Inactive [FUN/MISC] Giant Trees v0.4.3 - Make Massive Trees in Minecraft [1.1-R6]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Connor Mahaffey, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Connor Mahaffey

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    I can do a /forestgen 100 5 random, it takes about 10 seconds and then suddenly thousands of trees.. I wonder how worldedit manages to do this compared to how its being done in GiantTrees.
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    is that possible with this plugin, or do i need another plugin or is this a good idea you might add as a feature?
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    No, thats done with WorldEdit. Currently with this plugin, you can only do one tree at a time.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    The /forestgen is likely done with bukkit's built-in method of spawning trees. But you can't make those trees as big as the ones in this plugin. Also, using the new method I talked about above, the trees will spawn pretty much instantly, it just takes a few seconds for the algorithm to get the locations of the blocks.

    Trust me I'm on top of it :)
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    awesome, me and my users can't wait to try it out :)

    I made a 70x10 tree and hollowed out the bottom part and inserted a annoying beat machine, its like jumanji when approaching this beast tree.. quite epic i must say.
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    nice :)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Version 0.2 is out!

    Change Log:

    - Tree building completely revamped - now takes about 6 seconds (5 of those are wasted time the server gives you to run away) - Special thanks to: @nisovin​
    - New tree building code fixes crashes - @nisovin
    - Added an undo command, which will work even after a server restart​
    - Added a cache of trees to be built​
    (Though as fast as they build now its really un-needed)​
    - Added configurable tree size restrictions for admins in config.txt​
    - Modified algorithm so bigger trees (ex. /gt 70 10) aren't bare (though they are still less leafy than their smaller counterparts)​

    Sorry @nisovin for whatever reason it isn't automatically tagging your name.

    There aren't any files that won't be automatically changed, so feel free to grab the .jar and start it up. Remember to take a look at the new permissions and new config settings. The new tree building is great guys, it builds instantly! The only reason it takes any time at all is because I give you 5 seconds to run so you won't get stuck in your own tree. The crashes are gone too. You can all thank @nisovin ! The undo feature is pretty neat too. You can undo a tree right after you fail, or 2 weeks later when you decide you don't want it any more. All saved on files.

    Great stuff. Check it out, and thanks for using my plugin. As always post any issues on here. Next update will include different tree bark types, and hopefully a better tree creating algorithm. They're still a little square for my taste!
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    I can only use this version on my main world ... any idea?
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    2011-06-16 07:18:40 [INFO] [Giant Trees] Could not load the world! Check
    2011-06-16 07:18:40 [INFO] [Giant Trees] version 0.2 is disabled
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    Lovin' it mate, Just got done spawning an entire rain forest can't wait till my users wake up to find this!
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Send me your Are you sure you have level-name=WORLDNAME set to the map you are using? Are you trying to use a multiworld plugin?

    This plugin does not support multiworld plugins, if that's what you're wondering. It will only support the world specified in under level-name=<this>

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    Level name is Start in, I do use multiverse (which im sure of alot of people wanting to use this are).
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Well unfortunately right now multiverse is not supported. Each tree needs to have a world attached to it, otherwise a tree location in one world would show up in every world, and you could undo a tree in any world. Basically, it messes everything up. I'm not 100% sure how multiverse works, but if start is an actual map, you should be able to make trees in the Start map, just not any of the others. I'm puzzled as to why it fails on startup, unless Start is not actually a world that can be loaded.
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    minecraft@Minecraft:~/mc$ grep start
    minecraft@Minecraft:~/mc/start$ du -h
    5.5M    ./players
    172K    ./data
    4.0K    ./BOBPlugins
    71M     ./region
    very much a world. :)

    Also, you can get world values from the bukkit api, since you're attaching a world to the tree, this should be an easy change I would think. Im not a java programmer unfortunately, but this is how all the other multiworld plugins work.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I'll look into it. It's going to require multiple instances of certain things running to get it to work, because certain parts of the code are dependent on knowing what world they are writing to, and can't be changed. No promises.

    Just know that there might be serious risks - 4 people might be able to create a tree on 4 different worlds, and crash the server.
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    Epic tree is Epic!!
    took like 2 seconds to make this time too.

    huge improvement over .1
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    Yeah world values can be pulled from the API and also the world the player is in can be as well, we use that for the NightQuery plugin to output to our website. The API is pretty straight forward with it so should be rather simple to add no real need to support just multiverse so long as you use the built in API any multiworld plugin should in theory work.

    Another thing you may want to check into is if there is a block in a location allow for the configuration to either replace the blocks or to ignore the block and not replace it. This will allow for people to feel more safe growing these beasts around larger buildings that would take large amounts of time to repair.

    A request from our users on our server was to support multiple tree types, though honestly if need be I can tell them they have to wait lol.

    And finally an idea from myself, check to see if there is a block underneath the tree stump and fill that in too as it looks kinda hinky growing these things on hillsides. Also the option for configurable sized roots that could either follow the ground line or even penetrate the ground would make this look epic like the beasts have been there for centuries.

    Keep up the good work I love it so far,
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    Connor Mahaffey


    Version 0.2.1 Now available - fully supports Multiverse
    Note: If you create a new world in Multiverse without restarting the server, you need to do a /gt reload before you can place trees in the new world.

    A LOT more people than I thought use Multiverse, and I realized it was well worth changing. It should work fine now. This also means you can now put trees in the Nether (don't know why you'd want to, but go for it).

    You should be able to grab the new .jar and replace the old one without any conflict. Thanks for using my plugins and as always post any problems in here, along with the console error (if there is one). The more descriptive you are, the most helpful I can be.

    1. Got multiworld working :D
    2. I'll probably add this in a future update - if it destroys too much you can always do a /gt undo and try again
    3. Definitely adding this in a future update, just not sure how I want to handle it yet. Should it just be wood types or leaf types as well? Leaves automatically change depending on the biome right now.
    4. Roots are hard, I've seen other mods do them, and they usually don't look so hot, but I can try. And I have it that way right now because if you go to the side of a cliff and make a tree, I wouldn't want the bottom to stretch 30 blocks down. Maybe some kind of cut-off at the bottom
    5. Thanks, will do :)

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    The leaf types seem to me to be specific to the tree type as well, so I would assume matching one type of tree to the usual leaf sub data it uses would be the best way to go about it. Once its placed though it shouldn't be an issue for it to stay in place in any biome so it can totally be up to you. You could even make that customize-able, say I want a redwood with the leaves of a birch I could do a command like /gt 70 10 redwood birchleaf, etc etc. Anyways there is a lot of potential here in way of customization, you could even go on to let it make some funky things like have it take block ID's for the leaves and wood for example allowing for a fake tree made of iron and diamond or something using a command like '/gt 70 10 42 57' where 42 you be the trunk value and 57 would be the leaf replacement. Just would have to allow for sub data for colored wool's and the like.
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    looks awesome, testing tonight.
    will come back later to report my findings and opinion :)
    first impressions say it's exactly what i'm looking for;)
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    This plugins works pretty smoothly, love the idea and its very simple to boot. Tree trunks looks cool imo. Only downside for me, is the shape of leaves on top. Once that crazy afro gets combed, this plugin will be perfect.
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    works awesome!!! thanks!!!
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Yea, there is definitely a lot of customization I'm going to add. Other kinds of trees like "metal" trees would be cool as well.
    Hahaha yea I'm working on it. Kinda difficult to make a mathematical way to tell things to randomly spawn in circles. I'll probably just have corner blocks move to the center outside, so that the tree won't have corners. That should help a bit. This should be one of the things coming in version 0.3, now that all the hard stuff is out of the way.
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    I would love to see hollow trees like someone else mentioned as well as possibly a way to spawn a tree without leaves and branches, using this to make some towers quickly. ;)
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    yay now i can make trees that look a bit like the map the yogscast were playing on :p
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    seriously dude, you need a donate link.

    this is the now the most requested command on my server.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Hahahah I really should get one of those since I'm a teen without a job (*asks parents for paypal donate link*)

    Hollow tree could be hard but I'll try. Maybe make it an option along with birch, etc. And an option for leaves could be "leafless".

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    Jef Elrod

    Conner I'm just going to say that everybody on my 15 man server is extremely pleased with the work you have done. However some of the trees I generate for them seem to be a bit odd to say the least. Some of the spawned trees decide to complete themselves without fully filling itself out with leaves. I may have a perfect looking trunk size but there might not be enough leaves to make the tree look full. Possibly a leaf density option along with a separate value for the width I may want the leaves to be compared the width of the base.

    You have a great thing going here I must say. You have my servers support as well as mine. Power to ya bud
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    Why cant I get this plugin to work? It always says that I dont have the permission. Im the admin of the server and I have the permissions plugin. I have put the permission nodes in and it still doesnt work.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Thanks so much! And yes, the tree algorithm needs work. Smaller trees like /gt 34 6 are usually ok, but when you get to the truly massive trees, ex. /gt 90 12 the trees tend to be bare in the sides and middle :/ I'm working on it, its difficult to find a way to huge trees to spawn more leaves in an area, without small trees just being completely solid leaves.

    I have no idea. Are you using permissions 3.0? Do you have the permissions installed for all worlds you are on? Have you restarted the server and or did a /permissions -reload ? Are you sure you've added the permission gianttrees.whatever or gianttrees.* and not something close to it like giantrees.* or gianttree.* ? If it's saying you don't have permission either A. Permissions aren't installed and its defaulting to ops.txt - and you aren't in that OR B. Permissions doesn't think you have permission (something configured wrong) and so it says you don't.

    I'm thinking the latter. If you want you can send me your permissions file and I'll look at it.

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