Inactive [FUN/MECH] Planes - Fly in boats and minecarts [1.4.4-R0.1]

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    === Planes ===
    -This is a part of my other plugin: specialEffects plugin that was extracted for thoose that wasen't willing on getting effects too
    -This plugin lets you fly in minecarts and boats by simple right click and hold with an item
    -You fly by holding right mouse key with an item in your hand (I would recommend an arrow)
    * Flying with minecarts
    * Flying With boats
    * Permissions
    * Shooting while flying in minecart

    === Permissions ===

            description: Gives the ability to use flying boats
            description: Gives the ability to use flying minecarts
            description: Gives the ability to use Shooting mode in minecarts 

    === Video===

    * Bombings with Boat
    * Config
    * Comment

    === Comment And say Your thoughts ===
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    drtshock Retired Staff

    So much fun! I tested it on his server :D:D
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    Oh! Great idea! Good job :)
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