[FUN/MECH] Timmber v1.0 - Falling trees! [1.2.3]

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  1. Timmber - Falling trees!:
    Version: v1.0-SNAPSHOT

    This plugin makes it so when you break a log,
    all the logs above it break and plays a cool sound!
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/49303731/Timmber - SNAPSHOT.jar
    • Breaking a log will break all other logs above it.
    • Can be enabled/disabled through config and commands!

    • [*]/timmber-enable: enables the block breaking function.
      [*]/timmber-disable: disables the block breaking function.
    Version 1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • Initial release.

    I know i used the basic submission template, im not really good at posting threads :(

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    Looks very lightweight and cool :D
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    Seriously? You just copied the GTO Technology tutorial, you're about the 50th person to do this. NuclearW to the LAWL section?
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    Lets just lock this...

    James | Buchanan - Feel free to post plugins you make on your own, but please don't post plugins you made following a tutorial.
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