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    After reinstalling this mod i seem to encounter some issues with the world not being empty.
    I'm not sure if it's Clean room generator or Skysmp that's acting up, but I did all the things that you are supposed to do (bukkit.yml, and i put the plugins in the plugins folder) as on my first try, and yet it won't generate an empty room.
    Any help?
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    Hi everyone,

    As I said I sadly can't develop during the week at the moment. The project status is as follows:
    K900 has offered help and is at this time doing a major rewrite of the project to allow the project to grow further. After this is finished, bugfixes will be first on the list most likely. After that, new features can be added.

    Sorry if the mod is not working as expected for some :(


    PS: Zcircle: Your problem sounds like a problem with cleanrommGenerator (as the empty world is not generated, and skySMP should not have any impact on world generation).
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    In fact, K900 is doing nothing right now because K900 has a crapload of studying to do for the next few weeks or so. I also screwed up all of Qgel's current code :3
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    any plans on updating this? i run a server with this plugin and its going very well its just there are a lot of bugs with it and stuff and need to use permissions
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    Well I'm working on it, but don't expect much now. Still have a lot to do and I've been in hospital for the last weeks. Maybe by Christmas. Or after New Year ><
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    ok well i am running a server with this and it is surprisingly successful, maybe i will help code it ill take look at source code :D the only thing i rly want is permission nodes

    edit: ok i did it myself :p very easy to do
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    I was testing this plugin out, and i had an island, but when I restarted the server, I was back at spawn, so i tryed: /tphome and it said I dont have an island? does anyone know how to fix this?
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    I would love Spout support, with custom achievements :)
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    Will do. Just don't know when.
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    I was testing this plugin out, and i had an island, but when I restarted the server, I was back at spawn, so i tryed: /tphome and it said I dont have an island? does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Holy crap. I am SOOOOOO glad I keep backups of my server. I spawned on my island, but I was stupid enough to remove it with a command, and it also deleted the land underneath! Someone's house was on there!

    Now I have to restore a 2 day old backup...
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    Just a note: in the new version I've used a world generator, so a new empty world is a must. You won't be able to use it in a normal world.
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    Awesome idea! And its working great on a "pure" no other worlds server.

    About the griefing, maybe require worldguard?
    You can pass commands to that for /region define and protect a area.
    Or maybe take a snippet of their code and use it?

    Im no programmer, so I do not know how to implement it. :)

    If you do get a working area protection mode, it would also be cool if we could have teams!

    Loving it already- Keep up the good work!

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    Yeah, I know that. But bukkit didn't generate a new world using cleanroomgenerator. I thought it would tele me to that world. It didn't.
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    Protection is pretty much useless in my current concept of skyblock. However, tnt will probably be blocked because I see no reason for anyone to use TNT on a skyblock. Also there is this crazy concept of a GreedCorp-style skyblock war, but I have no idea how to do it right.
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    what are u working on doing? what do u have in mind and how are u going to change it? the biggest complaints i have as a admin is not being able to tell which user has which island without using logblock

    the members of my servers biggest complaints are the inability to move islands easily so they can be next to friends or even just have 2 people on one island, and for a lot of people /tphome kills them
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    Who, me? First of all, I'm rewriting the existing code. About the future: the new world is split into a grid of 5x5 chunks 'nodes' (that is 80 blocks in length, 40 block in every direction, may change later). Every node has a list of players it is assigned to. While there are >0 players assigned to the node, it is kept. When the last player leaves the node, it is destroyed and the place is marked as empty, so new players can start from there. You can choose the location for your skyblock by coordinates in the grid (e.g. 5,5 is the fifth row north and fifth skyblock west of 0,0 MC coords, 0,0 grid coords is 0,0 MC coords etc.), and if the node is empty or the players on the node (ALL of them) agree to let you in, you can start there. Spawning coords are stored in the database, but if there's nothing for you to spawn on, a new place is searched 10 blocks from your location. If nothing is found, a block of cobble is placed underneath so you will always spawn somewhere. (cobble is not to break the balance). I'm also thinking about a less dig, more build more with infinite cobblestone chests.
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    Day 2, working well. I did find a way to "dupe" items. If someone takes everything and leaves, and I delete their island, they log back in with the inventory at spawn, when they /newisland it doesnt clear the inventory.

    *Bug* Easy fix would to be always do the clear inventory when starting /newisland whether its /newisland OR /newisland replace.

    *request* A way to find the owner of a island would be sweet also.

    *Bug/Request* If the server crashes, the plugin never stops and doesnt save the data to disk. Need to save to disk as things change instead of only when disabling the plugin.

    Awesome job! Keep up the good work.

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    Dupe bug is not present in my code base (completely other kind of inv. handling), getting the owner of an island is simple (by grid coords), crashing is hard to solve, but I use sqlite and flush quite frequently. Maybe a setting for the buffer size to control speed-stability ratio.
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    awesome! the more ability to have customizable options too the better, cant wait

    also ive never had the problem with the duplication but it does lag a bit when ppl /newisland but suppose thats to be expected.

    and yea ive had that too, i had a machin crash once and it screwed up a lottt of islands, ppl were overwriting each other and not having their islands registered stuff like that
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    Any news on this?, as i could help you with coding ;)
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    Just fork and pull request me. I lost my code in a FS crash :(
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    can you link me to your github?
    and tell me what needs to be done ;)
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    Great plugin however, when i spawn an island water spawns below it, so when you fall off you land in water. Is there any way of fixing this thanks. :)
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    you should use a clean generator, so there is nothing else than these islands
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    Cheers it worked
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    me and Minecrafthead run a active skyblock server with this plugin, i would pay for this plugin to get updated, or even better a private coder. seriously.. email me if you are interested. main things we are looking for are

    1. a team setting - more than one person on a island
    2. easier way to move people/islands so they can be next to their friends
    3. Autopurge of islands with few blocks changed after a set time, as we have so many abandoned islands
    4. easy way to identify who has which island, some we cant even delete because I have no idea whose it is
    5. save island data at all times instead of only on server shutdown, a server crash so many probelms with this plugin
    6. Fix the first island becoming completely orphaned if you remove 2 islands in a row
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    send you an email
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    Amazing, I'm wondering why I haven't used this before. I may fork this at some point and improve.
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    Ikr, it's a pity this isnt properly working right now, I love the concept.
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