[FUN/MECH] Respawn - Making Death _Fun_ Again

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    Making Death Fun Again​
    This plugin is compatible will all Bukkit versions 1.2.5-R1.0 and up!
    Respawn, a simple title, filled with innovation.​
    Death has been treated way too wimpy in the latest Minecraft versions.
    It used to be that, when you went into a cave system, you were actually afraid of dying!
    Nowadays, who is afraid of creepers, of skeletons or whatsoever.

    I have created a plugin that makes players fear death once again! Death is supposed to be a penalty, not an inconvenient occurrence that will steal five minutes of your time. At max!

    Introducing Respawn.

    What it does:
    Respawn introduces a new aspect to the game.​
    This plugin will, after death, respawn a player at a random location in the world, with the only restriction being that the player must have been to that very location before.​
    Over time, players are, so to say, collecting personal respawn points, which will then be randomly used on death.​

    Features / Configuration (Level of Hardcore):
    • The interval at which these personal respawn points are collected is freely adjustable.
    • There is a "Minimum Respawns" value which can be scaled from 1 - ∞. This value represents the minimum of collected respawn points a player must have collected before his respawn point will ever differ from the world's regular spawn location.
    • Optionally, a "Respawn Point Creation Message" can be set. When it is, this message will be displayed to every player whenever his current location is saved as a personal respawn point.
    Important - Please keep this in mind:
    Respawn can only operate in one set world. Dying in another world will respawn you in that set world.​
    This plugin will override normal vanilla respawn behavior (e.g. beds). This does not fully exclude the respawn functionality of beds, it will simply not use set beds as respawn points when this plugin is enabled. All set bed respawn points remain, even if they were set while Respawn was enabled.
    It is by no means recommended to use this plugin in combination with any plugins that allow players to freely teleport to fixed or dynamically changeable locations (especially plugins that give free access to commands like /home, /sethome or /spawn).​

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