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    PortalGun - Then you're here, and then you're there!
    Version: v1.3

    Hi there, I have been silent for a while but I just had to make this plugin :|

    I was so inspired about gameplay possibilities in Portal 2 so I decided to make a plugin for it!
    I think there have been some for single player, but I haven't seen them here yet :D

    This is how it looks while playing!

    • Shoot portals(Duh)
    • Permission support("portalgun.use")
    • Warning new permission system! If no permissions are installed, it defaults to op, although I made it say it's allowed to be used by anyone :p
    • Use an orange dye to make the orange portal(Obtained from mixing yellow and red dye from flowers)
    • And a lapis dye to make the blue portal!
    • NEW! Use diodes as launcher, which launces into the diodes direction!(Must be on the first 'toggle' state to function!)
    • NEW! Sugar canes destroy portals(Is there any way to use the cool purple portal block? :( )
    • Use iron boots to stop falling damage, like in the real game!
    • Cannot be placed on 'vulnerable' blocks such as chests, furnaces etc.
    • Just for gameplay I blocked it on obsidian too(And bedrock of course)
    • Keep your momentum/velocity while going through the portal
    • Commands: /resetportal or /rp to remove your portals if you don't use them any more
    • To admins: Chests and such things are protected from portals, so they won't be destroyed
    • When a player logs off, the resetportal command will be automaticly executed
    • Have fun!
    Any tips and ideas will be very welcome, and will be executed, very probably :D

    Bugs should and shall be fixed, if any will be reported!

    Version 1.3
    • Permissions support(Use node: "portalgun.use")
    Version 1.2
    • You can now loop through portals without glitching sometimes
    • New glitch/bug: Looping too long might kick you for flying
    • Added message colors
    • Disabled the possibility to destroy portal blocks, so you could get free awesome blue and orange wool! :eek:
    • Ink Sac will now work as a reset shortcut to reset your portals
    • Slabs and stairs will block portals too, now
    Version 1.1
    • Added launcher from Portal 2(Use the redstone diode! Read features for how to)
    • And sugar canes as portal disruptors
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release!
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    i have 2 try is out :)
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    Haha :p

    Minor update(After 1.1, didn't add changeslog thing)
    But the view shouldn't reset now, and the launcher is stronger

    Ups, made the launcher little too strong, fixed!
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    When I saw the momentum carried through portals I was hooked.
    Really cool
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    Seems like a more compact version of THIS plugin. Epic!
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    And I was even working on this. Unbelievable.
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    Thanks everyone, I'm still working some view bugs out, but I need some sleep, heheh :p
    Tomorrow I'll try to think of some more stuff :D

    I see it gives some null erros, they are harmless, but annoying in the console, will fix tomorrow, I can't fix it now, sorry!
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    Never use a plus sign in the CB version, always post the latest RB compatible.
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    any way can just use 1 item for the PortalGun?
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    Removed the plus sign ;)
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    This looks amazing, but i would like to suggest a feature.

    It would be great if we could define test chambers where portals could only be used there. In other words people can only use there portal gun in a test chamber.

    If possible i would also like to see permissions support for placing portals in test chambers, and placing portals anywhere.

    Cant wait to play with this some more :D
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    Will work on black dye as a reset shortcut, and to enable other players to go through your portals!
    Any more new ideas while I'm working on this? :D
  13. I'd like to see if there is a way to hook this into worldguard regions, to be used like the other flags are (allow, deny).
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    Hmm I could take a look into that, but I'm not gonna build a seperate system for that :p
    I'll do some searches ;)
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    And the latest RB is 733 not 723, maybe it's just a typo, but I cannot know ;)
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    I used 723 for my own testing, I will soon test it on 733, but I was too lazy to update to the latest build on my server xD
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    This looks cool but I would still prefer THIS one... although I do really like the whole iron boots dont give you any fall damage :)
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    permissions support?

    i have latest build 733 without plugins and doesn't work for me.
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    Looks cool
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    I have a suggestion. Just like in the Portal Game, would it be possible to build a field so that if you walk through it will remove the portals you had set? I'm not even sure this is possible but you could use something like this:

    I I I I
    I .....I
    I .....I

    I=iron block . = spacer

    Then if you walk through an opening constructed like this it would erase the portals you had made.
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    I used sugar canes for that :p
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    on 740 it's work, can u add node for permissions? *-*
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    How do you make a barrier of sugar cane without needing to place it on dirt with water next to it?
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    Would it be possible to designate an area, with Worldedit or something, so that portals are only usable within that area?
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    Awesome! My server players are loving it :D but I was wondering if you could it make permissions work with it? :D


    Also, can you make it possible to change the size of the portal made with a config file? Such as instead of 1x1 3x3? Would be pretty cool :D
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    I would love the actual gun and all that, I have the SSP mod but would love to see it as an SMP plugin :p
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    i would like to have bigger portals or at least 2 block high portals on the wall
    except that very cool
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    Hey, I really like this mod, but I have one suggestion.
    If possible a config file for surfaces that portals can be placed on would be very helpful. My current chambers have cobble as blockers, but that doesnt work for this. I think it would really help.
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    DasBloem, als ik je moet helpen met permissions, dan doe ik dat graag. :)
    Ik weet niet of je genoeg tijd enzo hebt, daarom. :)

    For the people who want to know what's standing here:
    DasBloem, if I need to help you with permissions, just ask me, I'd like to do it. :)
    I don't know if you have the time etc to do it, that's why. :)
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    add permissons please!!
    nodes could be
    portal.gun.create <---for the /rp command

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