[FUN/MECH] SimpleFly v1.4.7b - Flying The Simple Way! [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    SimpleFly - Flying The Simple Way!
    Click Here For SimpleFly On BukkitDev!
    Current SimpleFly Version: 1.4.7b

    SimpleFly is a super simple flying plugin! Simply use /fly and /stopfly to start and stop flying!

    - No damage on falling when using /stopfly!
    - Super simple /fly and /stopfly commands!
    - All permissions plugins supported!
    - Permissions plugin is not needed (defaults to OP!)
    - Hovering is supported!

    /fly - Start flying! Double-tap after using the command to start flying! Press shift to go down, WASD to go forwards, left, back, and right, and space to go up!
    /stopfly - Stops flying!
    /fly <playername> - Forces a player to fly.
    /stopfly <playername> - Forces a player to stop flying.
    /sfinfo - Shows info about this plugin (commands, authors)!

    Permissions Nodes:
    Works with all permissions plugins!
    SimpleFly.fly - Allows /fly and /stopfly!
    SimpleFly.pvp - Allows a player to PVP while flying!
    SimpleFly.nodamage - Allows a player to not take damage while flying!
    SimpleFly.teleport - Allows flight to persist through teleportation!
    SimpleFly.potion - Allows players to throw potions while flying!

    In the config.yml that is generated after SimpleFly is run for the first time, you'll see two options:
    * config-pvp-timer=0
    * config-fall-damage=true

    config-pvp-timer is the amount of time that it takes (seconds) for a player to be able to use /fly after being damaged. If the value is 0, then it is disabled.
    config-fall-damage, if set to true, allows a player to not get damaged by falls. If set to false, they will get fall damage.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Be advised, this is a beta build. Bugs are to be expected. If you recieve any errors or find any bugs, do not hesitate to report them on this thread, or on BukkitDev. Thanks!
    This plugin uses a TPL license, courtesy of @tyzoid. If you'd like to see a copy of the license, look here.
    I changed the download so it'll direct you to bit.ly, then to the Dropbox link so I can track how many downloads I get :D. If you're interested on how many downloads I'm getting, check out <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    This plugin is closed-source due to some people who tried to copy my plugins >.>.
    If you liked my plugin, I'd really appreciate it if you left some feedback on this thread. It's the only thanks we developers get, besides donations!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    If I did a good job on this plugin, please donate! Thanks!

    Full plugin stats can be found here.

    - Add a feature in the config.yml where flying is already enabled in some worlds.
    - Add Multiverse support.
    - Fix random NPE errors.
    - Fix bugs related to dispenser throwing throwable potions.
    - Add a permissions node that controls whether or not people can use bow/arrows while in the air.
    - Fix errors activated when you get hit by an arrow, flying or not.
    - Add speed modifications.

    SimpleFly v1.4.7b
    - Added command "/fly <playername>"
    - Added command "/stopfly <playername>"

    SimpleFly v1.4.5
    - Updated SimpleFly to v1.4.5, for CraftBukkit RB 1.3.1-R1.0
    - No new features until 1.4.7.
    SimpleFly v1.4.3
    - Added permission node "SimpleFly.potion" to allow potion throwing while flying.
    - Added configuration option "config-fall-damage" to allow fall damage to be enabled again when you /stopfly
    SimpleFly v1.4.2:
    -Fixed PVP bug reported by Adrenaline .
    SimpleFly v1.3.7:
    - Added permissions nodes:
    SimpleFly.pvp (Allows a player to PVP while flying!)
    SimpleFly.nodamage (Allows a player to not take damage while flying!)
    SimpleFly.teleport (Allows flight to persist through teleportation!)
    SimpleFly v1.2.5:
    -Compiled with Java 6 to address bugs
    - Added description for /stopfly in plugin.yml
    SimpleFly v1.1.5:
    - Added no fall damage when using /stopfly
    SimpleFly v1.0:
    - Released plugin!

    If you'd like to know when a new update is coming out, please follow me!
    <font color="#939393">と(٥ ٥)つ Come now, surely we can be friends. と(٥ ٥)つ</font>

    I do take donations, but if you are unable to give me a donation for my hard work, please put this in your signature. Thanks!
    If you need the BBCode for it, it's here.

    This plugin is dedicated to hammale for being a supreme Bukkit dev. I've created this plugin to honor his impact on the Bukkit community. He joined the Bukkit Consulting Group, run by M1sT3rM4n, and since that fateful day in August, he's helped hundreds of users with Bukkit.
    Thank you hammale for your tribute to Bukkit!

    @ShootToMaim for coding some of the plugin, and releasing it!
    @tyzoid for most of the plugin!
    @mesiapk for reviewing this plugin!


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    Disable PVP and i can install it :)
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    Deleted user

    I'll do that right now. Should be out later today. Keep refreshing every 1/2 hours ;).
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    Only approving it because it is a good post that you made :)
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    Deleted user

    Thanks again man :).
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    And yet the plugin I posted like a month ago is still not approved...?
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    Deleted user

    md_5 likes me better :)

    Made a BukkitDev page for this plugin.
    Thanks to h31ix for approving the files and the project on BukkitDev so quickly!

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    Could you please compile against Java 1.6? Doesn't work with OpenJDK.
    How exactly does this plugin work btw?
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    Deleted user

    Sure, i'll compile against Java 6.
    What do you mean how does this plugin work? :confused:
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    Does it use creative fly mode? Or.. ?
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    Deleted user

    I've never used creative fly mode... but I think it does.
    /fly, then double-tap to initiate flight. Space goes up, shift goes down. WASD = Forward, Left, Back, Right.
    /stopfly to stop flying.
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    Just used it. This is pretty epic. I thought it would be another plugin that gave the player creative mode, but blocked anything. This is impressive. Good work. Can I ask how it works?

    Edit: Just remembered, due to plugins like MobArena, could you add a tp-disable function. So that when a player is flying, and he is tp'ed, it's essentially like typing /stopfly.
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    Do it ! :p
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    Need this so bad! Please do it :)
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    Deleted user

    Alright, alright xD.

    EDIT (40 mins. later):
    I've fixed some of the commands, and added /sfinfo, which lists all the commands for SimpleFly.
    I'll work on the PVP feature later on today.
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    Mista Epic

    Disable PVP...? Wha-?

    Make it an option. :l

    I want to fight IN flight!
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    Deleted user

    I have. I'm releasing this plugin tomorrow.
    Expect some new permissions nodes:
    SimpleFly.pvp: Allow a player to use PVP while flying!
    SimpleFly.nodamage: Allow a player to take no damage while flying!
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    :p waiting :D
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    Deleted user

    Patience, child.
    9 more hours to go xD
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    Thank you my saviour! Im gonna send you a message with my skype please add me :)
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    Deleted user

    All done :). SimpleFly v1.3.7 had been released!
    SimpleFly v1.3.7:
    - Added permissions nodes:
    SimpleFly.pvp (Allows a player to PVP while flying!)
    SimpleFly.nodamage (Allows a player to not take damage while flying!)
    SimpleFly.teleport (Allows flight to persist through teleportation!)
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    Hoorah. Someone did exactly what their parents told them not to do when they were kids: beg and beg and beg. But this time it worked :p
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    Deleted user

    You can thank tyzoid for coding so fast xD.
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    Wait, I thought you made this plugin, not him...?
    Wait, just saw this:
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    I would assume this is for servers with survival mode that has players who want to be in creative mode but don't have OP?
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    Deleted user

    I coded the base for this plugin, and he added on because I don't have enough time.

    This is really for anyone who wants to use it. Some servers ban creative mode, so this would be good for flying. This isn't close to creative flying though, it's much more advanced.

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    Well, I would guess not. More for a server with people who shouldnt be op and shouldnt be creative but should still be able to fly.
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    ? oh, that it is dedicated to you? lol xD
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