Inactive [FUN]MineBuilder v1.7-Experience/Money for mining ,building and adjustable exp for mobs [1.4.5-RB1]

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    I always make it switchable :D I hate it when you something cant turn on/off :p :)

    Hm I will try to add much in the next one or two weeks :p
    I hope that this plugin is not unnecessarily when Minecraft 1.3 gets published ... :(
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    I'm having a couple of problems with this plugin.

    1) /mgetblockname gives me the message to click on a block to get it's name, but nothing happens. Am I supposed to use a tool, my hand, right-click or what?
    2) /reminer re-writes the Config.yml file -- I don't think this is supposed to happen is it? I tried manually editing the Config.yml, but when I /reminer to reload the config, it writes it back to default. I tried adding my own RANDOM experience levels, but this kind of stops the entire thing.
    3) Undefined block types in the config file still give experience regardless. I have to add block breaks for undefined blocks, else they seem to get 1:1 experience for breaking.

    //edited to add:

    4) version shows 2.8 in the Config.yml file, but I've downloaded version 3.0

    I'm using Bukkit 1.2.5 R3.0

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    Hmmm /mgetblockname should give you the name when you try to break a block should work but I will test it with /reminer and yes i know that the config version is 2.8 this have nothing to do with the plugin version :) when i change something in the config the version in the config will change too

    Hmmm point 3 cant be ture because it always check rhe config contains the placed / broken block every undefined block will not give exp may you use a pre release from minecraft 1.3?

    With the randoms , did you write it? may you can upload you edited config?
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    Yea, I wasn't too worried about it, just more concerned that the link to the 3.0 version actually has the 2.8 version and perhaps that's what I'm seeing from an "issues" perspective.

    Nope, using Bukkit 1.2.5 R3.0. The issue was, grass is, in the default config file an undefined breaking block. However, when breaking it, was getting exp anyway. So I defined DIRT which didn't fix the problem, which was kind of odd. I had to add GRASS in order to at least reduce the amount of experience given when breaking it.

    This could have been a result of me manually editing the configuration file and then /reminer overwriting it.

    Again, not too worried about writing my own randoms, I'd just like to know if I'm meant to manually edit the Config.yml file and if /reminer is supposed to overwrite the file or if there's another way to have the Config file re-read without getting it overwritten with default settings.
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    And yeah you was right Oo I dont know where but i make a mistake that the place block list work as break list ..... I´m really sorry for this :(!!!!!!
    Will fix that as soon as i can ! :D

    And /mgetblockname works fine for me and /reminer dosen´t overwrite my file :D
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    Dang, I just tried /mgetblockname again and I get the message to touch the block. Is there a special item (wood sword, diamond axe, etc...) that must be used for /mgetblockname to work?

    I think everyone has logged off my server for now, I'll see if restarting it resolves the /reminer command

    Okay, restarted server, /reminer does not overwrite the config file back to defaults. Perhaps if it doesn't like something you put in the config file, it assumes it's bad and writes a new one?

    I had added to it before:


    Perhaps it doesn't like something about that and then goes back to a default configuration file?

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    The blog in you hand is wayne you only need to left click the wanted block :)
    Okay i think i have fixed it :) will upload it soon :)

    HMmmmm added random0:1:4 to the random list and he dident overwrite anything :O

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    The block in your hand is wayne? I'm not familiar with this block type. :p

    Is there a specific tool or block that has to be in your hand for it to work? Or do you need to have the block you want to identify in your hand? Sorry, just trying to understand what I may be doing wrong.
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    Sry , the block in your hand does not matter you only need to click on the block which name you want (left click like when you try to break him)

    Updated fixed this bug hope it works fine know :)
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    Downloaded 3.1 and I'm still having no luck with /mgetblockname. Perhaps it's something to do with my server.

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    Did you break a block afte you entered /mgetblockname when not try this
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    Tried both tapping and breaking the blocks. No love either way. I used a diamond shovel like one of your youtube videos showed, just to make sure :)

    I'm running: Worldedit, Worldguard, Craftpedia, DynamicEffectWhitelist, Minebuilder, Signlift, PermissionsEx, Essentials, ChatManager, EssentialsSpawn, Permssions (compat version of PermissionsEx), Modifyworld and logblock.

    I'm not a programmer, so I'm not sure how these things work, but is it possible one of the other programs is grabbing the left click before your command grabs the input? Perhaps by defining a tool (wood shovel for example) and turning on/off the block identifier, this would ensure that your mod gets the input?

    Edited to add: Disabled WorldEdit, Worldguard, Logblock, Modifyworld and Signlift but still did not work

    Also, figured out what caused /reminer to overwrite the configuration file. If you manually change the Version:2.8 line to anything other than Version:2.8 (for example, I updated it to Version:3.1) it will wipe out and install a new version of the configuration file instead of just fixing the Version line it doesn't like.

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    Yes never change the version number ;)
    Hm ... I will test it with your plugin list :)

    Sry had no time today :/
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    Hi, this plugin is looking promising for what i nees on my server. A few quick questions though.

    1. How do i custom mob xp?
    2. Does this add xp direct to the default player level, or an extenal level system?
    3. Can i edit the random generator to give between eg. 10 and 50, not start at 0?

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    1. In the Config under the task "Mobs:" the most mobs are written there :)

    2. It works with the level system from Minecraft

    3. Yes you can "random99:100:200" works fine to :D
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    Aah thank you :D amazing plugin, recomended.
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    Thanks :) when you have any problems just say it :)
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    Blueberry Stand

    Great Plugin for it being your first! :D
    Keep up the good work!
    I also love how active you are, every other post on here is from you fixing people's concerns and problems!
    Once again, and finally, great work!
    EDIT: Why does the author say: null ?
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    What do you mean with that :p?
    And thanks nice to hear something like that :)
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    Blueberry Stand

    Click that ^^, you'll see it on the mid-right side of the screen. I highlighted the 'null' and 'Author' for you so you can see it better...?
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    Hm yeah crazy but I think this is caused by the ² in my name :)
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    Blueberry Stand

    Oh! I have a suggestion I was meaning to say.

    -Can you put the latest version in the title of the plugin.
    Example: MineBuilder v3.3-Gain experience for mining/and adjustable exp. for mobs!
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    Sry does not fit the title is to large >.< xD
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    Blueberry Stand

    Well that was just an example, but can you maybe put it in? All the "professional" looking plugins have it, and it also helps the users stay up-to-date with it
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    Better :)?
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    Blueberry Stand

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    Good :D any other request?
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    Blueberry Stand

    Nope! Thanks
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    K, hope you have fun with it :D
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    is it possible to make a broken block drop exp orbs? if, please add :)

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