Inactive [FUN/MECH] Tossers v1.2 - Creepers that jump up jump up and chow down [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by redf1sh, May 10, 2011.

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    Tossers - Creepers that jump up jump up and chow down.

    Tossers has been updated, finally! I've also moved to, you can see it over there!
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    I approve! Installed, working great. Would be nice to change or remove the message, though.
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    This sounds like fun. :D
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    I had quite the debate about the message, since creepers don't make any noise (except the occasional 'ssss') some people couldn't figure out what was happening to them without the little message. I'll add a toggle shortly though, since it's a good idea :D.
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    Very cool, still my players would kill me if I took the sssss boom out. Would be great if we could set a percentage of creepers that would behave like that.
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    Crazy plugin. This is amazing.
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    There's so many [creeper][creeper] outside my house... GREAT [diamond] Awesome plugin!
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    Will one creeper attack another?

    And what if a creeper is attacking a something and another creeper attacks the attacking creeper?
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    Creepers turn in to Goku if you have god mode on. You get flung in to the air and continually thrown around. It's kinda cool in a "That's not a bug that's a feature" sorta way.
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    If a creeper somehow managed to agro another, I suppose one could? Should be fine anyway, you'll just get a flying creeper totem pole.

    Edit: I think I just realized what you were asking. In the OP when I say "will do this to other mobs as well" it's true, they will, but <only> when the other mob attacks them, not all the time. Usually if a skeleton shoots a creeper, it will run over and blow up - now it does the bouncy thing.

    I just discovered this today, it's pretty fun actually :D.
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    Ryan John Smith

    Is it possible for you to make it so that the creepers that mount you say something different from Omnomnom?
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    Yup! I'll make that configurable this weekend.
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    Bradley Hilton

    I like and agree to what @anon said:

    That would be super sweet and amazing! Just sayin'
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    Yes, if we could make a percentage of creepers behave this way, that would be awesome.
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    Can we get a video?
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    Yes video please
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    I'm guessing you play left 4 dead. this is a jockey xD
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    This is awesome, but I want a video before I use this. And i would really like percentages of creepers normal, as others already said.
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    No seriously, I nearly wet myself laughing as I told my players that creepers no longer explode and the laughs and responses I got were hilarious when they went and "poked" a creeper. No errors to report on my end, but keep up the good work. Simple yet fun.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Very nice. I'll second the percentage chance of biting creepers, and also the toggle-able message.
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    Goob job! But my serveur say: Flying is not enabled on this serveur.
    Can you help me?
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    I Don't want flying enabled on my server, but when the Creeper blows up and sends you into the air, it rides you higher untill you get disconnected by the server :/
  23. Video demonstration?
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    Hilarious looking plugin, although triggering the anti-flight kicks will be very problematic.

    One question, how heavy is this on the server?
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    I like it alot! But creepers that throw you to random places is kind of annyoing. I cant find where I would die if I were to. Is there any way to make the 'thrown' distance lower? maybe a config file?
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    It appears that creepers inflate then stay in place, they dont move. They only jump on top of you if you go directly to their possition. Otherwise, theyll just stay inflated and wont move, not much of a threat.
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    If they fail on the first attempt, it seems to just swell up, like was said, but WOW THIS IS AWESOME.

    I also take back getting kicked for flying being an issue. It'll be great for Superadmins staying on their toes XD
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    Would it be possible to add the hissing sound back in so players have at least a split second to avoid the Creeper that's sneaking up from behind? Ah, the hissing still works -- great.

    Anyway, good idea how to keep Creepers dangerous without turning the landscape into a field of craters. Will try it out tonight.
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    That's really the best alternative ever to creepers explosion !
    However, they throw you way, way too far and high.
    I find the idea awesome but would not use it for now on my server : I would DEFINITELY use it if you can edit the throwing distance, with a properties file for example, as previously proposed.
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    I love this plugin. :-D Freaks everyone out that isn't expecting it, lol.

    I was wondering though, would there be a way to make a config file that allow/disables the certain functions? Let's say I want them to just mount and bite, but not toss?

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