[FUN/MECH] Punishmental v3.1 - Kill/Punish Pesky Players in 61 Creative Ways [1.5.1]

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    "This is easily the greatest addon for Minecraft to date" - Ramma2​
    THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER UPDATED! Please visit the BukkitDev page for a full, updated list of functions!
    Allows 61 punishments to be issued from a single command: either /p or /punish. The punishments can do various things to the player, like exploding them, making them fall in a nether portal, blinding, punching, or spawning a herd of creepers near them. /punish [username] [punishment] is the base command (and you can swap round the username and punishment) but you can add repeats and other stuff (see the section a bit further down this page). You can also set punishments to happen if a player uses a certain item or places a certain block. Great for stopping people using TNT or trying to use fire/lava/water.
    It couldn't be any easier.
    Great for large servers wishing for an alternative to banning/kicking or automatically stop greifing, all the way down to small servers that run a few friends who just want to mess about!
    • Allows 61 punishments to be issued from a single command: either /p or /punish
    • 61 Punishment types [command to use is in brackets]:
    • Other Commands that are not punishments:
      • /punish Restore [username] : Resets the blocks that were used in the 'hole' punishment back to their original state. NOW WORKS WITH WEBS! AND DIFFERENT COLORED WOOL!
      • /punish stop [username] : Stops punishments without killing the player (2.86 and above)
      • /SaveUserData [username] : Save a player's data (Inventory, health etc...) to be restored by /RestoreUserData
      • /RestoreUserData [Username] : Reverts a players data to the last /saveplayerdata
    • Punishments can be issued by ops or to those with the right permissions:
      • Use Punish.* to allow users to use all the punishments
      • or replace * with with the command for the punishment you want to allow
      • So if you want to permit someone to use the strip command, you'd use Punish.strip
    This is my first plugin, and I never realized it would be so popular. Likewise, it may have bugs in it, so please post a ticket or message me if you find one!

    I'd like to thank the truly EPIC server at Mines Of War for letting me know that this plugin is working! It'd be ace if you guys checked them out as a kind of thank-you, plus its just damn awesome: IP is minesofwar.servegame.com

    How to use it:
    What the plugin does:
    The following video contains language which may be inappropriate for young children. Viewer discretion is advised. The people filming it also seemed to get too much of a kick out of watching other people suffer. I'd book them into an asylum.
    How to Use the Command
    /Punish [Punishment] [Player] [Optional Damage or 'x'] [repeat] [delay in seconds] [special arguments]
    /Punish [Player] [Punishment] [Optional Damage or 'x'] [repeat][delay in seconds] [special arguments]
    Type /Punish followed by the type of punishment you wish to issue. see the list above in brackets for the commands for each punishment. Then type the username of the player you wish to punish. If it works, a message should appear saying so.
    Adding any number from 1-20 on the end will also set the minimum amount of damage that the punishment will cause. For example, typing /Punish hounds rjsowden 5 will spawn an angry wolf next to player rjsowden, which will die after rjsowden has suffered 2.5 hearts damage (1 heart = 2 health points, half a heart = 1 hp). Using /Punish burn rjsowden 10 would set rjsowden on fire until rjsowden has suffered 5 hearts damage. It must be noted that this feature is only supported for certain actions:
    An explosion would still kill the player because thats what explosions do when the player is in the middle of them, but an 'fexplode' would do the requested damage, because it isn't real. If you want to do the punishment several times in quick succession, adding a number after the health will make the punishment repeat that amount of times. For example, to spawn 5 iron golems behind the player you would use /p irongolem rjsowden x 5 . having an 'x' as the health shows the plugin is to ignore this field

    Hats off to the guys who independently
    reviewed this plugin.

    Don't just take if from them! Here's what some other people said about Punishmental:
    • - Grant1222
    • - KevinEssence
    • - ShockBuddy
    • - Tom Cruise
    (NB: Comments made by Tom Cruise are fictional)


    Please choose the version for the server you are running, Server versions are on the third column from the right: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/punishmental/files/
    Please not that functionality decreases the lower the version.


    Just download the jar file and drag-and-drop it into your server's plugins directory

    • For a full change log please visit the latest download page, as the one here has gotten ridiculously large and is making the page load slow
    • Add permissions Support - DONE IT AGAIN! WHOOT! Version 1.91 & above
    • Live Research Web Access - DONE! Version 2.6 or above!
    • Access from terminal - DONE! Version 2.6 or above!
    • Bug fix: server crashes - DONE! Version 2.75 or above!
    • Punishment repeats - DONE! Version 2.75 or above!
    • Punishment repair - DONE! Version 2.75 or above!
    • Interchangeable commands - DONE! Version 2.8 or above!
    • Protected Areas - Waiting on knowledge and time
    • Make Even More Creative Punishments
      • Herobrine - Waiting on knowledge
    * Major = Servers with over 50 players. Reported download figure on bukkitdev is lower because several popular versions had to be deleted :(

    And now, a bonus for you, the consumer. A Meme. [​IMG]
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    Deleted user

    1. I suggest you add pictures/videos so your viewers will actually take the time to go to your DevBukkit page knowing that something cool is there.
    2. The Changelog goes at the bottom of your post, not in the middle.
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    would be nice if


    displayed options that are availible
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    • Done slugslugs suggestion
    • Done Void teleportation
    • Almost done damage limitation
    Once I've got damage limitation done, I'll upload the latest build. It's taking forever because i'm developing and testing on one computer, thats running 1GB RAM, single core 1.5Ghz, plus I have exams so I can't always fit development time in.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    PS: I'd I got someone to record for me (I don't have enough CPU/MEM to record, run server and minecraft) and he's bribing me for the footage, so a video may take a while.
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    Seconded. Also, community approved at my server. Admins seem to really like this one. xD Its almost a better killbox, but is there a way to increase the height fro which they are dropped?
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    As far as I know, /punish does show a help page, as it is programmed to. What does it show for everyone else?
    I'm also redoing the config file function so that it will work for 1.1-R6 and above, that will be in the next release (sometime in this week or next week). Thanks for your approval as well, and I hope your server community continue to enjoy it!
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    2.5 With a config file, permissions support and ready for 1.2.3-R0.2 is now UPLOADED. Catch it at the link on the page above. Tell us if you want anything fixing.
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    This plugin looks very useful to punish griefers besides just banning them. Good job
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    Source download? I'd like to see how you got the fire and lava ones to work, I'm working on a plugin similar to this but can't get certain things to work the way I want them to (i.e. stuff involving fire and lava)
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    I havent even tried this plugin or anything, but for 1.2.4, for the lavablock punishment if that block is protected and they are in the jail and hit maybe a protected block will taht block become lava, as for any protected areas.
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    This plugin is amazing! My favorite one to use is the Creeper one because it scares the crap out of them!

    I would recommend a punishment that teleports the victim to a random location that is a good distance from where they were at. They would get so pissed off trying to find their way back!
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    I would like to see Herobrine implemented. Perhaps they could be tormented by the miner ghost himself! (Randomly set on fire, attacked, and roundhouse-kicked)

    And I'm not obsessed with Herobrine like some noobs. My friend is simply terrified of him!
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    Wow, thanks for all your questions/requests. Their all great ideas!

    I'mma put something on github later on, but for now i'm only just learning myself. But setting stuff on fire/making lava appear is really quite simple. To set a player on fire, just do "player.setFireTicks(999999);". The 999999 is for how many server ticks you want them on fire for, which for that number is a long time (20 ticks = 1 second, I think). Obviously player is the Player type variable of the player you want to set on fire.
    As for lava, just do "block..setTypeId(10);" where block is the block you want to turn into lava. If you're calling it on a block break event, put "event.setCancelled(true);" before it so that you can change it.

    Protected areas for lavablocks? It seems like everyone wants that, and that would take this plugin to a whole new level. I'll try it. Won't be in the next version because it requires databases, which I know nothing about, but it will be implemented.

    Nice to know its doing what I intended it to do - be really annoying :) !I'm working on a teleportation punishment right now, because that idea truly sounds EPIC.

    Awesome, I love it. Perhaps its command could be "norris", in honor of the roundhouse kick? I don't think Herobrine is an entity in bukkit anymore, so I'll have to simulate a player with a custom skin, which is yet again a new area for me. I'll see what I can do.
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    Here are some more suggestions bro:

    -Completely deplete victims hunger bar
    -Multiple punishments like making the victim extra slow or weak kind of like the potions do. It would also be cool if you could toggle how long the effects last
    -Freezes them where they are and can't move for a certain amount of time

    That's all I can think of right now, but I've seen some of these on other plugins and I think would work better with this plugin!
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    Was doing number 1 anyway, but it'll be ready for the next release.
    Number 2: I wasn't sure how to implement, but now its requested i'll look into it more.
    Number 3: Slowness is currently done by the web punishment, I'll try and see if I can make it without the web. As for weakness, I'm not sure how that would work exactly, I'll think on it
    Number 4: I'd already made a separate plugin for that one called "hammer time", on a commission. I'll put that one into this plugin too!

    Great Ideas People! Keep em' coming. I'm making a list.
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    any way to stop the punishment? but not actually using the ./punish end [name] As when I use ./punish web [name] it makes the web but you cannot return it to what It was b4, :/
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    Not got around to doing that one yet, I can see why that annoys you. That function needs databases which i'm not good at, but give me some time and i'll see if I can add a reset command for you.

    EDIT: I've added a restoration command for the 'hole' punishment to put things back the way they were. Its not working for web for some reason though, so give me another update and i'll see what I can do
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    Just Released Version 2.6. separate downloads for 1.2.3 or 1.2.4:
    1.2.3 = http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/punishmental/files/9-punishmental-2-6-for-1-2-3-r0-2/
    1.2.4 = http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/punishmental/files/8-punishmental-2-6-for-1-2-4-r0-1/
    Includes access from the terminal,
    Teleport to random location (the distance can be set in the config file) and


    BTW: those versions implement a data collection function that send your usage data to my server so I can make it more efficient and find out how many people actually use it. It involves uploading data, but only that bukkit uses. If you still don't like that idea, Set Research.Enabled in the config file to false
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    Awesome plugin xD
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    Over 5,000 downloads, AND you all liked it so much you crashed the webserver for the first few minutes after release! Thanks for the downloads everyone! any more ideas?
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    id love this for my server but do you know where i can get an updated bukkit file 1.2.4 without it i can t use this
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    This is very funny. (Maybe scare my brother with that :p)

    Diamonds to you! [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Very creative and fun!
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    i need the 1.2.4 bukkit file tho so that the plugin will work do u know where to get that
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    Okay then...
    Here is a dev build of minecraft 1.2.4-R0.1: http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/view/00957_1.2.4-R0.1/
    Because of this, (and to avoid uncomplimentary errors), I will shortly be downgrading the 1.2.3 Version of Punishmental 2.6 to an ALPHA. CraftbukkitUTD will no longer download it
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    Can we get the permission commands so I can stop the noobs from secrewing around!
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    Sorry for the late reply, my 1.5Ghz 1gig RAM computer has slowed to the point where I can barely open chrome, let alone do some programming.
    The permissions are
    Punishment.* - allows use of all of the punishments
    Punishment.strike - allows use of the strike punishment.
    Punishment.void - allows use of the void punishment.

    And it goes on like that. Just copy the punishment after the dot. I'll try and get a 1.2.4-R1 build done, in the meantime, 1.2.4R0.1 should work.
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    Hey RjSowden is the irongolem punishment supposed to make the irongolem automatically attack the player? Because on my server he only attacks someone if they attack him first.
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    Yep, Server interactivity error. Fixed in version 2.7, which is online now.

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