Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] Rotten Eating V1.0 - Let the meat in your inventory rott![1.2.5-R4.0]

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    RottenEating Version 1.0
    With this Plugin, meat will rott in your inventory!
    Also for Spider- and Endereyes!
    • Let the meat in your inventory rott, like in reallife
    • Very good for RPG Servers
    • The plugin will create a config file with configurations for every meat type
    • You could use the fully functional Auto-Update option, never miss an update!
    • The plugin will load a news file, so you will be informed easy about news
    • More features will follow!


    • No Commands, only the config.yml file
    • No Permissions, only the config.yml file
    initial release

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    Err, Endereyes aren't food :p
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    Also, spider eyes are already rotten. :)
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    It was a request, so I made it with the requested items ;)
  5. Rotten Eating? Don't you mean, Rotting food?
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    Yes, but Rotten Eatimg sounds better than Rotten Food, doesn't it? So I choose Rotten Eating as a Name, even if it is wrong;)
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    They may be rotten, but there is a point where a food rots beyond the point that its gone.
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    Ready for "Plugin Releases" I think ;)
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    I doubt I will use this, because I don't run an RPG type of server that this would fit into, but good job.
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    Think of putting this in a hunger games server!
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    Fun plugin. Is there a way to make other food rot?

    I tried adding the line:
    time_COOKED_CHICKEN_rotting_in_seconds: 400

    but it didn't work. Ideally, I'd like ALL foods to have an expiration date. The processed foods would be longer.
    Apples, Bread, Cake, Cookies, etc.

    obviously it doesn't make sense that bread turns into rotten flesh, but it's kinda funny and would close the loop on the game mechanic (i.e. ALL food can eventually expire)

    Also, it would be interesting to have the ability to put a multiplier on food in a storage chest and allow food in there to rot as well.
    time_STORAGE_rotting_factor: 10

    would multiply any food stored in that chest by 10. So cooked chicken would last 4000 seconds. There's obviously a chunk loading problem here I bet, but without knowing how you are performing the rotting time check, I don't know how easy it would be to implement this.

    But it's a really neat idea for a plugin and I think I would love to incorporate it into my server, especially if the other foods could be added in some way.

    Thanks for sharing!

    edit: also, sometimes I notice some raw foods won't rot, even though I wait for a long time (longer than what the food is set for in the config file). Sometimes it seems like throwing the food on the ground, then picking it up works... but many times it does not.

    Any thoughts on what is going on here?
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    I will add some new features tomorrow:

    - All food can rott
    - Variable rotting times for every food
    - Chest rotting is very difficult, but I will try it
    - More permissions

    Hm, I do not exactly know where is the bug, maybe it is because of the new version... I will test it!
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    Great plugin, I'll definitely get it. One request though, can you please add that a chest next to an ice block acts like a fridge? That would be really good for my server, and I'd be really grateful if you added that! Thanks!
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    r u stil updating it?
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    You will get "rotten flesh" instead of meat correct?

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