Inactive [FUN]/[MECH] PickPocket v0.1 - A Thief Plugin: Steal objects from another player [1000]

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    PickPocket - A Thief Plugin: Steal objects from another player
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin is based on the ideas generated on this post:

    PickPocket gives the ability of stealing objects from other users useing a tool, when a player attack another with the defined tool (bucket by default) the plugin select a random object from the victim’s inventory and check what is the probability for stealing that object from the file, if the thief wins, the item is remove from the player and is delivered to the thief, if not, the victim recive a warning and the thif could loose some life or the tool used (configurable).

    • Fully customizable messages.
    • Permissions/GroupManager+FakePermissions or OPs Support.

    - Download v0.1
    - Source Code

    Example config.yml:
    - Download example.
    PickPocketTool: Data Value of the that Item will be used as tool for PickPocket (a bucket for default).
    DamageOnFail: Damage that the Thief will recive if he fail while trying to steal (0 for disable).
    LooseToolOnFail: if the Thief will loose the tool if he fail while trying to steal (YES for enable).
    %t = Thief.
    %v = Victim.
    %i = Item.

    - Download example.
    ITEM=1 -> Is always stolen.
    ITEM=0 -> Is never stolen (or you can remove the element from the list, is the same…).
    ITEM=0.5 -> has 50% of probabilities of been stolen.

    Permissions Nodes:
    Known Bugs:
    • None so far detected, but expecting many !!!
    Version 0.1:
    • Release
    If you like something i do, you can:
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    If sneaking will be a requirement, please make it an OPTION in the config. I use sprint (which uses the sneak button)
  3. Four suggestions:

    1. Add the ability to use different tools to pickpocket, with configurable rates of success (for example, a wooden hoe could have a 50% chance of obtaining an item, while a diamond one would have a 95% chance).
    2. Change the probability of individual items being obtained.
    3. Hook into iConomy so players can steal currency as well as/instead of items.
    4. Fix your grammar in the configuration files, and make it so that it doesn't tell the person being stolen from that they've been, well, stolen from by default.
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    I think this is a great start.

    Maybe look into making this work with McMMO. They don't have a thief skill and this would fit perfectly I think.

    Also add iConomy support so you can still money from people!

    This would add greatly to the popularity of your awesome plugin :)

    Thank you for your hard work!
  5. Can u make a youtube movie of how to download and use. I've downloaded but using bucket don't do anything. Maybe cause i'm on PVP server?
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    another vote for iCon support. I suppose it'll have to wait till after 1.6 breaks everything lulz.
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    Can you upgrade it to 1.5 ?
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    I have been using this plugin for a while, and it is awesome. Unfortunately, I have discovered that the thief skill does not work in a NO-PVP zone. Will there be any way to have the thief class use leftclick instead of rightclick??

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    still works for 818?
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    Is this up for 818?
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    It has to many glitches with other pvp plugins. I doubt it will be updated soon as it still in the 740's buld and we are already at 818. This plugin is awesome, I wish it was set as a right-click instead of leftclick, it would work better that way.

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    agreed right click would be great and a tool specified.. like gold swords which are pointless, could be used.
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    For grammatical purposes, should read like:
    If it says "steal you," it means that you are stealing the person, like in a kidnapping. Lose and loose have very different meanings. Also, exclamation points are overused!!!!!!
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    Integrate cooldown maybe?
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    Does this still work? Was thinking of adding it to my server but figured I would check first.
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    No, its completely broke now, all the players on my server just get hurt when they hit each other with the bucket. When the dev finally fixes it, we will re-add it to our server.

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    Any possibility that someone could update this? I hate the other pickpocket plugin, it requires a ton of commands and works in a completely different way.
  18. Hmm, give me a little bit to do RestartNow and... ;)
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    does anyone know if this works on 953?
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    Yes, it works on 953.
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    Craftbukkit 1000 is ok with dat?
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    @FlingeR get this integrated with heroes ^^^ That would make my day (at least as a skill made with the api)
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    Dont know why, but, this plugin dont work on my server. It correctly loads, but cant stole anything and nobody can. Tried many things... CB 1000
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    I'm stunned. After 2 months of looking for devs to revive this, it's back on track by itself and I haven't received a notification >_<.

    Nevermind, doesn't work on 1060.

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    will you update to 1060?
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    Hi, can you please use the right-click instead of left-click? I think that it could solve the compatibility use with plugins like mcMMO.
    Can you also make it so that you have to be sneaking when you try to steal?
    Keep up the good work !
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    He hasn't looked here for the past 6 months.
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    The best alternative for PickPocket could be to include this feature as a new skill in mcMMO.
    If several persons ask, may be that they will do it...
  29. The pick pocket permission dosen't work players are still able to steal item's from groups with

    - 'PickPocket.protected'

    Any ideas on a fix?
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    Would love to have this updated with the current bukkit build.
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    first one to revive this for bukkit gets $50 from me

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