[FUN/MECH] Useful Sponge V1.00 - Soak up water, lava & more [1060]

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    Please note any further updates to this plugin will be updated on the DevBukkit site. Thank you.

    Name: Useful Sponge
    Version: 1.00
    Source Code: (Soon to be on Github)


    Useful Sponge is meant to be simple for all users to access (might change in the future). Useful Sponge is configurable to soak up water and lava within a set distance, which can be changed with the config file. You can also turn off the water and or lava feature. There are no commands to use at the moment, just plug the jar file into your plugins folder and your ready to go.

    To-Do List:

    • (Priority) Hooking into Spout for some nice graphic pop ups
    • Implement redstone usage
      • Hopefully by 21 Aug 2011 (10% done)
    • Set up permissions and nodes for PermissionsEx (PEX) (50% done)
    • Hook into iConomy
    • Any other requested features

    v 1.00 Plugin Submission
    v .50 Plugin Creation


    Useful Sponge

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    Nice work! Really going to use it so those that cant use WorldEdit, still can drain water and lava

    Download link for non members is missing

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    Just put the download link up for github. Thanks.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    According to your plugin.yml the plugin name is simply Sponge.

    Also, I see you were uh... influenced... by worldguard :p
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    Influenced by worldguard, yes, but I'm aiming for those who don't want to use those tools and want a simple plugin that uses a minimal amount of ram, also worldguard dosn't use a sponge to soak up lava.
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    I'll try it out sometime.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I was more commenting that your variables seemed to be named similarly in the for loops :p
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    For some reason this plugin does not seem to do anything at all on my server.
    it says its enabeled and i have set the config to soak up both lava and water but nothing actually happens.
    No errors when i place a sponge either.
    Am i missing something?
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    Not sure? Are you using World Guard by chance?
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    Nope, i am not using worldguard, well i disabeled the plugin. I guess somehow another plugin might be hindering it
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    for some reason dosn't work. i set distance to 100,000 to make it so i could look for underwater dungeons. i have placed about 5, and nothing happens? whats the problem

    oops... i forgot to turn water on...

    nope it still dosn't work

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    Sorry, but it dosnt work. I have Sponge on water of true and give me a sponge per /i sponge but no work.

    Sponge Plugin is Loaded.
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    works! i can rid of annoying lava pools now easy, thanks!
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    the reason people cant get the config to work is that your plugin reads/writes a config in the root dir where the *.jar for CB is stored, it ignores the one in .\Plugins\Sponge

    .\Plugins\Sponge\config.yml = Ignored
    .\Sponge\config.yml = Read/Written by plugin

    (not implying your stupid, im sure you knew what i meant, but im just clearing it up ;))


    @Everyone above check and see what i mean ;)
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    you didnt put a link to the devbukkit site :p
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