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  1. Redstone Signs
    Version: 0.11

    Redstone Signs is quite a simple mod, it provides an easy way to add lots of functionality by executing commands with Redstone. You place a command on the sign and when the sign is powered by Redstone the command is executed as if the person who made the sign had typed it! (This means their permission should take effect!)

    For now, the commands will not be executed when the creator is offline as I cannot find a way to execute a command as them!

    There may be bugs, so any that you find please report to me :)

    How to use:
    Place a sign and on the first line type "[RedstoneSign]" (Case-insensitive)
    On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines type your command (A new line will not count as a space).
    The slash preceding commands in chat is not needed.
    The command will only be executed once per signal (It responds to a rising edge).

    For example:

    time set 0
    This will set the time to 0 (Day) when the sign is powered! So, if you hook it up to a light sensor so it is triggered at night, it'll turn to day!

    • RedstoneSigns.create - Gives permission to create Redstone Signs. Default: everyone
    • RedstoneSigns.modDel - Allows moderators to destroy other's Redstone Signs. Default: ops
    • Run commands with Redstone!
    Planned Features:
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    • Transmit Redstone Signals
    • Use signs like buttons so they create a signal when pressed
    • Sign Gates - Multiple inputs and one output based on the sign's contents. (Maybe even latches?)
    • Sign Counters - count the number of inputs and display it as a number on the sign. (Maybe output when it gets to a certain level & reset?)
    • Using limited commands with the trigger's user (Limited by the server admin(s)?)
    • Power to block sign is on powers sign.
    • Suggest more ideas for their inclusion!

    Click to download

    Change Log:
    • Corrected a few errors that appeared.
    • First release
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    What you should have the plugin do is run the command as the server itself. Then no one has to be online. would probably be just as difficult though.
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    Please update to 1.2.5!
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    Is it possible to have it so if it requires a player name for them to put {player} and it would fill that {player} with the name of the player who sent the redstone signal?
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    I tried to download, but my computer blocked the website for carrying trojans. Could you make the download somewhere else?

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