[FUN/MISC] Detonate v1.0 - Let everything explode! [1060]

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    Detonate -Let everything explode!

    Version: v1.0
    Disclaimer: Do you feel like blowing up players, entity's or blocks? Detonate them!
    With 'Detonate' you can blow up all kinds of different objects / entity's.

    [tnt] Features
    • Compatible with the latest build of Permissions
    • /detonate : Detonate your own character.
    • /detonate help : Show help.
    • /detonate about : Show about.
    • /detonate player [name] : Detonate a player by name.
    • /detonate all : Detonate all players (Except players with the permission 'Detonate.Exempt').
    • /detonate silent : Enable silent mode, messages wont show up when you detonate a player.
    • /detonate tool : Enable tool mode, when you right click on a block with a golden spade an explosion will be created at the block's position.
    [tnt] Permission Nodes
    • /detonate : Detonate.Detonate
    • /detonate help : Detonate.Help
    • /detonate about : Detonate.About
    • /detonate player [name] : Detonate.Player
    • /detonate all : Detonate.
    • /detonate silent : Detonate.
    • /detonate tool : Detonate.Tool
    [tnt] Links
    [tnt] Change Log

    Version 1.0:
    • Release
    • No changes
    [tnt] Coming Soon
    • /detonate bind [name] : Bind a player to a trigger, when pressed the player will explode.
    Do you have any idea's for a great plugin and want me to develop it? That's no problem! E-mail me at [email protected]
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    first! what type of profit would this make?
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    Its just a 'funny' catch phrase, thats also why there is a question mark at the end.
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    when i put this on my server i am going to have players detonate when i flip levers in my bedrock basement!
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    I'm working on that function ;)
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    Thank you for this plugin :)
    It has helped a ton with Explostions!

    VanishNoPacket + this + god mode
    Unlimited Explosions!

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