[FUN\MISC] Golden Gun v0.1 - The ultimate spleef weapon and mining tool [953]

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    [FUN\MISC] Golden Gun v0.1 - The ultimate spleef weapon and mining tool [953]

    Version 0.1

    Download the Jar from here
    and the Zip File from there

    The Golden Gun is a plugin that allows you to set one of your minecraft items to act as a gun which fires an explosive round in your minecraft server. This plugins intended use is as an awesome spleefing weapon or a handy mining tool but obviously it can be set to really high for a bit of fun. There are a number of different ways you can configure the Golden Gun to specify ammo for the gun and the size of the explosion etc. and of course there is permissions support as well.

    Walkthrough and Instruction video so you can see what the plugin can do is below:

    Warning: IF YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE EXPLOSION SIZE FROM DEFAULT SETTINGS ON THIS PLUGIN THEN YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE!!! This plugin will be perfectly safe if you leave the explosion size on the default settings but if you are going to turn it up you must watch the video above to get an idea of what your doing. You can seriously hurt your server if you set the explosion size wrong. You've been warned so any QQ about blowing up your server is completely on you.

    Optional plugins:

    - Permissions 3.1.5


    - Set any minecraft item up to be the Golden Gun which will then fire an explosive round into your world when the player right clicks.
    - Configure cool downs on the gun so you can make it so that the player can only fire the gun every 5 seconds for example to avoid spamming of the gun.
    - Configure a range for the gun.
    - Configure the gun to have unlimited ammo or set any item in minecraft to be the ammo for the gun and only allow the player to fire the gun if they have ammo in their inventory.
    - Configure the size of the explosion created by the gun. You get full control over this and can make anything from a peashooter to a literal minecraft world ending nuke!
    - Full Permissions integration.


    Just drop the .jar in your plugins folder and reload your server for the plugin to install.


    # These gun-settings dictate how the golden gun works
    # The gun item take the minecraft item id of what you want to make the golden gun
    # The cooldown is the number of seconds you want the gun to cool down for. e.g. if this is set to 5 and you fire the gun
    # Then you wont be able to fire the gun for another 5 seconds
    # The gunstyle is what happens if the player tries to select a target that is outside of their range
    # this takes to values cannon or pistol. Cannon makes it so the explosion is made at the end of the guns range regardless
    # pistol means that if the player picks a target outside of its range nothing happens and the player is told they
    # are out of range
    # The range dictates how many blocks in front of themselves they can fire the gun
       gunitem: 276
       cooldown: 0.0
       gunstyle: cannon
       range: 12
    # The ammo settings dictate how the ammo in the gun works
    # The itembased value can take either true or false. If true then the player must have some of the item
    # that you set as the ammo item in their inventory in order to be able to fire the gun
    # and if they do it will take away one of that item everytime they fire the gun. If this is set to false your
    # players will be able to fire the gun as many times as they like without penalty
    # The ammo item is the minecraft item id of the item you want to be the ammo for the gun
    # The explosion size is the size of the explosion you want to have your gun create
    # You almost defintely don't want to set this to above 5 and I would say 2 would be ideal
    # if you are unsure then just watch the tutorial video on the bukkit thread for this plugin
       itembased: true
       ammoitem: 266
       explosionsize: 2.0
    - gun-settings is where you will find everything you need to configure your Golden gun
    • gunitem takes the id of the item you want to use as the golden gun. This can be any Item Id in minecraft. It defaults to a Diamond Sword
    • cooldown is the amount of time you want (in seconds) to have the gun be on cooldown and not allowed to be fired. This is defaulted to zero ie the gun can be fired as quickly as you can right click.
    • gunstyle takes one of two settings the default is cannon. When this is set if the player chooses a target that is out of range the projectile explodes at the edge of the maximum allowed range. The other setting is pistol which if set and the player chooses a target outside of the allowed range then nothing happens and they are told the target is out of range.
    • range is the distance in block that the player can fire the gun up to. It is worth nothing that the player cannot fire at blocks that they can select i.e. If they try and fire at a block that has the selection square around it then nothing will happen so you should make the range at least 5 but this defaults to 12.
    - ammo-settings is where you will find everything you need to configure the ammo for your Golden Gun.
    • itembased take either true or false as a value. If this is true then the player will need ammo to fire the gun if false then they don't and they can fire the gun in an unlimited fashion
    • ammoitem you need to put a minecraft item code in here. If itembased is true then the gun will only fire if the player has some of this item in their inventory and it will take 1 of this item out of their inventory every time they fire the gun.
    • explosionsize is the size of the explosion the projectile should make. This will take a floating point number e.g. 1.5. This defaults to 2 which I think is ideal. Anything over 5 is useless and potentially dangerous. Please watch the walkthrough video before setting this to avoid QQ.

     - This will show you the version of golden gun you are running.
    /goldengun -reload
     - Will reload your configuration file to take into account any changes
    Permissions Nodes:
    goldengun.admin.reload - To allow the player to reload the config
    goldengun.basic.canshoot - Players can only use the gun if they have this permission

    - Initial Release

    Future Plans:

    - Make it so it can be configured so that some blocks can't be destroyed by the explosions.
    - Build in commands to change the config from in-game.
    - Build in the ability to make the bullets cost economy money rather than just items.

    If you have enjoyed my plugin and want to show your appreciation tips are accepted (but not neccessary) through this link!!!
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    Could you make it so it can't destroy certain blocks?
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    ...yes...wait...I think so....yes...probably....I'll look into it, but I'm pretty sure I can.

    Thanks for the interest in my plug.

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    I was thinking of using it for a spleef arena, but I have walls made of obsidian and the light is from glowstone and it's not good if people start breaking into the wall xD Thanks!
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    Yeah makes perfect sense. I'll get on it next time I sit down for a hacking session.

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    Love it.
    Simply love it.
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    We love this on our server but we need to be able to limit it to one world. Please add multiworld support. At least where we can specify the world to enable in a text file or something. It would be amazing.
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    Now I have to admit here my Multi world experience is limited. My server tries to be as vanilla as possible with the except of things like shops and iConomy. Having said that I was pretty sure that Permissions was multi-world compatible and Golden Gun is permissions compatible so you could just leave the goldengun.canshoot permissions node out of the world you don't want to be able to use the GG or if you had it in your global groups can't you just put a -goldengun.canshoot in the worlds you don't want this to work in? This was my understanding of how permissions worked in multi world and its exactly what your asking for.

    Perhaps I have misunderstood exactly what you want though let me know if that is the case and tell me what you do want.

    A quick development update. I am currently working on updating WurkIt at the moment but this will be next and will include @marvinody 's request and yours can be in there too AVirusC you just need to tell me exactly what you want.

    Either way I am so glad everyone is enjoying this and there are hardly any problems with GG!

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    This is quite possible. How my server is configured I share the same groups and users information for all worlds. Meaning I only keep 1 set of permissions for all 6 worlds. I could do it this way by separating the permissions for our pvp/SMP world and adding the gun just to the group permissions for that world.


    Thanks for the response.
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    Personally, I think this plugin is excellent - I really like the explosive effects it has, with the smoke and stuff as if a creeper just exploded. However, if there would be one thing to add, I'd really like to have the ability to have several "types" of golden guns. Right now, I'm working on using this to implement "flares."

    Anyhow, thanks again for the wonderful plugin. :)
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    I'm going to do an update on this to include the other suggestion starting tonight. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "different types of gun" I understand you want a flare gun (I have to say that with the current code this isn't possible) but if you elaborate I might be able to see what I can do.
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    Well, I made a flare gun with this as a normal Golden Gun, simply with a custom crafting recipe. It's irrelevant, just wanted to tell you what I was doing with it. :p
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    @oz_revulsion hey i no it says on the type cannon ist there any other type such as a normal gun no explosion
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    What you mean like so you can shoot players and mobs? No there isn't. I suppose its something I could knock up though. I am just working on the block black list atm I'll try and get on that after I am done.
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    @oz_revulsion sorry b4 i wrote it funny i was asking if u cud make it so it shoots little bullets or make it so it can hit players/mobs instead of just ground
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    BladedAssassin why dont you jsut use arrows?
    @oz_revulsion hey i havn't installed this yet so sorry if you have already added this but can yo make guns shoot fireballs?

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