Inactive [FUN/MECH] WoolTrees v1.2.1 - Make wool trees by using dye on saplings. [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    Version: v1.2.1

    Now OPTIONAL for Permissions: Vault
    NOTE: My main focus will be on BukkitDev, look there if this isn't updated.

    Allows you to use dye (or sugar) like bonemeal to create wool trees.

    Download: Github
    Source: Github

    • Create wool trees by right clicking on a sapling while holding a dye (or sugar).
    • Create trees at the mouse position with /wt here
    • Two simple trees with a little bit of randomization to make them unique.
    • Somewhat balanced to not provide too much excess wool with initial percentages. (20% chance for a tree to grow, 10% of a big tree growing)
    • Support for all Permissions and Economy plugins under Vault
    • Customizable percentages and cost.
    Screenshots (open)


    - woolTrees.plant
    Allows a user/group to plant the trees.
    - woolTrees.ignoreCost
    Ignores the cost for user/group
    - woolTrees.adjust
    Allows in-game commands to adjust config values
    • </wooltrees,/wt,/wt help> Brings up the help menu with the commands.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> tree [0-100] % of a wool tree spawning.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> wool [0-100] % of wool blocks not replaced with air.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> big [0-100] % of trees that become big trees.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> cost [0+] Cost to plant a tree. [iConomy]
    • </wooltrees,/wt> check [true,false] Height Check. (Checks if the trunk is blocked)
    • </wooltrees,/wt> light [0-15] Light Level needed for a tree to spawn.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> pattern <true,false> Pattern Trees.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> trunk <true,false> Wool Trunks.
    • </wooltrees,/wt> here [wool%] [big] [color(s)]

    Version 1.2.1 (3/13/2012)
    • Added dev-url
    • Fixed items being used in creative mode
    • Made Vault an optional dependency. If you don't have it, everyone can plant trees, but only op's can adjust values.
    Version 1.2 (2/18/12)
    • Updated to new Events system
    • Fixed a bug that removed all single stacks of a dye when dying a tree
    • Modified commands to remove getters (current values are now shown in /wt)
    • Added option for wool trunks.
    • Made pattern trees optional
    • Added /wt here [wool% 0-100] [big] [color] (all optional, order doesn't matter)
    • - Uses: /wt here 50 blue green big = big blue/green tree with 50% leaves
    • - Uses: /wt here = small white tree with 100% leaves
    Version 1.1.1 (12/14/11)
    • Fixed dependency on Vault
    • Fixed a case when econ was null and still trying to withdraw money
    Old versions (open)

    Version 1.1 (12/12/11)
    • Updated to use Vault for permissions and economy
    • Added optional check for block height (6 for normal trees, 9 for large)
    • Added check for light level (0-15)
    • Added "pattern" trees. Add multiple colors to a sapling to create multicolored trees
    • Altered fully random "multicolored" trees. Now are created with three specific colors.
    • Removed versions folders from jar file.. no wonder they were so big
    Version 1.0.6 (9/29/11)
    • Op should now have adjust perms always.
    • Support for more economy plugins(Register): Tested with iConomy 5, others that should work: iConomy 6, BOSEconomy, Essentials, and Multiple Currency
    Version 1.0.5 (8/23/11)
    • Fixed bonemeal again. Hopefully the last time..
    • Permission .ignoreCost works as well as .ignorecost
    Version 1.0.4 (8/22/11)
    • Permissions and iConomy are no longer required for the plugin to work, but lacks features without them.
    • Added woolTrees.ignorecost Permission
    Version 1.0.3 (8/21/11)
    • iConomy support
      • - cost variable added to config (initial value of 1000)
    • Added in-game commands
    • White wool trees are now possible with sugar (don't ask how sugar makes wool..)
    Version 1.0.2 (8/18/11)
    • Fixed black dye (ink sacs) and set bonemeal back to it's normal use.
    Version 1.0.1 (8/18/11)
    • Chance for Multicolored trees to be created.
    • Config file to adjust the following (all from 0-100):
    • Big Tree Spawn %: Chance of a big tree spawning.
    • Tree Spawn %: Chance of a tree spawning in the first place.
    • Wool Spawn %: Chance that each block of wool in the tree will be wool instead of air.
    • Multicolored Tree Spawn %: Chance that a tree will be random colors.
    Version 1 (8/17/11)
    • Initial Release

    Find a problem or have an idea that would add to this plugin?
    Any bugs, issues, or feature requests, please submit them at github with as many details as you can provide, including version numbers of bukkit, WoolTrees, Permissions and economy plugins that you are using.
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    Try minus DOT com. I don't think it has a size limit on it.
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    Kay, trimmed it down to ~3mb. Also uploaded the Log when the server runs. That should make things easier. PMing you right now.
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    Try changing the permission to all lowercase, for some reason the mixed case isn't working. I'll look into that for the next version.
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    Hi! I got this mod and I like it a lot when I use the /wt here command, but how do I grow them normally? I put a sapling in, dye it (it consumes my dye) and then it grows into a normal tree? I'm an opp on my server, if that matters.
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    There is a % chance to spawn a tree. Either change this or use more dye. Either the in-game command, "/wt tree XXX" or through the config.
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    So if I change this:
    Tree Spawn %: 20.0
    Wool Spawn %: 90.0

    to this:
    Tree Spawn %: 100.0
    Wool Spawn %: 100.0

    I will always get lots of fluffy wool? :D
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    Yup, that would be how it works.
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    hi haveric
    i need help
    plz write example "pattern.yml" XD
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    You do not need to touch pattern.yml. It is used to store what saplings have been dyed a color for multi-colored trees. You only need to have "Pattern Trees" enabled in config.yml and it will take care of itself.
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    i know :D
    i want to "multi-colored tree"
    but, i want to use "multi colored tree",could u tell me?[​IMG]
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    I'm not sure I understand you, but it looks like you set the wool % to 0. To create multi-colored trees, just use two different colored dyes on a sapling and then apply more if needed until it grows.
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    wow, okk
    thx! :D

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