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    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">UltimateArena - the ultimate arena plugin</font></font></font>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">This plugin allows people to create arenas in their world to fight in. Whether it is a MobArena, or a PvpArena, you can fight 'till the death and be rewarded with gold!</font></font></font>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Features:</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414">Nine arena types, MobArena, ConquestArena, King of The Hill arena, Bomb Arena, FFA arena, Spleef arena, Infect Arena, CTF Arena, and PvpArena</font>
    * <font color="#141414">rewards for playing the arenas (configurable)</font>
    * <font color="#141414">kill streaks in arenas</font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#1061b3">Download the plugin here</font></font></font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Changelog:</font></font></font>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.7</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added Infect and CTF arenas</font></font></font>

    Show Spoiler
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.6</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added a SPLEEF arena type!</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">added arena stats</font></font></font>

    - * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">/ua stats [arenaname] to view how many times it's been played over total arena plays since the server was started</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">/ua like [arenaname] to "like" an arena</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">/ua dislike [arenaname] to "dislike" an arena</font></font></font>
    - NOTE: when using /ua list, the blue number is how many times that arena has been played since the plugin was initialised

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.5</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added a FFA arena type</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">fixed some bugs</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">rearranged the help file</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">added enabling and disabling of arenas</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">you can now set the amount of a "tool" you want to give someone. (IE tool2=35,64 Gives 64 of 35)</font></font></font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.4</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added a new King of the hill arena type :3</font></font></font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.3</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Fixed problems with people not being rewarded items for winning an arena</font></font></font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.2</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Fixed problems w/ healer being OverPowered</font></font></font>
    * Fixed a bunch of arena glitches
    * added Conquest game mode

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.1</font></font></font>
    * Uploaded

    Servers that use this plugin

    How to use
    * Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    * use /ua ingame for help

    Current Arena Types
    * pvp - (Like a TDM arena)
    * mob - (Survive wave after wave of mobs)
    * cq - (Conquest styled game from Battlefield3)
    * koth - (FFA King of the hill, you need to stand on a point for an accumulative 60 seconds to win)
    * bomb - (TDM arena, red team is attacking bomb points, blue team is defending them. to cap a point, stand on it for 10 second, to defend a point, stand on it for 10 seconds.
    * ffa - (Every one for themselves, in a stock FFA match, users have 4 lives, so the last one alive wins).
    * spleef - (spleef arena, herpaderpa :p)
    * infect -(kind of like COD infect, the survivors must survive through the time limit)
    * ctf - (a TF2 styled CTF arenatype)

    Creating an Arena
    1. use /ua create [fieldType] to create the field
    2. set two points for the lobby (using /us setpoint or /ua sp)
    3. set two points for the arena (using /us setpoint or /ua sp)
    4. start settings spawn points

    - 5. FOR MOB ARENA

    - 6. set one point in the lobby for the lobby spawn
    7. set one point in the arena for the arena spawn

    - 8. when the player spawns are done, use /ua sp to set points for mob spawns
    9. when you are done placing mob spawns, use /ua done
    10. set two points in the lobby for the two team lobby spawns (RED team comes first)
    11. set two points in the arena for the two team arena spawns (RED team comes first)

    - 12. You should keep the lobby spawns closed off from eachother, for opposing teams can kill eachother
    13. set two points in the lobby for the two team lobby spawns (RED team comes first)
    14. set two points in the arena for the two team arena spawns (RED team comes first)

    - 15. You should keep the lobby spawns closed off from eachother, for opposing teams can kill eachother
    - when the player spawns are done, use /ua sp to set points for Flag points (There needs to be an ODD number of flag points)
    - when you are done placing flag points, use /ua done
    16. set 1 point for the lobby (/ua done when done)
    17. set as many player spawns as you want (/ua done when done)
    18. set ONE flag point (/ua done when done)
    19. set a RED team lobby spawn
    20. set a BLUE team lobby spawn
    21. set a RED team arena spawn
    22. set a BLUE team arena spawn
    23. set TWO flag spawns
    24. set 1 point for the lobby (/ua done when done)
    25. set as many player spawns as you want (/ua done when done)
    26. set 1 point for the lobby spawn (/ua done when done)
    27. set 2 points for the spleef zone (adjacent corners)
    28. set 2 points for the outzone (adjacent corners [anying inside AND below gets killed]).
    29. set two points in the lobby for the two team lobby spawns (RED team comes first)
    30. set two points in the arena for the two team arena spawns (RED team comes first)

    - 31. You should keep the lobby spawns closed off from eachother, for opposing teams can kill eachother
    32. set a RED team lobby spawn
    33. set a BLUE team lobby spawn
    34. set a RED team arena spawn
    35. set a BLUE team arena spawn
    36. set TWO flag spawns (red team comes first)

    The plugin comes stock with a few classes I've created.
    to add a class to the arena, put a sign in the lobby, and have the FIRST line of the sign be the name of the classes. The stock classes are: brute, healer, dumbass, garret, and, archer
    * To choose a class, right click the sign when you are in the lobby.

    in your permissions group location, add "ultimatearena.admin". This node will allow users to dig blocks in the arena, and set up an arena.
    If you also want people to be able to join an arena, use "ultimatearena.player".
    If you want users to be able to JUST build arenas, use "<font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">ultimatearena.builder".</font></font></font>
    37. Open the config file for your class
    38. change the variables around :p

    * the mobarena has a special variable, called "maxwave" it's default is set to 15
    * To set up rewards, this is the format:

    - * [ID]:[DAT],[AMT]
    * such as: 35:4,2 (will give TWO wool with a color of 4)
    * or: 46,4 (will give 4 TNT)
    - You can have up to "tool9" for a class.


    What's to come?
    -More customization in Arena classes

    This plugin works great with PVPGun!!!

    <font color="#ff0000">ONLY WORKS IN THE NORMAL WORLD!</font>

    <font color="#000000">Disclaimers:</font>
    <font color="#000000">~UltimateArena mobarena's and pvparena's are in no way associated with the other fight plugins, MobArena, and PVPArena.).</font>
    <font color="#000000">~Our mob arena is designed to give a very simplistic "mob" arena, not to be confused with GarbageMules MobArena.</font>
    <font color="#888888">( 'cuz, money is a very nice thing )</font>
    <font color="#ff0000">[​IMG]</font>

    I was in a rush when creaing this thread.
    If you feel there is any missing information, feel free to ask me to explain things :3

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    Amazing, gonna test this out asap.
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    So it's like the other two plugins combined? Anything added?
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    There will be more arena types in the future, this is just what I've had the time to write in the past few days.
    I never really used the PVP arena and Mobarena plugins, so I can't say for sure if at this point in time, my plugin has any more features than theirs.
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    We have been playing this nonstop since orange devolped it for ORANGE THE ALLMIGHTY PLUGIN DEMON WE SALUTE YOU

    Has added kill streaks and in battle rewards like if you kill a bunch of people it give you like a potion or other stuff.

    also he is added a Capture the Base mode ala Battlefield 3 style. but that is only in planning

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    ~the healer classes gets healed by 1/2 hearts every second
    ~the healer gets a stone sword instead of an iron sword
    ~the healer has leather armor
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    Im testing out this now. I love it, but can you add a UNDO command in setup, so you can undo at mistakes? i did one, and dont wanna start over. :p

    If i shoud find bugs, shoud i report? if so, where shoud i report them?

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    Report them here :)
    If any errors, give me a copy of the error.
    If just a bug, tell me exactly what you did to create the bug.
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    The Conquest mode, which I am helping him with the details extensively, is in the works right now and should be done in a day or two if not sooner.
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    You just helped me with flag logic, evan xP
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    Fantastic, that's all I can say. ;)
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    I wrote and finished the Conquest arena.
    Though, I did mess something up last night, that broke every arena, I believe that is fixed. I will leave an mirror for the old download available, if the current one starts to bug.
    ~Leaving the lobby before it starts kicks you from the arena game
    ~Leaving an arena during a game (if the arena happens to end while you're gone) will remove your inventory when you come back
    ~Added conquest arena (cq)
    ~Weapons w/ durability never lose durability.
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    - Ghast spawn in PVParenas.
    - Players can go out of arenas by teleport when using /f home.
    - Arenas sometime do not cancel the game for other players when it is
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    This looks awesome! I might try it out.
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    ~Ghasts spawning isn't a bug :3
    ~What are they doing before using /f home? When I ttry teleporting out of an arena, I get respawned back inside...
    ~I'll check that out :3

    I fixed some issued w/ Conquest arenas, and setting them up :)
    more conquest update:
    • each teams starting power starts off at how many people there are playing the arena in total. For example, if 8 people are playing the arena, each teams starting power will be 80.
    • I fixed a problem when constructing the conquest arena, where it didn't tell you to create flag spawns
    • When you kill an enemy in a CQ arena, it will tell you THEIR teams power
    • I added more lobby timer notifications

    • Fixed double rewarding in Mob arena
    • Fixed Mob arena still telling you what wave you're on when you already died/left the arena
    ~I fixed another Conquest bug (sorry there are so many! :p)​
    ~When you start an arena, every 45 seconds of it being in the lobby, causes the arena to tell everyone to join it (incase they missed the message)​

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    I haven't changed anything to the dumbass class except it's name.
    Still, during a fight the flint ans steel will create fire and the fire will disappear immediately, with a little message saying something like not allowed here ...


    Great plugin btw.
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    I have 2 arenas, 1 pvp and another mob type.
    One of players simple could make /spawn and did not get back
    teleported to the arena....
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    Needs to be compatible with the latest rb please.
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    You need to give me a list of everyting that happened proir to him doing /spawn please :3
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    Updated to 1597
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    Hey Orange LOVE YOUR PLUGIN! But can you PLEASE include a config file? I'd like to edit the kill streak rewards and a bunch of other stuff like the classes and what they get. So please add this it would be a extreme help.
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    great plugin, but can you add a automatic remove and restore of inventory like the plugin pvparena ?
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    1) A better config for classes, something like this.

    Class Name: (What you will type on the sign)


    Tool1: tool, (amount of item)



    Hp regen: (0-10)

    2) To be able to set what mobs can spawn.

    3) Allow use of certain things like the flint and steel.

    4) Arena resets itself to the "normal" state when the match is done.

    5) Customizable kill streaks and rewards.

    6) Allow players to pick up certain items. Like let say i want the class Archer to be able to pick up skeleton arrows there should be a option where i could allow them to pick that up like this. Whitelist: (ID of item) That would list all the objects that class is aloud to pick up.

    Thanks for reading please reply :p.
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    Hey orange451, could u have the time to change from "Plz Empty ur inventory" to "ur Items is saved" :p
    no really, every1 in my server got annoyed of this, and I really appreciate your Job, TY!!! ^^
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    Hey Orange you going to reply anytime soon? I'd like to see you reply to us at least a little and you haven't replied to me in like 4 days.
  28. Hey Guys.
    Good work on the Plugin,
    But somehow I cant create an PvP Arena.

    The Probelm is that the Program is just not finishing the configuration.
    After setting the spawnpoints insite of the arena,
    the plugin just gives me the message:
    "Done setting up Lobby! please set 2 points for the arena"
    But thats just the step I did bevor. and even If I want to create the spawn points,
    nothing is going to happen.


    This is a little Screenshot.
    Whatever I do now, nothing is going to happe.
    I only can /stop the creation.
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    try /ua done reguardless of it saying that or not, for I fear it's a bug in my code!
    Don't worry, more configurable things will be available soon. I am trying to get most of the functionality in first.
    I've thought about that before I started working on the plugin, but to be honest, I can't be arsed to code that.
    Every arena type plugin that "saves" your inventory glitches at one time or another, and I don't want people complaining if 1 out of every 100 times they lose an inventory.
    Sorry I am not at my computer as much as you would prefer.
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    Thanks! Thank god you replied i thought you abandoned this plugin for a second there D: . This plugin is awesome i really want more config options. The arenas work perfectly at least mob does which is my servers favorite but i can't add new classes or anything which is a pain in the fucking ass. But yeah keep up the good work i'm hoping to see updates soon.

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