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  1. Pitfall - Make clay (configurable) become a trapdoor
    Version: v0.6

    A configurable plugin that allows certain blocks to act as pressure traps. Once a player steps on them, the blocks disappear temporarily causing the victim to tumble into the pit you dug below.

    • Allows the user to create traps with clay (configurable). Building a layer of clay, and then a layer of any material above it will cause it to become a trap. Whenever a player steps on the layer above the clay, both layers will temporarily disappear, plunging the victim into the depths of the abyss you dug below. After a second, the two layers will reappear, waiting to claim another hapless soul.
    • Configuration of what block to be used instead of clay.
    • Allows setting up a list of blacklist blocks. These are blocks that will not disappear even if placed above the clay block. Format: [3,24,33,2]
    • Allows the user to create redstone triggered traps with brick (configurable). Once a brick block receives a redstone current from either above or below, it (along with all adjacent block bricks) will disappear for a few seconds. Pictures:
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    Download The Pitfall Plugin/Source

    Note for navigating github:
    You may press the "Downloads" button to download this as a zip file. If you don't want the source and only want the .jar file, just click on the Pitfall.jar. Then click view raw, and it should give you a download file. If not, right click view raw and click save link as.​

    A review by jamescosten:

    Pictures (open)

    Constructing the trap:

    Filling up the top layer with same block as surroundings:


    The completed trap is indistinguishable from normal land:




    The trap closes back up above me:


    Version 0.6
    • Configurable trap delays
    Version 0.5
    • Sign's texts will be restored.
    • Will print an error message if any blocks are unable to be restored.
    • Jumping over the clay will no longer trigger trap.
    • Trap will only be triggered if standing on solid block above the clay.
    Version 0.4b
    • Fixed a null pointer exception error when first using the plugin.
    Version 0.4a
    • Minor change to how the plugin gets the version number.
    Version 0.4
    • Added configurable redstone triggered blocks
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed a stupid bug where the plugin will not work if you don't have a blacklist enabled.
    Version 0.2
    • Changed name to Pitfall
    • Added a config file that allows you to specify what block to use as the trap block
    • Config file also allows you to define blacklist blocks to be placed above the trap block
    Version 0.1
    • Added the plugin

    Thanks to Avous for features suggestions. :)

    • Add support for mobs
    • Add support for changing what block to use (instead of clay)
    • Redstone triggered traps
    • Keep special data of certain entities. (Texts for signs, items in chests, etc) if they disappear as a result of trap. (Configurable as option)
    • Permissions support

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    great minds think alike :p ill let you know if i can think of anything else :p MrChick is working on secret doors where you place blocks and then place a door infront of them and it hides the door behind blocks that disappear making hidden rooms lol but thats about the only other place i can think of atm for this plugin to go if you were expanding it further

    if you're interested in seeing his work on hidden doors
  3. Ooo, well if it's already in another plugin, then the user can just install both, no point in having overlaps in functionality right? :)
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    yup :p im just trying to think of a further expansion beyond just hidden trap floors but im drawing a blank right now besides this will make for a awesome time already :p ill let you know if i come up with any new features that might interest you to hear
  5. Alright cool! Let me know when you get a chance to test it out, and if you find any problems with it. Now just gotta wait until a mod comes and promotes this into the official plugins list. :)
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    How long do you think it will take for Bukkit to promote an official build?
  7. Haha I can't read their minds, but based on their recent announcement it should be soon. For now I've just been using build 709, it seems stable enough.
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    They have a 711. you should try that and see if anything improves or gets worse. Soon should be like tomorrow or something
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    err bro... how do i blacklist blocks do i put a space or what to divide them.
  10. Oh crap, forgot to explain sorry. use a comma.

    [2,31,114,324] etc
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    i got a good suggestion i kinda need for a spleef tournament but you wont like it one bit... lol redstone wire triggered
  12. So you mean, when a current runs through it will disappear? or do you mean only work as trap if powered?
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    first one lol it would be neat if you could choose what one you would wanted it to do based on i dunno say a command but i cant think of a way you could do that without typing a command like /PF(Pitfall) [Redstone/Trap/Off] so when you placed a block based on what command you entered you'd have a different pitfall and it would stay that type until you typed /PF Off

    but either way you'd need that eventually because you wouldnt want every single Clay Block to be a pitfall

    err beyond that i made a "short" blacklist whatcha think?
            blackList: '[6,7,8,9,10,11,26,27,28,37,38,39,40,50,51,52,54,55,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,68,69,70,71,72,75,76,77,78,79,81,83,84,85,90,92,93,94,95,321,323,324,328,330,333,338,342,343,344,355,356]'
        pitItem: 30
    disables pitfall on activating on every non actual block lol
  14. Hmm, though that is doable, it wouldn't be very practical (requiring auxiliary storage). However, I can make the config file allow you to define redstone enabled traps. So clay (or whatever you set it to) still has default functionality and then you may also enable a different block to be redstone triggered.
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    that would be a nice feature to have real nice actually :p but then the question rises where do you lay the red stone :p at max the trap would be three blocks deep unless you laid it ontop of the clay and not under it

    well wait. would it be possible to check if theres redstone on it and it acts accordingly for example... say the redstones ontop of the clay... then it instantly becomes stable until you activate the redstone

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  16. Yeah that's possible. Or even redstone between two layers of blocks.

    Say you configure the redstone activated traps to be brick, then I can make it so that it works like this:


    When that gets a signal, all three layers will temporarily disappear. [redflower]=redstone wire
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    that would be awesome that way people can have both :p well after this i dont think i can come up with any more improvements or anything to add with just traps alone besides if it deletes text on a sign it replaces it with the same text or rebuilds beds/doors if broken :p if it doesnt already after this i cant think of any improvements that you can add ...

    i say that and in the back of my head i see that as soon as this gets accepted and you get your plugin devs tag people will shout for permissions lol

    you and your mad java skills lol

    wait would it work if you stepped on that top layer of bricks? would it still cause you to fall through? cause what i was talking about is if you step on the bricks if they have redstone on em then they wont fall through until its activated then they all collapse for a shot time but if they lacked the redstone wire then it just collapses :p

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  18. Yeah that's how I am planning on implementing it. There will be two different types of traps:
    1. Pressure Traps:
      • Default: clay (Configurable)
      • Disappears when you step on the block that is one above it
      • Reappears in a few seconds
    2. Redstone Triggered Traps:
      • Default: Brick (Configurable)
      • Disappears when any block directly above or below it receives a redstone current
      • Reappears in a few seconds
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    awesomeness! cant wait
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    You've mention that you developed a few other plugins. Will you be releasing those, because this one is great!
  21. New version is out! Redstone triggered traps! Note that in the config file, redstone triggered traps are disabled by default, you have to change the value of
            enabled: false
    to true for it to work.

    I will eventually release a few more after I work on them a bit more, some of them are very shoddily programmed.

    I did release another one though, take a look here:
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    awesome-o! thank you! i just got a epic idea for a plugin to go with this LOL... ZOMBIE SIEGE... basically monsters dont burn in the day and spawn during storms as well.. and they break materials to get to you! but not blocks you blacklist like they can break everything but not actual blocks or stone/ore to reach you :p coupled with a configurable difficulty plugin you got yourself some classic survival horror fun!... of course only breaking blocks if there isnt a clear line to get TO you from for example.. if theres no actual PATH open to reach you then they break blocks that arent on the black list to reach you

    ... i may request this sometime on the forum LOL

    the reason why it would be epic with this is TRAPS~!
  23. I tested this with the newest release of craftbukkit, proud to say that pitfall is officially compatible with version 733! :)
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    confirmed :O works great... however i did run into a random bug sometimes it doesnt replace a few blocks after you activate the trap
  25. Sweet it works, ok I'll look into the bug.
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  27. Thanks! Awesome :) I'll be updating this today or tomorrow to allow it to keep the special data of any blocks it destroys.

    I looked into the error of blocks not being destroyed/returned, and it appears to be a client/server discrepancy issue. So far I don't see any way to fix it, but I'll investigate further.
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    REMEMBER Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

    GO JOE!

    on another note on my hidden door plugin that i previously linked hasnt been updated in awhile it makes me weep :p hidden chambers are impossible atm if you dont fall into them.... (imagines the awesomeness of blocks behind doors with redstone torches like in old horror/adventure flicks secret passages) someday.... someday.
  29. Okokokok, I'll make a clone of the hidden door plugin. :p

    Though it is technically feasible to enable similar functionality with this plugin as it is.

    Make a wall of brick, run redstone wires through them, turn on current, brick wall disappears.
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    actually thats not what the plugin does amazingly O.O you place bricks then place a door infront of it against it... you acn right click from either side (on the bricks) and it OPENS lol the blocks vanish and it shows the door opening until you close it and the blocks reappear when the door closes

    why did i say behind the bricks? i meant you can click on the bricks themselves and they disappear and the door becomes open but when you close it then the blocks pop back up infront of it... its like your plugin only triggered by a door opening on. i just dunno how they would of had it so you can open the door by clicking on the bricks the doors hidden behind lol
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    Should add permissions to this...

    So that only certain people can build the traps :/

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