[FUN/MECH] Recoil 1.3 - Make blocks catapult you high and/or far [766]

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    Recoil - The Catapult Plugin:
    Version: v1.3

    Recoil is a plugin to mostly create a fun mechanic and/or rides by catapulting players, minecarts, boats and mobs high and/or far into the air. A video says more than a thousand word when it comes to exciting movement dynamics, so here goes:

    How to make a block catapult you is simple, and, like the entire basic idea, was modeled after SuperJump:

    1. Take a block, any block:
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    2. Add a sign right below it (whether it's wall or post mounted doesn't matter) and enter:
    Where x, y and z are floating point numbers representing your desired trajectory according to the coordinate system used in the F3 screen.
    Show Spoiler

    3. Step on block to experience sudden bursts of fun
    Show Spoiler

    • Catapults players
    • Catapults minecarts
    • Catapults boats
    • Catapults mobs
    • Catapults cake*
    Download (source usually included, if I forget, just post and remind me)

    • DisableFallDamageFromBlockJumps - on by default, prevents you from dying after being catapulted. Normal fall damage is not disabled with this setting, only hitting the ground immediately after a jump
    • OnlyOpsMayDoStuff - on by default, only lets Ops, or people with proper permission, place and destroy the signs that make the recoil magic happen
    • CatapultMobs - off by default, this allows mob torture like in the video. While this is fun and fine on small servers, if you have huge servers with tons and tons of mobs, this setting will cause a lot of lag (because every mob has to be checked). This will probably not destroy your server, and it's fine to turn it on, just be aware that if your players whine about lag, you probably should turn this off (again)
    • recoil.create - Allows people without Ops to create new Recoil signs
    • recoil.destroy - Allows people without Ops to destroy existing Recoil signs
    Version 1.3
    • Released properly
    * - Not actually true
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    please add an option to remove the message
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    awsome :)
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    Really ? You don't like the WOOOOO ? But ... whoooooy ? Wooo ? Woooooo :(

    Ok, fine. Will be added next update/
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    genial plugin! Easy to use and very funy :)
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    Changelog has to be at the end

    Additionaly, I suggest using a spoiler tag for those iamges
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    Thanks and thanks, I'll change that now.
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    Hahah I love it will try it out.
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    AWESOME, really.
    You have to imput the coordinates, not the relative coordinates, right?
    Also, how do you move? corved or more like ^
    looks REAL awesome!
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    Like I said, it's trajectory, not coordinates. For example, if you put 0 for x and z, and 10 for y, you will just jump hiiiiiiigh into the air, but come down on the exact spot you launched from. If you put 5 for x, you'll be catapulted to the left, and if you put -5 for x, you'll be catapulted to the right.

    As for how you move, I think that's best seen in the video, not sure how I would express that in words to make it any clearer.
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    i can't create because with Iconomy chestshop u must use numbers too and it say "you don't have chests up" so i can't make a "recoil" :( (sorry, i'm french)
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    Ok, first things first, great plugin!

    However, it is somewhat buggy, at least in SMP where I tried it. Coords work strange (5x does not correspond to 5 blocks), and during the jump, I get pushed several times (which I do not now if it's normal), so that I end up far away (and dead, in MANY cases).
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    not working: when i set the destination (the coord) under the block, it jump me intop a no where place! any help?
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    Marco, the coords are NOT the destination spot. In fact, they are not even coordinates but rather the force in each direction that makes your character fly. From my tests, you gotta try and try until you find the appropiate force for the place you want to go to, but even though, there is a possibility of dying if the destination is not completely flat or water.
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    if so, wut represent those 3 lines then? it may help me a bit
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    Like I said, the force. The higher the number is, the farther you will be sent. However, '20' does not mean '20 blocks away'. X corresponds to north/south direction, Y to up/down and Z to west/east. Just try changing the numbers till you get what you want.
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    ty for the info man
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    Oh yeah, btw, I don't know if this is made on purpose, but you won't always be sent with exactly the same force, it's like there was a slight percentage of missing the target. Maybe this is caused by lag in the server (which is strange, as I usually don't have any).
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    how do the monster spawner work as it say on the video? i try do the same but it dont spawn anything. i know its off subject, but i wanna know
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    Could you make a system that I should put coordinates of destination on the sign
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    There's a bug with this plugin. Diamond blocks will always catapult you, for some reason. Even without a sign. Could you fix this, please?
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    Maybe make a config that allows you to specify blocks by default that launch you: for instance a bed with a BIT higher of a boost in your jump (only if you jump on it).
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    You can achieve this with the plugin MultiVerse by making a portal on that block, which will send you to the exact spot you define.

    I mention that because this plugin works perfectly in combination with that one. ;)
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    Well, I'd use it, but I wanna aerial faith plates, kinda like:
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    Bubby and Delux, you guys should merge both plugins and work together, there's really no point in having two separate plugins that do exactly the same, and both need upgrading from each other.

    SuperJump can't disable fall damage, which is absolutely necessary.
    SuperJump only works with signs placed on the floor (at least that's what I found out).
    SuperJump doesn't work with carts or boats.
    SuperJump doesn't have Permissions support.

    Recoil never makes you jump to the same place, the force is extremely variable.
    From my testings, Recoil gives more lag than SuperJump, so that causes that the server kicks you because it thinks you are hacking (you were moving too fast).

    I don't know if I'm forgetting something, but seriously, ONE plugin with the features of both combined would probably solve ALL problems. Please.
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    I agree. I'm working on Aperture Science Research and Testing Lab, so I need to always get to a required point.
    Also, I wanna just enter coords of required point, not to match required trajectory.
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    You, sir....are awesome. Video's a win, too.
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    Seems like the author is not planning to upgrade this plugin. Is someone there? Please?
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    I die every time now :( Any ideas how to fix it?

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