[FUN/MISC] FakePlayersOnline - Show virtual players and NPCs in player list! [BukkitDev]

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    This plugin allows you to add additional virtual (fake) players in your server player list, which you see when press "tab"-key in game. Virtual players could be added manually or you can use NPC's name to show at player list.

    • Colorize real players name in list. In addition you can define color for name of your server admin group
    • Display fake player names in list.
    • Display NPC's (provided by Citizens plugin) name in list
    • Add/remove fake players
    • Override /list command and show same information as in TAB-list
    • Fake serverlist menu to show fake counters for online players, reserverd slots and motd.
    • Lock server with fake "server full" message.
    Example image


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    You're going to get lots of hate for making this, but good job!
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    "guns don't kill people, people kill people"
    I'm just added a new feature bounded to player list. Some can show a really fake players (but this plugin will not send a fake player number info before connected to server). But I think you can find it more interesting to show server notes, rules or something in player list.
    I know now read messages in chat after player connections, but every one sometimes press a tab key.
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    anyway to make it so the color of the names are white instead of yellow? also when I do ./list it only shows the real person
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    You can change colors in config.yml, set prefix: '&f' (or prefix: '') - for white.
    FakerPlayersOnline did not overrides /list or /playerlist commands. Are you sure that you really need this feature?
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    well as the name states I assumed it would do this to fake for real. xD I would use this on my RP server since it hooks with citizents , and yes that feature would make this legit

    tag me or something if you do add the /list thing so I can find my way back here thanks.
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    • Added ability to override real player list: you can set color of players in list, you can define an additional color for your server admins
    • Players with permission "fakeplayers.canseehidden" will see hidden (by vanish plugin or other) players in list.
    • Tested with 1.5-R0.1, 1.4.7-R1.0
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    Deleted user

    Just a question.
    Say you added me to the server. Would the skin automatically apply even if I'm not online? So, like, would the plugin contact the MC skin server and fetch the appropriate skin?

    Also, there is no 1.5-R0.1...
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    Spawning a player would automatically fetch their skin, so yes, it would. :)
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    Hello, FakePlayersOnline does not "spawn" player. It just add ability to recolor player names in player list, adding virtual (fake) players in player list, adding NPC's (Citizens 1.2) names to player list.
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  12. good idea for a plugin ;)
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    Lol, what a name in the Tab List.. "Pussy Riot" xD
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    fantastic. thank you
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    It only gives me an error when i am doing /fpo add player :(
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    What error? What is in server log? If there is an error please post it here.
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    Will this plugin make it so that when I am looking at my server in the server list it says 11/20 when I have 10 npc's on and its just me?
  18. But but... There is no people.. :p
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    Deleted user

    Your plugin is using the scheduler incorrectly. It is generating exceptions while executing tasks.
    It's spamming my console with errors every few seconds... please fix.
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    It looks that FPO could not connect to Citizens. If you don't use Citizens 1.2 you need to disable it in config. In next version it will disable automatically (if Citizens is not found)
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    • Added ability to fake counters at server list (ProtocolLib required). You can define: current online counter, reserved slots counter, motd (colors are supported).
    • Added feature to override /list command. Now it will show a fake information.
    • Added /fpo reload command to reload config from the file

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    Coca Cola Man

    I tried the plugin and it works almost all, the 'only thing that does not work is that when I'm in the loby server people get to 2/20 and 12/20 as it should be with bots. I tried all the commands but I can not figure out how to do.
    You can help me?
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    Coca Cola Man
    First you need to install ProtocolLib in addtion to FakerPlayersOnline (if it not installed yet). I you have default config it must be enough to show at server list a sum of real players, fake players and citizens' NPC. To add fake player you must type command /fpo add <name of fake player>
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    Coca Cola Man

    I have installed and ProtocolLib FakePlayerOnline and despite digitassi the command / fpo add <fake name> can not see the name of the "fake player" only by pressing TAB, not the loby of the server, as shown in this screen:

    What can I do? You have Skype to help me? If so what's your name? Can you write your name through private conversation?

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    RiotShielder please remove this huge image :(

    • New fake-lock feature. Now you can type command /fpo lock and server will locked, all players (without necessary permission) will kicked out, and everyone who tried to connect to a server will receive a message that server is full and see at server list that online players number are equal to maximum.
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    Better? :3
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    This tool is pretty cool! :)
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    Hey, I love this tool, but it does not show up on minecraft-server-list.com or anything. Is it also possible to let people on that website think you have a lot of players?

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