Inactive [FUN/MISC] Herobrine v4.4 - Bring back the legend. [1.3.2-R2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by user_43347, Oct 25, 2011.

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    What you can do is use the stock player Texture and set the things to add Two White pixels infront of his face, b/c lightning has no textures, maybe you can do the same for his eyes?
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    Hi, I have a question,
    could change the mob? ie could put the mob to summon GIANT?
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    Download the file, now inside your server folder should be a folder called "plugins", if it doesn't exist, make it. Then drag the downloaded file inside. When you turn on your server, it should say "[Herobrine] Herobrine v1.0 is enabled!" in the black (console) window.

    Added in v1.1, but it doesn't happen 100% of the time because then people would abuse it.

    I'm working to fix the skin issue, however, I cannot do simple things like this or hook into MobDisguise or Citizens.

    No, the entity you see is a subclass of a zombie. And the entire plugin is only allowed to support that subclass, which would require days of work to make it support the subclass of a giant, so sorry, no.
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    Was this added to the nightly yet? because I tried it on the newest nightly and nothing.
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    In a future build, not just yet, been focused on adding more events.
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    Alright, keep me updated. I noticed Herobrine is now a zombie pigman in nightly.
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    Any notice? :)
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    Niceeeeee xD
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    @steaks4uce - Nice job! Thanks again for all your great work on this!
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    Lexus Pain

    How to configure damage of herobrine attack? On the first stages of survival he is immortal for me))) And, add please XP after his death.

    he have skin of zombie pig from hell, and sounds like pig))))fix please it)))

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    You sir, have managed to ruin my day.
    I am almost 100% sure, that you have not installed Spout, are not using Spoutcraft, and probably didn't download the nightly build, also saying "it doesn't work", is not helpful, at all.

    I've managed to add everything I wanted to, so I'll push a nightly build with this added (#1125) and tell you soon.

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    Can you make Herobrine's skin not be a zombie.
    Thanks for your time.
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    Read the thread. Imbecile.

    Nice plugin, steak. Have you used it alongside NoLagg, though? I'm seeing some insane errors with caused on BLOCK PHYSICS events when running them side by side.
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    When is this gonna be updated for 1.0.0 i love it :)
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    Isn't it already at 1.0.0??

    So i need to install Spout and Herobrine plugins to my server. What do i need on client side?
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    i have error like this on console:
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_TARGET to Herobrine

    what that mean ?
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    Spout is not needed, read the BukkitDev post.
    Open a ticket on the BukkitDev page, please.
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    eeeeh... im scared from now :S
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    Sorry, Im not English, but i dont understand the post on devBukkit.
    Does it mean that Herobrine will NEVER get his skin?
    Cuz i have spout, and I dont have his skin.
    Sorry for stupid comment :p :-/
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    Congratulations. You have made the most scary myth true :'(
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    Nice plugin :D
    But where are the permissions?
    And it's fun to see Herobrine have pigman skin! :p
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    Theres no video
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    Zajebisty plugin...
    Straszny xD
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    In my server he appears as a pig zombie, whats wrong?
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    He looks like a Zombie, lol...
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    I'm almost 100% sure you can't read a post.
    Download 1.4 from the BukkitDev, and if you want the skin, check my signature for the Spout version, and read the requirements there. Thanks!
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    does herobrine break any blocks???
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    i need help :( herobrine is a zombie and idk how to change him into herobrine. And I tried spoutcraft but it didn't make him into his skin. HELP! [creeper] <--- sad face
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    Please, please hook into ! If you do that this could be awesome!
    He had a code deep inside the minecraft source, please find this also. I have the creeps when I saw herobrine with his plugin!
    Merge the 2 plugins together and something REALLY GREAT COMES OUT!
    Just give it a try
    Thank you
    Greetz Roy

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