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    MineCod v0.2.1 - Call of Duty in Minecraft!

    Download Plugin

    The plugin will automatically download BukkitContrib and 4 maps (more to come) made by us. Note all inventory data is still stored against your default world and this will be changed/cleared if you join so you may want to change it to keep your items :)

    You can change the map rotation, server name and join message in minecod.yml or make your own maps if you save spawn data in them as exampled in the 4 included maps.

    The plugin relies on my website to allow you to change your setup / view stats which isn't completed yet but have a look at www.thegigcast.net/minecod/account/.

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    The Gigcast presents: MineCod

    A project by:

    Features currently include:
    - Killstreaks!
    We have working claymores, attack dogs, sentry turrets and floating blocks that fire arrows, which are supposed to be helicopters!
    - Achievements!
    We have some stat-based targets implemented, and you can see your stats and achievements on The Gigcast website!
    - Map changes!
    We have several COD4 maps recreated on a 1:1 scale, so it will be just like the real thing! We also have got them to switch after every game!
    - No guns!
    We wanted to retain some of the feel of Minecraft, so you can use bows and arrows for ranged attacks, and swords for one-hit-kills in close combat!
    - Reloading!
    You have 15 arrows in a clip. When you've fired some, you can type a command, and have them topped up! But use them wisely, as you only get 90 shots in total, although you can pick up spares from killed players!

    And most importantly: It requires no client mod!
    This means that you don't need to install anything! You can just apply, log on and play!

    However, if you want added features such as team capes, quicker reloading and achievement boxes, you can install the Bukkit Contrib Client Mod.

    These 3 videos show off 3 different aspects to the game, and they have developer commentary:



    Game modes:

    Visit TheGigcast.net for more information!

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    In each game variables are loaded from four files in this order:
    • minecod.yml
    • [gametype].yml
    • [mapname]/minecod.yml
    • [mapname]/[gametype].yml
    So if a value is repeated in minecod.yml and [mapname]/[gametype].yml the later takes priority. The values you can set are:

    • melee - Set's melee only settings (0-normal, 1-melee only, 2-bows only)
    • waittime - The time to wait between games in seconds (not including the 5 second countdown)
    • respawntime - Time between a player dying and being respawned
    • gamelength - Length in seconds the game will last if not won
    • scorelimit - The score at which a team wins, currently no way of making it only time-based
    • friendlyfire - (0 - off, 1 - on)

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    More achievements
    More game types
    More killstreaks
    GUI (using Spout)

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    • v0.1 - First alpha release
    • v0.1.1
      • Bug fixes
      • Modified grenade damage curve
        • [​IMG]
      • CVars implemented
    • v0.2
      • Perks Implemented
      • More achievements
    • v0.2.1
      • Bug fixes
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    This looks awesome! However, I think you should rename the post, because people might associate MineCod with fish rather than Call of Duty; it would attract more people.
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    The thing i dont like is the fray thingy :/ And going there before respawning.
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    Watched a few of the videos, and I must say...it looks rather interesting.

    Honestly, I don't think any plugin can ever create a successful rendition of any FPS, but this one is looking pretty close.
    The golden chopper blew my mind.
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    The fray is not a place and the spawn area simulates the time between games in COD and I'm doing some stuff now to allow you to set this down (or up) if you want.
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    I like this Because My name is in it :p
  8. I can definately agree with my admin, Dr_Bowe. this looks epic.
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    Updated to 0.2.1

    The most major change is the addition of perks, which you can select, once unlocked on the gigcaast website (linked in the OP)

    The perks in 3 tiers and are as follows:

    1) BANDOLIER ------- More reserve ammo + bigger clips
    1) MARTYRDOM ------- Drop a live grenade on death
    1) IRON KNEES ------ No falling damage
    1) DEMOLITIONIST --- Carry an extra grenade
    1) SLEIGHT OF HAND - Faster reload

    2) SCAVENGER ------- People you kill drop more ammo & you drop none
    2) COMMANDO -------- Higher melee range
    2) JACKPOT --------- Better chance of high-level rewards from care packages
    2) MEDIC ----------- Lower wait time to start healing

    3) JUGGERNAUT ------ Less damage received
    3) KILL FEEDER ----- Kills from anything add to your killstreak (plus 1 kill to unlock each)
    3) GHOST ----------- Claymores, sentries and choppers can't detect you
    3) HARDLINE -------- One less kill for killsteaks
    3) STOPPING POWER -- More explosive & arrow damage dealt, and grenades have a larger blast radius
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    Do want in server. Looks amazing! I love the choppers!
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    Call of Minecraft ;D
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