Inactive [FUN/MISC] Giant Trees v0.4.3 - Make Massive Trees in Minecraft [1.1-R6]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Connor Mahaffey, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Connor Mahaffey

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    The :2 is a datavalue like 44:2 44:3 17:1
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    Connor Mahaffey

    You cannot do a custom data value like that. The only trees you can make with custom data values at all are birch and spruce trees, and you do this by typing birch and spruce. All the rest are only the block ID. Do not use :2 or any number for that matter because it is not a valid command.
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    I've got a problem, well two. when I spawn a tree, it says stand back so I run away, then after 5 seconds all the mobs freeze and another 5 seconds i lose connection, then i have to restart the server when I go back on, the tree is there but now i go up to the canopy and the leaves dont even connect to the trunk...
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    Proly cuz ur server crashed, try more ram.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Sounds like a server crash, your server may not be able to cope with this plugin. I find that hard to believe since my 5+ year old PC can run a server, a client, and development tools without crashing, but it could happen I guess. Either upgrade your server or remove the plugin. Sorry, but there isn't anything I can do, except recommend making smaller trees :p
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    lol I've been doing this: /gt 122 16 oak oak 30 maybe that's why it's not working.
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    do you plan to update it to work with minecraft build 1.1? if so thats great! :)
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    Works fine on 1.1 CB R3
    Works fine with PEX

    Need to test some more with leaves and stuff but sofar works as advertised.
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    i am the owner of the server and i put all the permission nodes and it works fine except i can't make giant trees with birch wood or redwood
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    Mmm i believe i did something wronge. This plugin is very ussfull though :)

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    lol I havn't used this plugin for a while, but had a similar problem before when I was having fun with it.

    For me, the fix was simple: make your trees more proportionally sized..

    If you make the base too large with the trunk is too short, it tends to look something like that... mess haha

    See if that helps :) Love this plugin!
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    Connor Mahaffey

    For anyone still following this thread, the 0.4 update is out. Make sure to subscribe via BukkitDev or GitHub for the latest updates!

    I know I've been absent for a while and I do apologize. You can read more about it at the new GitHub wiki. This build adds a ton of new features and removes some old stuff so hopefully it will continue to work when the big 1.2 update comes out. Crossing my fingers, I've been lucky so far. 6 months and the plugin kept working!

    0.4.1 bug fix is out. Fixed a bug in the tree spawning that might have broken when the 1.2 update comes out.

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    pics please
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    Connor Mahaffey

    You can see one on the bukkit dev site linked above.
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    ok, first cool idea for a plugin :)
    great for being able to build tree house and stuff...

    a few suggestions first (and reasons I will not use this plugin just yet):
    1. do some king of explanation on how to choose good widht \ height \densitiy so the trees dont get all messed up =\
    2. the branches are usualy not very dense... which isn't that much fun if your looking for that dream tree-house idea... I would want them thicker so I can build room on them too...

    that's about it... again - cool idea :) and thanks for the hard work.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Well as far as looks go, I know its still not perfect. It's very hard to get it just right every time at every size. And as far as size, you want to pick a height that is how tall you want the whole tree to be. Anything between 24 and 40 is usually pretty good. And any width between 4 and 8 is pretty good. Obviously a tree 24 tall and 8 wide will look funny, but you get the idea. Try /gt 24 4 or /gt 36 6 :)
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    can u update it pls?!
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    Connor Mahaffey

    It works fine with the latest build. Plugins don't need to be updated with each new build. They almost always keep working.

    This plugin should continue to work for as long as Bukkit exists at this point. No updates needed.
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    but you can't build trees higher than 129
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Did you change your settings, and are you sure you have enough room to build a tree that high from where you are standing? If you are standing on the surface there might not be more than 129 blocks of space above you.
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    I have changed the config, but i can't build bigger trees!...the only one what i see is "not enough space to make this tree here"
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    Connor Mahaffey

    But are there more than 129 blocks above your head? Like before the the World ceiling? Can you build a tower greater than 129 tall from where you are?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    What command did you use?
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    Please add more information (screenshots/tutorials/videos)
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    Connor Mahaffey

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    Any screenshots?
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    Connor Mahaffey

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  31. update to 1.3.1?

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