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    Basic Alchemy -Start Transmuting today!
    Version: v0.1

    With Basic Alchemy you can turn simple, plain, ordinary items into magnificent other items! You just right-click with a 64 stack of coal, stone, or dirt (more to come) on a cauldron, and it will become a something, new!

    * Alchemy!
    * Transmutation!
    * Never run out of Hunger again!
    * UnEquivalant Exchange!
    * Gives a use to the Cauldron! (finally)
    * Redstone Reagants!

    Download My plugin here: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Source Code: <font color="#1061b3"></font>
    <font color="#1061b3"></font>
    - basicalchemy.use -defaults to false. Allows use of plugin.

    List of Transmutable objects
    Don't look if you want to find out for yourself

    Show Spoiler
    64 Coal= 1 Diamond
    64 Stone= 1 Gold
    64 Dirt= 1 Bread
    To transmute each of these, you also need reagents, which is 16 redstone.

    To-Do/Known Bugs
    * Add more Transmutable Stuff!
    * Require clicking on a Cauldron!- In v. 1.0
    * Balance out exchanges a bit


    Version 1.0- 12/6/2012
    * You now need to right click on a cauldron to Transmute.
    * Costs reagents to transmute, which is 16 Redstone.

    Version 0.1- 12/1/2012
    * Made plugin/released plugin!

    * Me for making it
    * RealDope for fixing my main error
    * feildmaster for helping me with a piece of logic
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    I didn't teach you Bukkit's logic. I taught you programming logic. (Or quite literally, math logic)
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    Suggestion: Just make it configurable to where the server owner/runner whatev can just put:
      Required Items:
        - this
        - that
        - poop
      What I get:
        - better poop (x9001)
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    Version 1.0 is out now! Now you need to right-click on a cauldron to be able to transmute! Also, you need reagants (15 Redstone) to Transmute!

    I am thinking about that, but I don't know how to do configs :/

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    Hmm this is a pretty nice plugin
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    I though about plugin like a Energy Condenser from tekkit/EE2 (I even started this project), but I saw this. Now, I think you do it right, but I think you should use two chests, one for input and one for output. Then add EMC amount for every item. It should be simple. The target item can be just in the first slot of the chest. If you need some help you can contact me. If you'll do that I'll be soo happy.

    Zoroark, if you need help with config contact me via PM.

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