Inactive [FUN/MECH] SpongeRestore v1.4 - Bring back the functionality of sponges. [1.1-R6]

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    Devil Boy

    SpongeRestore - Bring back the functionality of sponges:

    This plugin merely makes sponges craftable and useable again. By default it is meant to replicate how sponges worked in past versions of Minecraft. This plugin also lets you give sponges extended function through configurable options.


    Old ChangeLog

    For those of you in doubt, donations are in fact appreciated -->[​IMG]
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    can you please update this to the latest release? thanks!
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    The latest version seems to work fine on the 1.0 release of bukkit
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Um, @Tux2 – I think you've posted in the wrong thread somehow? :p
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    lol, how did I do that!?!
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    Devil Boy

    Thanks for the heads up! Thread topic updated.

    Apologies to anyone waiting on the redstone and piston supports. I put the plugin aside for too long and need to take a bit of time to reread and revise the code.
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    love this plugin. not sure how many of my users utilize it, but it was a no-brainer to install.

    while working on an arena, i did get an idea, though. how about negating fall damage on sponges? give them a non-water use. i did see a plugin that did this for wool but i don't think it's updated and it'd be awesome if it wasn't a big deal (simple config on or off) and not too much of a pain to code. :)
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    Devil Boy

    Seems like a simple idea. I'd probably just make another plugin for it though, seeing as the functionality is completely parallel.

    Everything has been moved over to BukkitDev so that I can have all my plugins in one place. I've recently uploaded the v1.3 Efficiency Update for 1.1-R1. I've just restarted work on the long overdue piston support. Right after, I'll get to work on redstone support. Hopefully I don't get stuck in the infinite loop that stopped development last time.

    Anyone who needs quick support or wants to help development, can jump into our IRC #pinoygamers on

    Months ago, an infinite loop had caused me to set aside working on, my first plugin, SpongeRestore's piston support. I knew I would have to come back to it... But I didn't know when...
    Today, after almost 10 more plugins under the belt, I attacked the issue with my new batch of knowledge and experience. I'm here to say I've won:

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    the lava wont work? even when i do true..
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    Devil Boy

    You set "absorbLava" to true and then reload the server correct?
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    yes.. still wont work
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    Devil Boy

    Create a support ticket on the BukkitDev page. Remember that sponges placed before the plugin was added won't work.
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    Well look, this is a cool plugin
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    cool, pleas update i will be using this !
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    Please, update this plugin to 1.2.3. Its great!
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    Please someone update to 1.2.4 :(

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