[FUN] Minecraft Tetris v0.1 - A playable Tetris clone in Minecraft

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Pete, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Minecraft Tetris - A playable Tetris clone in Minecraft
    Version: v0.1

    Quick Links:
    Source: https://github.com/plamoni/MCTris
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_1L7hcwexg

    This is still in a VERY early state, for information on how to use it on your server (if you're very daring) can be found in the README on GitHub. Note that I will not release a compiled version until I come up with some way to set the location of the board/player from within the game or a configuration file. I'm open to suggestions on how this might be done in a user-friendly way.

    • Generates a large Tetris board in the sky (or wherever specified in the code)
    • Players use "/play" to teleport to a playing area where the server hijacks move commands in order to control the pieces
    • Players can leave the game with the "/endgame" command

    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release - Still in a VERY "proof of concept" state.
    Tested with the following versions of CraftBukkit/Bukkit:
    CraftBukkit: 82e316e9b34a1675bacaf9eafa9351729df243ca
    Bukkit: 1c88287348751ace5a5ce601a5c1fad709a36863

    There have been a number of posts requesting a JAR file. As I have said a number of times, the current state of the plugin is still very much "proof of concept" phase. Setting the location of the board/player/etc must be done in the source code before compilation of the plugin. Therefore, it makes no sense to upload a JAR file, as it would only work with my world right now. I am working to resolve this issue (placing the locations in a settings file). I will hopefully have this resolved soon. Until then, please be patient! I will have a JAR file for you as soon as possible!
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    That is an amazing idea. I'd love to see something a bit more responsive; but what a creative implementation!
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    Yeah, responsiveness is an issue. But also the video was taken under a bit of a "worst case scenario" situation where I was connected remotely (over the internet) and tunneling my connection through SSH (which adds a layer of encryption but also a bit of overhead).

    When working from a computer on the same network, it's actually pretty responsive.

    With the news regarding potential future features including potential "generic gui support," I'm hoping that maybe there will be an opportunity for me to include more responsive controls without having to hijack the PLAYER_MOVE event (as I'm doing now).

    I did another video last night on the LAN that shows how responsive it can be under better conditions. But I left that laptop at home today. Will maybe post it this evening.
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    Don't fall into limbo! :O

    Fun idea though. Love it. With the addition of colored wool, this would be amazing. :)

    Edit: I'm shocked nobody else commented on your YouTube video before myself... That's pretty cool man.
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    Love this! Wanna have the code!!! ^^
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    wait... are we in a game right now?

    tbs: great idea and really nice realization, need some twerks but real nice
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    Ask and ye shall receive:

    Make sure to read the README.md before you try to deploy.

    Also, note that the Ant build script works nicely until you get to the deploy target. The deploy target is specific to your setup, but there's a few examples there so it should be easy to generate your own. And, as I mentioned READ THE README before you deploy. I'm not responsible if your painstakingly-created castle is half chewed up by a huge Tetris board. :)
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    can somebody say me pls how to install it?
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    Right now, it's not in a very user-friendly state. Once I have an easier way to set it up, I will offer up detailed instructions. For now, unless you're comfortable modifying, building, and deploying it from source, I wouldn't recommend trying to install it.

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    yep i made connect 4 a while back its on you youtube channel i think rustydagger1
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    I lost.

    The server I play on has a connect four game using sand and gravel.
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    Wow maaaaan, you're crazy :D Pretty awesome work Pete!
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    Updated the post format to comply with the new guidelines. Bump. :)
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    this is crazy, insane, what ever. must have :D

    an idea to improve the tetris feeling: before complete lines disappear, they must blink twice like in real tetris. change wool color to white, back to original, white, disappear, next tetris-block spawns.
    i guess this will be even more laggy then. but who cares. its an awesome plugin
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    Can someone post a compiled version?
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    Nitpick: use classic tetris colors for shapes.
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    Right now, the locations of everything is hard-coded, so a compiled version makes no sense unless you happen to have the exact same world I do. :)

    I will post a JAR once I have time to set up a properties file to control the locations.

    What are they? It's easy enough to make the change...
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    I fully support this endeavor. Nice work so far. I assume other players can view the game while you play? Would it be possible for more than one person to play on the same server at once?
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    Absolutely. The game is being played by updating the game world, so others can see your game in real time.

    I don't see why not. The code is pretty well object-oriented, so adding support for more than one game probably wouldn't be so hard.

    One thing to keep in mind is that I'm pretty sure Minecraft wasn't optimized for the condition of having many blocks being dynamically altered at a rapid pace (which is what this game does). There could be significant degradation to server performance resulting from running too many games at once. I really haven't done any testing around that.
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    Cosmic Break

    can you integrate permissions, i want this to be a game for my upgraded players only
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    I was thinking about implementation, and it would be nice if you could set something up where a player could build the "board" out of obsidian, and maybe light it or use a command, and it would generate the player area in front of the board. This is probably a lot more coding than what you have now, but it would be a good way for people to be able to place the game on their server.

    Edit: Thinking more about this, maybe it would be easier for the player to build the player area out of wood or something, and then have the game board appear in the sky. [​IMG]
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    cant use because not compiled.
    can you update a .jar file?
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    ... there are many colors to choose from, but "The Tetris Company" one seems like the most common.

    I am looking forward to this mod a WHOLE lot.
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    I like this idea. Maybe something where you simply designate a play area and it automatically chooses a spot for the board relative to that area. For people who want more control, I might add a way to edit the location in a preferences file or something.

    Once again, the plugin is not yet in a state where it makes sense to put up a compiled JAR. Once I solve the board placement issue, I'll upload a JAR for all to use. :)

    One more note: I work 40-50 hours a week and go to grad school part time. So my weekdays are usually pretty darned full and my weekends are subject to other responsibilities. But I will do my best to get some work done on this so that others can try it out.

    Thanks for everyone's support!!!
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    How do I edit the location for portCurPlayerToViewingArea(), portCurPlayerToEndGame(), and portCurPlayerToLose() ? I got the tetris board to work but thats it :( I keep on getting tported into block because i dont know what the settings are, not just x y z??

    Oh got it working :D
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    In case anyone else has trouble with this, use the /loc command to determine your current location (x, y, z, pitch, yaw). You can use those 5 numbers in the three methods mentioned above. The reason pitch/yaw are included is to make sure that the player is actually looking at the board.

    Also, determining the direction the player looks when they end the game can be fun. For instance, you could set "portCurPlayerToLose()" to send the player into a room full of mobs or a pit of lava (if you want to be extra mean) -- and you can make sure they see it coming. :)
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    This Plugin is in the Release.....
    how can we use it?, where is the *.jar
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