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    When Redstone Traps just aren't enough.
    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Exciting
    * Heart Racing
    * Memory
    * Creativity
    * Strategy
    * Innovative
    * Pwnage

    These are all aspects that come to mind when I think of my plugin Traps+. It adds 5 new traps to the game, and lets players use them in an easy manner.

    Creating A Trap
    In order to create a trap you must first get a piece of Obsidian. Place the obsidian on the ground, in the spot you'd like the trap to appear at. You then need a modifier. Modifiers include of the following:

    * String (Slowness)
    * Slimeball (Confusion)
    * Flint (Blindness)
    * Wheat (Hunger)
    * Feather (Weakness)

    Take the modifier of your choice and then RIGHT Click the obsidian block. You will notice a sudden change, the block disappeared! Then, when you walk on that block you will have a potion debuff of the selected modifier of which you've chosen. For example, if you step on a string trap, you will then be slowed. After you step on a trap, boom the trap is gone from that location and nobody can step on it again.

    Configuration with Traps+ is made easy for the server owner. All config is accessed right in-game to save time for you. Currently, all the config is is the worlds of which you can lay down traps in. There are 3 world slots in which the traps can be used in.For example to add a world to the world slot say "/tw add WORLDNAME SLOT1-3" After that, the selected world should be added to the config just that easily, you will then be able to lay traps in that world.

    To view the commands simply say in-game "/traps cmd" for a list of commands.

    Feel free to post below with any comments, ideas, or suggestions you have for Traps+, or maybe even shoot me a forum PM.

    * Changelog Added
    * Configuration Added
    * Multiworld support added

    * Release of TrapsPlus

    Happy Trapping.
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    Seems like a really neat idea! I was looking for a good trap plugin. Is there any way to make make the trap block look like another?
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    Sure I could possibly add this feature, what block would you want it to look like?
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    Stone would be pretty nice. Seems like every trap made in Minecraft is easily avoidable because it is incredibly obvious. Of course, it should still require obsidian to make, but have the properties of stone.

    Thanks for looking into my idea!
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    Alright I'll work on the idea now ;) It will have a config to enable the stone, incase people want it to be more secret :).
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    Will you be putting this on BukkitDev?
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    Sometime yes

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