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    Piston Squeezer v1.2
    Crush blocks with piston!

    This is my first "official" plugin.

    - place two pistons facing each other with a space of two blocks inbetween
    - place a block inbetween them
    - activate the pistons
    - take the drop of the destroyed block!

    A short video demonstrating its usage:

    Config (open)
    //Check out for the data-values. !IMPORTANT! Keep in mind to supply the amount. Use 1 if you want just 1 drop.:
    - 7​
    - 49​
    - 4: 12 2​

    Syntax of protected blocks should be clear. The IDs 7 and 49 stand for bedrock and obsidian. Those will be undestroyable with pistons. Syntax of conversion is as follows:
    - fromID: toID amount

    In the example above a cobblestone will drop 2 sand if its destroyed by the pistons.

    !IMPORTANT! At the moment it is mandatory to leave a blank newline at the end of the config.

    fixed so far

    To do
    - low priority: players take damage when inbetween the pistons

    Change Log
    Change Log (open)
    v1.1 - Added config
    - Bugfix: pistons attached with the stony side to each other will no longer destroy each other​

    v1.1 - Obsidian is now undestroyable
    - Bedrock is now undestroyable​
    - Bugfix: Blocks on the pistons will not be destroyed​

    v1.0 - Release

    @feildmaster for his support regarding some question about bukkit and java.

    Any reports about bugs and suggestions will be appreciated!
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    Is it possible that you can make this kill a player?
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    Yes! This is what I need. But piston shouldn't crush obsidian and bedrock. There's another bug, blocks sitting on top of pistons gets destroyed when activated . EDIT: The blocks sitting by the pistons doesn't get destroyed, only on the top including bedrock blocks.
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    Yeah this should not destroy bedrock and obsidian. Until this happens I wanna add it.
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    Get a dropbox bro!

    With that ppl can wget or the autoupdater plugins can download it.

    Anyways I'm going to try this tonight!
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    Thanks, it's working perfectly. It's exactly the real pistons should do.
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    Now I love this plugin.
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    Thanks a lot! :)

    Any suggestions and improvements are welcome, I wanna add something more to this plugin. I just dont know what.
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    Possible to add a config file so we can choose which blocks can be broken?
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    Yeah please get dropbox, the download button on the site does not work for me.
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    @lipe123 Thats a good idea, I'm working on it.

    @kahlilnc Alright I did it, download is now directing to dropbox.
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    Nice job on the plugin. I'll go ahead and take a look at how you did it now. ^^
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    Nice plugin :D Btw:

      public void onDisable()
        PluginDescriptionFile pdfFile = getDescription();
        System.out.println(pdfFile.getName() + " version: " + pdfFile.getVersion() + " is enabled.");
    see whats wrong there? XD
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      public void onDisable()
        PluginDescriptionFile pdfFile = getDescription();
        System.out.println(pdfFile.getName() + " version: " + pdfFile.getVersion() + " is disabling.");
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    exactly ^^
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    Always read the Plugin Submission Format
    You have to add this tag to support your latest Recommended Version
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    Love the plugin, but like someone else said adding the ability to configure what blocks break would be awesome, plugin as it stands makes alot of my users hidden doors setup destroy itself xD Need to make it so pistons cant break each other.
  20. Definitely needs to be configurable as to what form of blocks it can break.


    Make it functional:
    Smooth stone becomes cobble, cobble becomes gravel, gravel becomes sand
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    I understand stone to cobble, but gravel and sand?
  22. Think of it as gradients.

    Cobble is one block of stone broke into big chunks of stone.
    Gravel is smaller pebbles, so crushed big chunks into littler ones.
    Sand is just tiny tiny particulates of stone, so littler ones smashed even finer.

    The transition is logical, and I, for one, can never find enough gravel.
    Also: I have a mod that allows you to craft clay from gravel, so a very useful thing for me.
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    It might be logical, but not in MineCraft Logic. :D Maybe as a custom feature.

    And for your not finding enough gravel... you must not mine too much. ;p
  24. I make roads that are 3 gravel wide, and many many chunks in length. You'd be surprised how quickly you can go through it.

    That's ok though, another modder is adding it to his piston crush thing, so as it suits you.
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    Who else has a piston crusher? -takes a look-
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    I do I'm afraid: Block Crusher v1
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    I found another bug. If the pistons placed next to each other facing opposite direction like this.
    One of the pistons gets destroyed if both were active at same time.
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    After a little time of hard work I finally managed to setup my custom config.

    @IronWill1991 : fixed the bug in the new version.

    @Lunarius Haberdash : Added block conversion in the new version. Check out the config in my first post.

    @HotelErotica @kahlilnc : Added custom block protection in the new version.

    Due to the fact that I am working with java for like 2 weaks as well as with minecraft plugins I'd be thankful if you forgive me bugs and errors. Of course I'm trying to keep the quality of my plugins as high as possible but thats not always easy. So It would be great if you could report further errors and assist me with ideas on how to improve this plugin furthermore.


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    Thanks, the custom config is awesome. I don't see any new bugs. Actually it's pretty good for someone who is working on java only for two weeks. Bugs are normal in java, just take a look at minecraft inself. lol
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    this is exactly what i was looking for! thanks!

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