Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] ForeverNight 1.0 - Let it be Night forever! [1.2.5-R5.0]

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    ForeverNight Version 1.0
    With this Plugin, it will be night forever on your server!
    In all your worlds!
    • Let it be night forever on your server, in all your worlds
    • Very good for RPG Servers/apocalypse Servers
    • You could use the fully functional Auto-Update option, never miss an update!
    • The plugin will load a news file, so you will be informed easy about news
    • More features will follow!


    • No Commands
    • No Permissions
    initial release

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    I would reccomend a command and Permission to be able to toggle wether it is on or off, also an All day Option
    As it would be useful to have one all night world, One all day world and One normal world
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    R5.0, when did that drop?
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    Ohh, sry...
    I think it is ok now ;)
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    Yeah, approved.
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    Can you maybe make an option where it can stay at certain times of the day? For example you have night, maybe dusk and morning would be pretty awesome to have, it would suit events that my server has.
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    Maybe add (In next update) were you can set what worlds you want it to be night all the time?
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    putting this on my server caused buttons and levels to lag for some reason, removing the plugin fixed it, I did not notice any errors on my console.. just some fyi
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    I'm working on an RPG series on my server that requires it to be forever night till towards the end of the series when the sun returns. Is it possible to make a toggle for it or something?

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