Inactive [FUN/MECH] SpongeRestore v1.4 - Bring back the functionality of sponges. [1.1-R6]

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    Devil Boy

    SpongeRestore - Bring back the functionality of sponges:

    This plugin merely makes sponges craftable and useable again. By default it is meant to replicate how sponges worked in past versions of Minecraft. This plugin also lets you give sponges extended function through configurable options.


    Old ChangeLog

    For those of you in doubt, donations are in fact appreciated -->[​IMG]
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    honestly, had a quite lucky find. I searched some seeds to get some epic ocean, but i even had to dig more under it XD
    no better way v-v

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    Devil Boy

    Sadly, I can't see the picture from that link :/
    You must have needed to place many lights, the water makes it quite dark down there, even in daylight.
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    Celtic Minstrel can't host pictures on Facebook, because only people with a Facebook account can see them. Try uploading it to someplace like tinypic or imageshack or photobucket.
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    Devil Boy

    I saw the picture on FaceBook, so I went ahead and uploaded it elsewhere for him:
    I noticed that it is at least 7 blocks high. Either you made the spongeRadius 3 or you used multiple sponges vertically :D
    At one point in testing, the sponges would dig out dirt also, it would've made this area much quicker to make ;)
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    Just did a fast test with this on RB928 and everything looks to work.
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    works fine with bukkit 953, thx
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I went squid-hunting with these on 950 (with water restore on), and while it works very well there are some issues that occur sometimes if you change the cleared area while the sponge is placed. The water got a little messed up when I mined out clay from beneath the sand; that was easily fixed by placing and removing a bit of wool. It also got messed up when I was underneath ice and melted it by putting down torches, presumably because the ice wasn't seen as part of the sponge area. Furthermore, when putting a sponge on top of ice which had some holes in it (after fixing the previous situation), removing it restored everything... except the holes. That is, the water under the ice was restored, but not the water amidst the ice.

    Overall though, I'd say it's working quite well.
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    Devil Boy

    @Celtic Minstrel
    Sadly I knew very well there would be issues with the water restoration feature. It uses the most lightweight and simple method I could think of. (When the sponge is removed and the water flows inward, the flowing water turns into a full water block.) It works well with restoring open water, but when the water isn't flowing into a block like in your ice situation it will not work at all.
    Do you mind giving me screenshots of these issues? I might have seen them before in testing and need to recheck the code. You weren't using any of the /sponge commands correct? If the ice was within the sponge's 5x5x5 area then its water should be removed.

    Thanks for the feedback! :D

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    Celtic Minstrel

    I didn't take screenshots. I suppose I could take one if I encounter the issue again. I was not using the /sponge commands, and the ice was two blocks above the sponge if I recall correctly. With the other issue, some of the sand I disturbed was within the radius of the sponge, but some was not.
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    i love this plugin so first tyvm

    second this plugin is fantastic at getting rid of unwanted water so tyvm again lol

    if u could make sheers cut the block faster i would love it even more

    my server: here
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    Devil Boy

    Sounds like a brilliant idea. I haven't been keeping up with the updates lately, but if I can find a way, I'll go ahead and add that.
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    so I'm not entirely sure how the commands work...
    do you look at a sponge then type /sponge [enable|disable]? <--- edit: DERP - reread OP
    I've gathered the /sponge clear gets rid of all the areas of broken sponges, but does it also clear currently places sponges? if it does, do the remaining sponges then enable themselves when the chunks load or would I have to find each one and re-enable it?

    it seems like an awesome plugin, since I love underwater building, but the clear command seems a bit vague to me :eek: sorry.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    The commands are not the point of this plugin; they're just an extra tidbit.
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    Devil Boy

    Precisely as Celtic Minstrel stated, the commands are just there for troubleshooting or debugging. If there are no issue, then you shouldn't need to worry about them at all. I also feel that it would be much better if you never did use the commands as they can mess up the database.

    The "/sponge clear" command doesn't just clear the area of broken sponges, it removes the functionality of all sponges on your server. I would suggest never using the command unless you knew exactly what your goal was.

    What the "/sponge enable target" command allows you to do is enable sponges which were placed before my plugin was installed (likely to have been spawned). You would have to go up to each individually, look at them, then type the command. Or instead you could stand near sponges and type "/sponge enable radius 5" that would enable all sponges within a 5-block radius of you. It is preferred that you don't use a radius too large because it checks <radius>^3 number of blocks.
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    Seperate permission nodes for absorbing water and lava would be awesome :D
    I have a mod where people can buy permission nodes, so working towards making sponges useful would give my players a fun goal.
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    Devil Boy

    Eh... I would probably have to code a whole other version for you. Whether the sponges absorb lava or water is the same with all sponges. Either I make you your own version, which I won't be able to support in the long run, or you wait until I add better multi-world support in a way that allows me to easily add your request.
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    Hey, I love the idea of this plugin, but whenever I try to run it it says (Among other things) unsupported major.minor version.
    Windows Vista
    Bukkit 1.7.2
    Thanks in advance
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    Devil Boy

    Honestly I have no idea what that would mean.
    Mind showing me the whole console output?
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    Thanks for the quick response! Well, I re-installed and that fixed the problem :). Sorry to bother you about that, I thought I had already tried to re-install :p. Now that I've gotten a chance to try it out I love it! It works wonderfully, especially for underwater building. No complaints here!

    ... Once I install movecraft I'll have to see if I can make underwater planes using the sponges lol
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    Makeit for 1000 please, thanks alot.
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    Working fine on 1000 for me.
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    Devil Boy

    Thank you very much! I'll go ahead and change the thread title.
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    Pls reup
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    first link is broken, there's an alt link you can click on
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    Nice, thanks.
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    Optional configuration to work with lava would be sweet.
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    Devil Boy

    Yea the link was broken for an hour or so because's nameservers were offline or something. We got a .com domain for the site now, so we shouldn't see that problem anymore.
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    Mathew Alden

    I don't see a client-side mod download... Aren't crafting recipes client-side?
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    Devil Boy


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