[FUN/MISC] FacePalm v0.3 - Because Minecraft needs it [1000]

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    FacePalm - Because Minecraft needs it.
    Version: 0.3


    FacePalm is a plugin I threw together when I saw this reply by phondeux and thought it might be fun to make, so here it is. :D

    Basic Usage:

    Drop "FacePalm.jar" in the "plugins" directory and restart the server or reload the plugins.
    A folder appropriately named "FacePalm" will be created in the "plugins" directory along with a text file named "Messages.txt".
    By default, FacePalm writes the default Message layout when it creates the file:

    &a[%n] &fPalm&a->&fFace
    &a[%n] &fFacepalm...
    Custom1 || &a[%n] &fFacepalm...&4LIKE A BOSS!

    The first two lines are the standard "/facepalm" or "/facepalm <User>" command lines, of which, one will be chosen by random upon running the command, you could (theoretically) have an unlimited amount of these random messages.
    The last line is a custom command message, you can use these lines by typing "/facepalm custom <Custom message name>", Eg: "/facepalm custom Custom1" to display the one that is written there by default.
    You could (theoretically) have as many of these as you want too... Be sure to separate the title and message of the custom message with double vertical bars ( || ), just copy and paste the original ones if you are unsure.
    In the messages, "%n" holds the player who sent the commands' name, and "&a", "&f" and "&4" are the Minecraft Colour Codes of Light Green, White and Dark Red, respectively.

    You can use any of these colours in your message:

    If you don't want to use random messages or custom messages, just leave the one line that you do want to use in "Messages.txt".


    To use any of the commands this plugin provides, the player must be an Op, or have the correct permission node.

    If Permissions is not installed, the player must be an Op to use any commands.


    • /facepalm - FACEPALM!!!11one
      • 'facepalm.self'
    • /facepalm <User> - Same thing, but for someone else
      • 'facepalm.other'
    • /facepalm custom <Title> - Uses the custom message with the title <Title>
      • 'facepalm.custom'
    • /facepalm reload config - Reloads the messages from "Messages.txt"
      • 'facepalm.reload'

    • (0.1) FacePalm yourself... LIKE A BOSS!
    • (0.2) FacePalm someone else... LIKE A BOSS!
    • (0.3) Chooses a random line from "Messages.txt" to be displayed.
    • (0.3) Named messages, use a specific custom message from "Messages.txt".


    FacePalm.jar - Hosted by Dropbox [diamond]

    Known Problems:
    • None, let me know if you find any.

    Possible Features:
    • Suggestions?


    Version 0.3
    • Added random line selection.
    • Added named custom messages.
    • Renamed "Message.txt" to "Messages.txt", sorry, my OCD kicked in... ;)
    • Messages are loaded on enable and by the "/facepalm reload config" command.
    • Some other stuff... :rolleyes:
    Version 0.2.1
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't FacePalm yourself when permissions was disabled.
    • Switched to Logger instead of System.out.println().
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.2
    • Added "/facepalm <User>" command to show that users name instead.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Fixed a silly error in the YML file. :rolleyes:
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release. [diamond]
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    Excuse-me but could you explain me what your plugin should do ?
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    Lol, all it does is show a configurable message that gets broadcast when you type the command. It's quite useless, I'll be honest. :D
  4. Might be useless, but I love it >:D
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    Heh, glad to hear it. :)
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    This is silly and outrageous!! It'll be a good addition. xD
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    That's what I was going for! :D
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    As in your description, you could add the 'LIKE A BOSS' message as well. Configured to appear as "[player] [msg] LIKE A BOSS!" or so.

    "badbh222 mines LIKE A BOSS!"
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    Mathew Alden

    lol. This got me thinking... Would someone be able to position Steve's arm in a facepalm-type position from the server or is that client side?

    Like... could you actually facepalm without client-side mods?
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    Group facepalm? All users online including or excluding the user facepalms i.e /facepalm all
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    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this, could you explain a bit more?

    I believe that is client side, unfortunately, but that would be awesome. :D

    Hmmm, you mean it should go through the entire list of online players and show "[<User>] Palm->Face" for each one?
    I think Minecraft can only show 9 lines (IIRC) at once in the chat box, if FacePalm were to print a list of 20 (or anything above 9) players, you would only see the last 9.

    It would be easy to add a command for "/facepalm all users" (2 spaces so it won't conflict with the "/facepalm <User>" command) which would show "[All] Palm->Face" or "[Everyone] Palm->Face", if you would like? :)
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    If you can make this, can you make a plugin that you can do: /rape <user> . And the user may get a genital infection and lose some health until it eats cake or something. Just an idea. But would be fun :D
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    Three words: What the hell?
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    I like the /rape <user> command from San Andreas MP. :S
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    You sir, scare the hell out of me. :D
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    Example for /rape

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    So all you want is for it to display a message like FacePalm does?

    I could do that and release it privately for you, if you want?
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    Are you serious? I would love to! And it's the display feature a want. But can you make it like:

    If i write /rape i would appear as: Fr34km4n raped himself!

    And if i would write /rape badbh222 i would appear as: Fr34km4n raped badbh222

    I would appreciate that! :D
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    Do you use permissions?
    Do you want all players to be able to do it, or just Ops?
    Purple messages like in the image?
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    I use permissions 2.0 and it would be nice.
    Can you make it configurable?
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    How could I have possibly missed this plugin?
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    Sending you a PM. :)

    All I have to say is :D
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    You sir, are amazing. I love you! Oh, and the whole god plugin... I <3 you for that, too :D

    -Kohle ;)
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    Tehe, I feel special, I've got this warm fuzzy feeling inside. :p

    Thanks man. :D
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    That fuzzy feeling? That would be because you are snuggled with one of those fuzzy SNUGGIES :D

    And your welcome. :D

    -Kohle ;)
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    I like the idea of this plugin! The only reason I would use this other than setting up a small code in rTriggers is the permissions so only certain users can use it.

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    Hmm, I like the idea of this plugin, although it would be nice if it could (optionally) pick a random line from the config file with /facepalm, or things like named entries in the config file. Say you have a line in the config file saying:
    "tripple: [%n] &eTripple facepalm..."
    then you could do "/facepalm tripple" to execute that command.
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    Wow, nice ideas, I will work on those tomorrow, but for now, sleep. :D
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    cool you please send it to me too?
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    @badbh222 Could you put up the source code? I would love you (even more) forever.

    -Kohle ;)

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