Inactive [FUN/MISC] Giant Trees v0.4.3 - Make Massive Trees in Minecraft [1.1-R6]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Connor Mahaffey, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Connor Mahaffey

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    Ya ambedrake, i found that out the hard way... my friend was giving me random block ids for the tree, he chose ice for the leaves... bad bad idea
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    Connor Mahaffey

    What are the max values set in the config? Other than that I can't think what it would be.

    Hahahahah thanks! I only put in blocks 0 to 100 or so, because those are blocks and not items. But I forgot about some of those. Mushrooms, sugar cane should be removed completely. Ice, water, and lava should be put in as a separate permission (or maybe also removed entirely). Idk there might be some people that want to do it, for whatever reason :D I'll probably add gianttrees.customdangerous to a forthcoming minor update. Some admins might not mind silver/gold trees, but probably won't be cool with lava trees :eek:.

    Thanks for your awesome report haha!

    Haha sorry about that :p
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    SO i thought id show off my massive tree 128 by 16 :)

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    Connor Mahaffey


    I can safely say I have never done a tree that big! That's incredible. Kinda curious how many mobs would fall out of it if you undo it :p
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    My max values are height:200 and width: 50
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I have no idea then. The only thing it could be is a plugin conflict. You seem to be the only person having this issue (so far).
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    Love the plugin :D only feature id like too see is possibly what "Ambedrake" suggested with having a check too see if anything is under the tree then filling it with blocks.

    Maybe you could have it only fill a specified distance Ie 5 or less blocks. (make it configurable perhaps?)

    Otherwise Loved it <3
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    Hey there, I'd just like to drop by and mention something that could potentially be used for evil to kill a map. I was toying around with this with my girlfriend the other day and she was just giving me block ID's to make trees out of and she gave me the ID for torches for the leaves and it couldn't do it. The plugin tried to do what it was told no doubt but the torches would spawn and then drop into an item so The plugin would create MORE torches, constantly trying to build this tree and made my game crash . I couldn't even stop the server through the console and when I restarted it the tree was still trying to be built and lagging the server so much I couldn't log in. I tried going into a map editor to delete the chunk but that crashed when it tried to load that chunk, I wound up losing the map entirely and starting again. I know it was probably silly to even attempt in the first place but even without common sense This could be used for evil if an admin somewhere gets upset with his community and wants to lash out. This is a serious map killer and needs to be fixed for at least security reasons. If you don't believe it then try it on a blank map yourself I believe the setup I tried was with torches as the 'leaves'. I just figured that someone should let you know and I didn't see it in the thread anywhere, thanks for your time.

    Edit: I would also like to mention that I tried deleting the most recent "tree" file in the directory and it hadn't been made yet since the tree never got finished so that wasn't really an option. :p
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    Connor Mahaffey

    That's very strange. Are you sure it was actually trying continually to drop torches, or maybe they were just overlapping? Anyway, in the next update (which I guess I need to issue sooner rather than later) I'll be putting in a permission gianttrees.customdangerous for types like lava, water, ice, etc. - and I'll probably put item 50 on a block list. Thanks for the report, I'll have to check if there are other problematic blocks to stop. Right now, it will accept any id's between 0-100 (most of those id's are blocks);
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    That's ok... my friend seems to be happy with his h:50 w:10 tree, he's flooded the giant hole which i carved for him so adds a nice "Hey look, i grew a giant tree" effect
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    Thanks for this plugin, it worked very well, have a nice big realstic tree in our main town.

    Cheers buddy!
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    Item to add to block list : Air block! One of our admins decided to make a tree of air and it started to infinitely build the tree it was rather funny but alas it did require an emergency reboot of the MC server lol.

    Another item to add to block list : Locked Chest, this one was extremely entertaining to make, but as it was a joke item in game the game gets a little freaked out on how to handle all the locked chests bundled together lol.

    Idea : Possibly add a tree type similar to a weeping willow where branches go out and then head straight down.

    Idea : Hollow trees, this would make it rather entertaining to make tree houses out of tree shells!

    Idea : Permissions limiter/Tree Owner, Put a permission in where players can spawn a tree (if configured to do so) at their own whim while only allowing them to create a limited number of trees (configurable as well).

    Idea : I don't know if this one is possible (I have been combing the API thinking how it could be done) but hook into the tree grow event to make every 1/1000 or what ever perportion of saplings that grow become a big tree of a random type, granted adding the "Stand Back" message when it does so if someone is using bone meal. This would make the trees seem a little more natural to regular game play. This of course could be configurable and/or turned off.

    Idea : I stress this in almost all of my happy suggestions to plugins I really like, so yeah feel special on this one. Support SQL preferably MySQL & SQLite for configurations, undo data etc. This makes administration of things a whole lot easier (granted you have some SQL knowledge or can understand basic tables). This also makes life easier to auto backup specific things such as the configs as most people who have or use databases have scheduled SQL dumps to back things up, I know personally I have set bukkit persistance to use MySQL (which would not be a bad idea to take advantage of in this plugin btw) and it makes life so nice when I make my admin control panel additions so that I can remotely take care of my server on the go from the web or from my Android phone with out the need for an additional plugin for those tasks ^_^

    Feel free to take any or all of these suggestions or just ignore them, just trying to keep the idea train rolling to make this plugin more epic then it already is (though that's becoming increasingly difficult as it is already epic lol).

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    Connor Mahaffey

    You should be able to add leaves of air, I'm guessing you did an air body and air trunk, that probably doesn't work :p Hollow trees (though I don't want to add them do to difficulty) have to be added because of demand, so they are coming for sure. A limiter is a good idea, though I'd have to add a new file to keep track of how many trees each person has. If you look at my future improvements, randomly generated trees are on the todo list, but I'm unsure if I can hook into tree growth events. I'm only 17 and learning java so I know nothing about MySQL lol. I know a lot of people use it to store data but that's about it.

    Different tree types will be added at some point, once I'm convinced that I've made trees as they are right now, look as good as possible. Thing is, I've gotten smaller trees (gt/24 4) looking pretty good, but once you go up to /gt 128 16 they start to look really squared off, because of the formula. Willows would be cool, but it'd be hard to make them look decent. And things like giant pines would probably just look funny. But I'm thinking about it for sure.

    Glad you like my plugin (and that it didn't wreck your server). Thanks for your suggestions.
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    Yeah it was a pure air tree >.< air as leaves is ok just...... not the trunk.

    As for MySQL it is pretty simple there are a lot of tutorials out there for it since its so commonly used. But like I said looking into the built in persistance may not be a bad way of going about either as it will do all the work for you with DB's.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I'll look into it, but it definitely won't be coming in the next update cause I'll have to learn it. My end goal is to be as easy on the end user as possible, and changing how I store data now would make for a lot of problems with the old system.
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    Yeah, you need to blacklist some items, I accidently created a tree made of doors, and now my server is lagging and crashing D:

    Other than that, good job lol
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Sorry about that :/ I'll issue an update as soon as I can to blacklist items.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    That's so frightening! :eek:
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    Lol you shoulda seen the sugar cane tree Noffletoff >.< it was a raining sugar.
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    G1R Productions

    Just a lil fun idea I just thought of maybe making it so when a % of the tree is destroyed a chest appears outside the tree with random goodies inside? Just an idea -- it would be hard to chop a giant tree lets say 90%
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    Love the plugin so much but I can't seem to get the leaves to change color based on biome. The trees always spawn with the default leaf color.

    Also maybe in the future you could add pine trees like the ones you find in snow biomes.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Not sure how that would work because I'd have to keep checking all the trees to see if they were being destroyed which would be really hard on the server. Cool idea though. Could make it so a chest randomly hides in the treetop somewhere? Or maybe a dungeon in the treetop somewhere? :)

    Sorry they no longer change color by biome, you'll have to specify it yourself ex. /gt 24 4 spruce spruce

    That changed with the introduction of custom trees.

    And I'm considering it, just giant pines might look a bit ridiculous :p but maybe
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    Um, well, instead of having the author do ALL the custom trees, maybe a plugin api would be really nice so you can define your own algorithms and custom trees. ;) Just a thought.

    @Connor Mahaffey if you want to make that happen I can definitely help code that part for you.
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    I keep getting internal errors...
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    Connor Mahaffey

    That is a good idea, but yea I'm not sure its withing my abilities. What exactly were you thinking? Making a kind of "mini script" that a user could load or what exactly? Either way I'd definitely need to re-code the project. PM me. I do want to issue at least a "holding" update 0.3.1 that would add the .customtreesdangerous and blacklist items, but after that, feel free to fork away on github.

    I really need to test my plugins on the latest RB and release the next update for Mean Admins as well.

    Might be an issue with the latest RB, I haven't tested it, care to show me the error text?

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    'An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command'
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    Is there any error output on the console? It usually looks like a huge thing of code right in the middle of the log.
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    Post it please

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