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    I plan to work on fixing the log out-lose stuff bug later today.
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    Because of the Rewards:


    Thats my Arena.....where are the ID´s from the Rewards? I dont understand the System.....where can i config the Rewards let me say for every Wave i survive?. Can you give me an Example?
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    In the CONFIG files, not the arena files.

    But, if you read other peoples posts, you would know that mob arenas can not have their own customized rewards yet.
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    Ok my Config File of a Mob Arena looks follow:


    But why doenst it work? Is the // The Problem?

    I only wanne to remove the Slimeball and the Gunpowder

    Sry i understand....have read wrong^^

    THX for Information !
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    idk if i did anything wrong or what, but when i do /ua join (arenaname) .. nothing heepns.. says to stay still for 6 seconds.. and nothing happens.. i've waited the full 2 minutes for the lobby to be open, and it hasn't done anything... i've tried starting in the lobby, in the arena, and outside both.. nothing.. any idea's? (first arena, like 30 seconds after putting in the plugin)

    i tried to refresh and it says this: FAILED TO LOAD CONFIGURATION FOR ARENA TYPE: PVP.. does that for all arena types.. how can i fix it?

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    when i join the arena it works perfectly, but then if i do it a second time, it does not work. this error is what shows up

    18:24:18 [INFO] [ULTIMATEARENA] Zediious GOT OUT OF THE ARENA! putting him back
    18:25:37 [INFO] [ULTIMATEARENA] Zediious GOT OUT OF THE ARENA! putting him back
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-0"
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.Objects.ArenaConfi
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.Arena.reward(Arena
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.Arena.simpleTeamCh
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.PVPArena.check(PVP
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.Arena.step(Arena.j
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.main$
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    18:25:38 [SEVERE] at Source)

    Other than that, nice plugin. rock on. [creeper] + [diamond] = :mad:

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    Looks like you didn't set up the rewards correctly. Unless you're using the default rewards from the plugin, in which case it's my fault.
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    I have no changed the rewards. if you can fix it please re-upload the plugin. if i did accidently edit it then here is my configs: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Please add:
    Autobalancing of teams
    Spout support (Print text on screen, like War 1.7).. You can literally make a killfeed, join/leave feed, and score gui all on screen.

  10. Multiple bugs found. Really buggy plugin! Unfortunately, i must use this.​
    No other arena plugin basicly work lol.​
    Died, click 2 fast respawn -> im back at arena. Arena is empty, no mobs & i have my items with me what i had before i died, DUPLICATED THEM BASICLY.​
    In lobby, take off the red / blue wool, it stacks and u get free wool.​
    Flint & Steel as "weapon" not able to use, it tells you cannot use it.​
    Pretty much bugs.. You should use this plugin urself and see what you can find coz i keep finding them. These were not all. (Ive used the plugin for 30 minutes now)​
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    1. I'll look into that
    2. That's not really a "bug" because the wool is deleted upon arena start, and you cannot drop items.
    3. That's not a bug either. The dumbass class is for what the name suggests, a dumbass.
    I do use the plugin myself, and I find it insulting that you suggest differently.
  12. Never know if you really use it urself.​
    Another bug found (if bug): I were wearing my golden armors & they were enchanted with lvl 30 enchants (doesnt matter)​
    I joined the arena, it allowed me to join ... My inv was clear, but not my armor spots.​
    I start the mob arena, i die and when i get out of the arena after dieing -> my armors were gone. ​
    I think this is bug :3​
    Also could you make change in the plugin so people could use Flint & Steel as weapon? coz i think its really nice item. I believe the arena is "protected" automatically from explosion block dmg & fire burning?​
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    You should take your armor off before entering the arena. The plugin does not save your inventory, nor will I make the plugin save your inventory.
    I have already been planning on creating a list of "allowed" placable blocks.
  14. ya but i wonder why it didnt allow me to join with own sword and pickaxes etc. with me :p
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    Oh, and btw about that error, i had accidently entered the rewards wrong. its fixed and no bugs. great plugin!

    and if what i did was not correct, then what is the correct way to edit the rewards?

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    I noticed there was a bug in the conquest arena. I fixed the bug.
    Also, I noticed a dupe glitch, where if the server crashes WHILE an arena is running, people will keep their items when they rejoin.
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    Hello Orange, I am working with OptionDisabled on ultimatecrafting server, we found out you can pull the wool off your head and throw it down along with items you get from choosing your class. Others can only pick it up IF they are NOT actually playing in the arena. The wool becomes stackable if you continue to pull it off of your head and place it into your inventory which is also something you can toss on the ground to be picked up after you leave or die.
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    Items should not be able to be thrown by the player. Thanks for telling me, I'll get to fixing that :3
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    Orange (Just some suggestions - please reply with what you think)
    1. Possible Spout Integration (Like war?) so text is on screen.
    2. Pre-lobby where you can join through portals (Like a prep lobby, people can chill there or enter the game through nether portals)
    3. Specific per-arena chat [PvpArena has it, it is sick... But I like your plugin a whole lot better for simplicity]
    4. More customization -

    I LOVE Your countdown... But just a very cool suggestion also:

    1. PER arena nodes for permissions... With one master node... ex:

    1. ua.arena.[ArenaName] for specific arena permission to join.
    ua.arena.* for all arena joins...

    This way you can limit and allow certain arenas.


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    Good ideas, I'll take them into considaration.
    I don't exactly know /how/ to use Spout though.
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    Hey, really like your plugin!
    I created a mobarena but as soon as I try to join, it says "Please stand still for 6 seconds".
    Now my problem: It doesnt teleport me after 6 seconds, I can wait forever... but it does say "cancelled" as soon as I move... what could be wrong ?
    [using 1.1-R4, maybe thats the problem?]
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    Hey i like how you combined all the fun games into one plugin. My only request for me to use this on my servers is that you add multiworld support and update to the recent recommended build. currently i tried to make a world just for games but i cant use your plugin cause it wants to spawn people places other than where i set it to do so.
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    It is up to date... I'm pretty sure...
    I'll go redownload the newest build, and recompile the plugin with it.
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    ender dragooonn

    HI LOVE the plugin except for i have it on my server that i tes plugins on and had a shit load of fun but the main server i playon (my friends) we installed it and all commands and stuff worked setup 3 diffrent kinds of arena but when u join it says wait 6sec so we do and nuthing happenes i waited once for like 10 min still nuthing can u pleas help

    r does it have truble with aney othere plugins that u know of

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    It just says 1597 and the latest is some where in the 8 or 1.1 r4 either one.
    and idk why but one people join the arena they bounce up and donw then when they die they spawn in a different world. im guessing this has to do with multiworld support? Also thanks for the quick respounce.
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    Is there any way how to enable some commands in arena? There is a problem when player reconnect he has to login again and when he types "/login password" he can't login because it says "Use only /ua commands" and he can't even use /ua leave because he has to login first.
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    When i try to do any arena, it always tells me to " set spawns for red and blu team" yet I am choosing to make a mob arena, also i can't place the first Red spawn point anyway, please help.
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    When you are doing a mob arena, it only asks for a red team spawn.
    use /ua sp (or /ua setpoint) to set the point.

    If it isn't working, then you're not following the ingame instructions very well.
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    It asks for one, but it won't let me set one, i tried /ua sp but it won't work, also yes it is meant to only do red team, but when doing lobby spawns, it asks for a blue team one aswell!
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    Then you did not follow the instructions correctly preceeding to your "error".

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