronor upload a fixed version, these options were never implemented on the plugin, your thinking of Phanatic's server.
    From what I understand Phanatic paid for a custom build version of skyblock to a private coder.

    Maybe we could pitch in for a custom build of SkySMP?
    We should start a poll. Because im thinking getting a custom build SkySMP as well.
    Let me know who is interested in this.
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    Hey Yodah, just hit me up with it ;)
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    Kost, would you be able to implement something close to this?

    Also why am i getting the bedrock respawning every time server is reset or reloaded
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    The bedrock is something important if you start a new totally empty world, how should you build a spawn?
    If will be at the spawn-location so you should be able to build something above it.
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    We already had one and it kept respawning even after we build from the original bedrock platform.
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    respawning means in the same location, so just keep this small bedrock-stuff and work around it? ;)
    what i compiled you is simply the code on github and until R900 uploads his code, this will stay at this stage.
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    Alright, could setting a new spawn mess this up? Also when is r900 uploading his?
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    i dont know when K900 will upload it as he is not online/answering
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    Is he implementing the challenges?
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    the /perks i wrote myself, and yes i pay kostronor to privately develop this for my server
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    Im trying to learn some java atm actually xD Also, in the github, whats the in github?
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    awesome plugin, but seeing the message, "Welcome! This Server uses the Sky Island SMP mod" everytime is quite annoying. Any way to remove it? or to add a new config for it? I've seen the recent comments about it and you replying that setting up a config is no use because it is only for the first time you log in the server. But for me it keeps on showing it no matter how many times I log in my server, and I strongly suggest to set up a config to remove it. I hope you understand, thanks in advance, plugin's AWESOME except for the login message. Hope you can help! :D
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    here, aversion with the message removed:
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    Thank you so much, still, an awesome plugin :p

    Is there anyway to generate a sand island and nether island in the plugin like SkyBlock? Or im missing something here? :confused:

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    Is it possible to force a /newisland replace command on a players death? Also it would be nice to be able to configure what goes into the start up chests.
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    So in order to use this plugin i create a new world with a special generator?

    i just want to be able to make a map called world_skyblock to activate the plugin.
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    I love this plugin. I also think it would be nice to see at least the sand island implemented and maybe a shared nether portal in the center of all the other islands. You could give the extra items on the sand island or on the main island but that should keep things a little less complicated an encourage people to work together in the nether.

    Btw there is a way to get water in the nether if you have played the current SkyBlock 2.0/1 there is a block of ice in the chest in the nether if you place it on the glowstone and break it the water will flow like normal. That is the only known way to get water in the nether. The video in the FAQ section shows it at about 6 min in !

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    Can someone please add the permission node like : skysmp.newisland for /newisland because my main world is getting griefed with skyblocks Lol Thanks
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    there will be some changes the next days just keep updated
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    Keep this up..I look foward to the next update! This is truly a great plugin!

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    I sent Kostronor my fixes and updates to the plugin and he is currently working to get things merged and out to everyone. I'm working to get this plugin as close to the actual SkyBlock 2.1 map as possible.
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    I compiled this and ran into a problem. Whenever the server restarts (and you already have an island) and you log in, it says you don't have an island when you try to /tphome. Then if you create a new one it works but has 2 of everything in the chest(and resets the your old island). It is like it is not reading in that you have an island.

    The 2nd island looks awsome and I like how it is getting closer to the real deal! I am now using the other version that you uploaded and am satisfided. Keep up the great work!

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    so does it create a new island for each player or jsut the one?
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    Each player gets their own island. Each island is tied to the player's username. But you can of course link islands to play with other people.
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    cool, but kind of makes it harder to do multiplayer though. Also woulb be a major bummer on pvp. Everyone would be too afraid to attack. lol
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    I have a store on my server that allows players to get rare items that are not possible with skyblock. This make it alot easier for players but they need to earn money. I keep pvp off so that players don't hit each other off by accident.
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    Any permission nodes we should know about?
    I'm looking for a way to have two minigames but to prevent confliction Only allowing the (/newisland and /tphome) commands in the world suited for this gamemode.


    Jeez sorry, I just read the plugin doesn't support permissions yet >.<
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    Until this plugin has permission support - being able to spawn islands in every world you have (unless this is the only world you are going to run) renders it worthless. And the login message is just unprofessional. Fix those and you have an amazing plugin to contribute!

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