[FUN/MECH] Recoil 1.3 - Make blocks catapult you high and/or far [766]

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    Recoil - The Catapult Plugin:
    Version: v1.3

    Recoil is a plugin to mostly create a fun mechanic and/or rides by catapulting players, minecarts, boats and mobs high and/or far into the air. A video says more than a thousand word when it comes to exciting movement dynamics, so here goes:

    How to make a block catapult you is simple, and, like the entire basic idea, was modeled after SuperJump:

    1. Take a block, any block:
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    2. Add a sign right below it (whether it's wall or post mounted doesn't matter) and enter:
    Where x, y and z are floating point numbers representing your desired trajectory according to the coordinate system used in the F3 screen.
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    3. Step on block to experience sudden bursts of fun
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    • Catapults players
    • Catapults minecarts
    • Catapults boats
    • Catapults mobs
    • Catapults cake*
    Download (source usually included, if I forget, just post and remind me)

    • DisableFallDamageFromBlockJumps - on by default, prevents you from dying after being catapulted. Normal fall damage is not disabled with this setting, only hitting the ground immediately after a jump
    • OnlyOpsMayDoStuff - on by default, only lets Ops, or people with proper permission, place and destroy the signs that make the recoil magic happen
    • CatapultMobs - off by default, this allows mob torture like in the video. While this is fun and fine on small servers, if you have huge servers with tons and tons of mobs, this setting will cause a lot of lag (because every mob has to be checked). This will probably not destroy your server, and it's fine to turn it on, just be aware that if your players whine about lag, you probably should turn this off (again)
    • recoil.create - Allows people without Ops to create new Recoil signs
    • recoil.destroy - Allows people without Ops to destroy existing Recoil signs
    Version 1.3
    • Released properly
    * - Not actually true
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    i use god mode or what you can do is use a minecart and track or a boat
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    Wow this is an incredible plugin! Minecarts and boats!? SWEET! Its a little glitchy on the new 860 and sometimes i get the kicked for moving to fast but its fantastic!

    Thank you again for making such an insane plugin!!
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    If I had the money, I would not only buy you a beer, I'd buy you a Keg! The plugin is awesome. I must ask a couple of suggestions though. 1 would coordinates be optional? And just add an option for max height you want the player to go on the sign? Also would there be a way to add a redstone mode? Where you could stand on the block above the sign (without being launched) and then trigger the action with redstone inputs to the sign?
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