[FUN/MECH] ThunderTower - Make Towers to Catch Lightning [1.5.1]

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    ThunderTower - Catch Lightning Strikes
    Version : 1.3.8 (Conductivity Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev

    Old Post

    Construct Tower in a specific Material to catch the Lightning Strikes
    Can also be used with my plugin Battery to store energy

    Features :
    • Construct, increase, reduce, destroy Thunder Towers (With Permissions)
    • Catch a certain percentage of the Lightning Strikes from a certain distance (that you put in configuration file)
    • On Strike, active a redstone wire just under the tower for a configurable time
    • On Strike, damage player (configurable) in a radius (configurable)
    • To avoid damages you've have to cover the tower with NonConductiveMaterial blocks (configurable)
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    Commands :

    • /tthelp : See the information to build a correct tower, such as heights, material, ...
    Permission :

    • Create a Tower or access to /tthelp : thundertower.create
    • Destroy a Tower : thundertower.destroy
    Download Links :
    ThunderTower v1.3
    Other Versions (open)

    Screenshots :
    Screenshots (open)


    TODO :
    • Any Ideas ?
    Known Issues :
    • No more ^^
    Changelog :

    Version v1.3 (Conductivity Edition) (04-09-2011)
    • Config file in now a YAML file
    • Add configs for making damage to players in a radius of the tower on strike
    • Add NonConductiveMatrial list to make a tower safe from damaging players
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.2.3 (02-09-2011)
    • Add in-build permission system support
    • Fix for the last time the OutOfBoundsError
    Version 1.2.2(21-07-2011)
    • No more OutOfBounds Errors, I assure you
    Version 1.2.1(02-06-2011)
    • No true changes, just compiled for 818
    Version 1.2(12-05-2011)
    • MultiWorld Support
    • Redstone support
    • Functions with others weather plugin (tested with WeatherGod)
    Version 1.1(03-05-2011)
    • Catch Percentage
    • Minimum Altitude
    • Configurable Colors of messages
    • /tthelp command
    Version 1.0(01-05-2011)
    • Just the release of this awesome plugin !

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    Can confirm, that it is working like a charm, even with a different block set up:


    Now I have a use for my Lapis blocks hehe :D
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    I love that tower design Aeron. Great work.
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    First, as I said, if there are 2 towers together it goes to the first in the .towers list

    Then for the destroy bug, it should have deleted the towers in the .towers
    Explain me how and who destroyed it, what permissions and all the details you have ^^

    --> Aeron
    Hmmm ! I like your screeshot
    Would it be possible to take another one from a heigher place ?
    Because I want it replacing my screenshot ^^
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    I created and destroyed both as an op of the server - "*" permissions. I built it out of wood fences until I got the 'thunder tower created' message, waited a few minutes, then started to destroy it from the top down. I believe I got a single 'you have modified a tower' message, but nothing about destruction.
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    So you've gone under the minimu height
    Entirely destroying ?
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    Yep. Destroyed the top block - which made it 9 tall - then continued destroying the lightning rid block by block, until I reached the bottom.
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    I made the test on my server with a Tower of Fences
    I don't encountered problems
    I created my towers and then I destroyed
    It said it was destroyed and it deleted the tower of the list

    Perhaps it's a conflict with another plugin.
    You may use a fence stacker plugin ?
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    It must be its fault
    I cannot do anything right now
    I'll try to contact the dev
    Just make towers with another material ^^
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    Some other ideas :
    - When a tower is striked, it would ignite everything around it (with invible damages). For example if an entity (player, pigs, drop items, ...) is near (1block) the tower when it is striked by thunder bolt, it would get some configurable damages. Items would burn, pigs would be transformed into pigman, creepers would be powered, Players would be burned...
    - When a tower is striked, it would automatically start a fire on the ground if the tower is on grass or start a fire on trees if trunk or leaves are touching the tower
    - When a tower is striked, it would send a temporary redstone signal (like a button) to the redstone powder placed directly under or near the base of the tower

    That would be great ! :) \o/
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    For the redstone signal, it's what i call the electrical support
    For the fire it's a great idea, I add this to the Todo List
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    I'm not getting the messages. Can't tell if it is working (haven't had any natural lightning). Was on bukkit 733. Updated to 740 same issue. Also I read mention of a Thundertowers/tower file... I do not see it generated in my plugins folder only a config file.
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    Very, very nice! +1 diamonds, though I still have to test it. It sounds awesome, however.

    I haven't looked at the weather code yet, but for those who want a 'super powered' redstone charge, I doubt it'd be possible. The redstone limit is like the water limit - you just need to use a repeater or a gate to get it further (water needs a slope).

    But, let's say you alter the plugin, Rominos2, to make it that it requires a dispenser at the base. Then, whenever the tower is hit by lightning, it generates redstone dust into the dispenser...
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    I found my problem. I can only create ThunderTowers on my original world. I use multiple worlds through WormholeXTreme and cannot place TT in any but the original world.
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    Yes I don't suopport yet the MultiWorld
    I've to searched how it function I never use that
    For the moment it can only be used in the Wolrd 0, so the first one
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    Thanks for the reply.

    It would be extremely helpful if you could support MultiWorld in the future. My base world is my hardcore area and my RP and Creative sections are in separate worlds for safety.

    Thanks for an amazing plugin either way.

    It would be neat though if it triggered a redstone event. You could have a redstone settup that lit up a series of JackOLanterns for a specified length of time and use the strike to trigger this event.

    But the redstone signal is not hard coded unless you are running redstone wire. RedRemote by narrowtux can send a redstone signal 100 block and is configurable for more I believe.

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    --- Release of the 1.1 Version ---
    See the changelog for the news

    Now concentrating on the Redstone support and the MultiWorld
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    Thank you for adding that to your ToDo list.
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    I will have to check this one out, I think...
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    About the point and create lighning plugins, I tested thundertower with some of them, sot see i there was any that the lighning would be atracted to the tower. Tested with:


    Didnt work with any of them :(
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    yeap confirmation, tried 10 times a thunder with mothernature, starring all time to my thundertowers.. no lightning on them =(
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    Should rename this plugin Tesla, and add redstone support, so lightning triggers things, or on redstone charge it produces lightning.
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    1. Think you could give me a little help getting your lighnting tower mod working?​

      • Right now, here is what I am running in my plug-ins folder:




        Essentials Chat

      • When I get it working, will I be looking to stack three iron blocks, or issue a command using the console?​

          • I have the ThunderTower .jar and folder placed in my plug-ins folder

            My ThunderTower properties file looks like this:

            #--- ThunderTower Properties ---
            #towerHeight is the minimum height of a tower
            towerHeight = 3
            #blockType is the ID of the block for a tower
            blockType = 42
            #strikeDistanceMax is the distance from the tower for a lignthning strike to be sent to the tower
            strikeDistanceMax = 100
            #Do you want to log every construction or destruction of towers ?
            log = true

            And my world.yml looks like this:

            group: SysOp
            - 'thundertower.create'
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    You just have to set a stack of 3 iron blocks
    Take the 1.1 version, it's better ^^
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    Would it be possible to make lightning strikes cause explosions unless caught by the tower?
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    --> Faust
    it's not the main goal of my plugin
    His function is to catch lightning not to modify them
    Perhapse if I work on everything in the TodoList I will add it but I don't know
    --> Sorrow7
    What bukkit's build do you use ?
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    Working with 714 ?
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    Non it doesn't because 714 doesn't manage the weather so update in 740 it's much better
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    U must have been waiting with your fingers on printscreen (Fn 2 for mac) for ages lol. How many attempts it take?

    Also will this clash with this plugin;


    I know the tower isnt redstone powered so i hope not, cause i would like both.

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