[FUN/MECH] PistonsExtended v1.4.0 Add Extra Functionality to Pistons [1000]

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    PistonsExtended -Extend Your Pistons

    Version 1.4.0

    This plugin allows you to define pistons that are crushers that crush blocks and if you left click a piston with a slime ball you can toggle the pistons stickiness. To define a piston as a crush you attach a sign to the piston on any of the 5 sides that has the first line of [crush] & Place bedrock i block away from piston like so: P_[bedrock] where P is the Piston _ is the block you want to crush. The second third and fourth are used to define what blocks can and cannot crush anyone of the lines can have a [NOT]
    and that means that any of the data values on the sign are not to be crushed any and items that aren't on the list will be crushed an example sign would be

    that sign would mean all blocks except for cloth,tnt,glass,torch,redstone torch, and stone can be crushed​
    ex image:​
    Change log:​
    Version 1.0:​
    • Public release
    Version 1.1:​
    • "Fixed" bug causing client crash
    • added ability to use the dash on signs ex 1-50 would crush everything from stone to torches​
    • you can now use obsidian instead of bedrock
    • if you place a chest where the bedrock is the crushed item ends up in the chest
    Version 1.2:
    • added auto option
    • added config
    • added dupe option line one [dupe] line 2 a single block or item id to dupe
    • chunks with pistons will now not unload
    • updated to CB 1000
    Version 1.3:
    • fixed NPE
    Version 1.3.1
    • should have fixed error with levers next to pistons
    Version 1.4:
    • early beta on auto fixed bug feedback is welcomed
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    forcaster pusher is currently just a place holder
    @Everyone(sorrry!) sorry development has been so slow my hdd completely failed and my new one finally came in development will speed up soon
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    Awesome! Cant' wait for the pusher function and the crush blacklist! ^^
    I hope it goes well :p
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    @matter123 Also, you should make a note that some functions aren't available in the config, or at least in the plugin post. I completely expected the push function to work and thought I was doing something wrong...
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    ok sorry
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    um ill try to work on a 1.8 version today
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    I don't know if this has been suggested before, but personally i would love to see a mod where pistons can be chained. that is, when a piston pushes another piston, the second one also extends. Is that like the pusher function? I've been looking for a plugin that does this for ages, and I have no idea how to make one of my own. However i can program java, just not bukkit API.... i'll take a look your source code, see if I can figure anything out from that. So far no good. Deciphering code is not easy when you don't know what some of it means.
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    i can try working on chaining

    dev build will be out soon that is compatible with 1185

    devlink = http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20045043/pistonsextended-dev.jar
    above link ^ will always point to the latest version of pistonsextended

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    That had been the "top" request shortly after pistons came out. I had looked into this fairly extensively , though i never did manage to get them working correctly. I believe the hooks required weren't available. I have not looked recently so perhaps they have been added.

    I tried something along the lines of(I can't remember the actual code/formatting at this point, so forgive my very abridged, crude idea):

    onPistonBlockExtendEvent, getblock
    if block = stickypiston
    set PistonExtensionMaterial, isPowered

    I was probably way off in my thinking, so hopefully you are smarter then I. haha, Good Luck!
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    wait chaining is like making piston b expand when piston a expands correct?
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    yes i believe thats what technickl was talking about.

    Power to the first in the chain would extend them all.


    I think the retraction part is a bit harder to accomplish however.

    ED: I downloaded the new bukkit API yesterday, and as far as i can tell there have been no new piston related hooks made. though that doesn't necessarily mean that the chain idea can't be done with what is currently available.
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    oh i thought chaining is
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    That would be a handy option, here's a screenshot of what I'd like to see.


    What I would like to happen is that when you power 1 piston, any attached pistons are powered also. So when you hit the lever, instead of 1 piston extending, they ALL extend. Could something like this be done?

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    yeah thats alot easier then what @Face is talking about
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    could it be possible to make pumpkins pushable? would be nice for a snow golem farm :)
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    When i place a sign on the piston, it wont react to anything. When i remove the sign, it works again. Using the devbuild.

    Oh excuse me, it wont expand anymore, its just crushing! Sorry :p
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    pumpkins arnt pushable?
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    updated dev build use previous link add permissions pistonsextended.dupe and pistonsextended.crush NOTE i forgot to change version number in the enabled and disable message
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    How do you make it so that the Piston pushes more blocks????
    I put 150 in the config file as max length, but it still wont go over ten so help please!
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    New Version dev build

    requires cb#1317 or greater

    *updated sign detection to recognize all 26 directions (think corners)
    +added Enity flinging (unfortunately sand and gravel are blocks not entities so i cant fling those but lit TNT is an entity)
    +added activation, off by default, to use right click a piston and if you have the correct permission it will say you have activated the piston

    I highly recommend that you delete your old config file to see the new options

    Please help me test this so i can find the bugs that may or may not exist

    (on a side note this build is 42 kb)

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    Ok, when will the pusher be added? Or when will i be able to increase the max amount of blocks a piston can push?
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    as soon as i can figure out how to do it
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    @matter123 i think you will find that falling sand IS an entity Just how you go about creating the entity is a totally different story ... others have made sand fly before maybe its worth looking at how they did it and applying some of the logic.

    also the whole dupe thing has me worried plz plz tell me as a server owner that i can turn that off...

    my server is a survival i go out of my way to make sure no blocks are cheated that being said i dont mind adding things like this that allow the players to be creative to make things easier.
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    its in the config
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    Sweet :D totally adding it :D


    Uh wtf man Dupe is turned off yet It still dupes slimeballs with the toggle feature man is it 2 much for a plugin to not allow the players to cheat.... It really should take the slime ball from the player until such time that is possible i guess i will have to disable that feature as well is there any other ways the players could cheat that i should know about?

    EDIT 2 :

    I cant for the life of me work out how the auto feature works explain please. or just an example sign so i know where to start with testing :D
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    no other way for cheating and to disable the slime ball change toggle.sticky in the config to false

    auto is currently a dev feature it requires a lever AND a sign attached to the piston to work
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    im making an admin base and i need to be able to move a block of bedrock back and fourth in the opening
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    Is anyone else having issues with this plugin? I installed it (and by that I mean put the jar file into my plugins folder) and started my server. The piston with the sign on it doesn't want to work. I've tried [CRUSH] [Crush] [crush] and everything in between... Any suggestions?
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    you do know this plugin is about as old as dirt

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