Inactive [FUN]/[MECH] PickPocket v0.1 - A Thief Plugin: Steal objects from another player [1000]

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    PickPocket - A Thief Plugin: Steal objects from another player
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin is based on the ideas generated on this post:

    PickPocket gives the ability of stealing objects from other users useing a tool, when a player attack another with the defined tool (bucket by default) the plugin select a random object from the victim’s inventory and check what is the probability for stealing that object from the file, if the thief wins, the item is remove from the player and is delivered to the thief, if not, the victim recive a warning and the thif could loose some life or the tool used (configurable).

    • Fully customizable messages.
    • Permissions/GroupManager+FakePermissions or OPs Support.

    - Download v0.1
    - Source Code

    Example config.yml:
    - Download example.
    PickPocketTool: Data Value of the that Item will be used as tool for PickPocket (a bucket for default).
    DamageOnFail: Damage that the Thief will recive if he fail while trying to steal (0 for disable).
    LooseToolOnFail: if the Thief will loose the tool if he fail while trying to steal (YES for enable).
    %t = Thief.
    %v = Victim.
    %i = Item.

    - Download example.
    ITEM=1 -> Is always stolen.
    ITEM=0 -> Is never stolen (or you can remove the element from the list, is the same…).
    ITEM=0.5 -> has 50% of probabilities of been stolen.

    Permissions Nodes:
    Known Bugs:
    • None so far detected, but expecting many !!!
    Version 0.1:
    • Release
    If you like something i do, you can:
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    haha this looks epic man keep up the good work
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    It works well, I'm having a lot of fun with it.
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    i have an idea add in configureable (turn on/off) leveling that increases the pickpocketing chance/ allows them to steal more valuble items, for roleplay server sweet plugin btw
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    Link with an npc plugin skill levels ?
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    Ok, now for criticism: It seems illogical to tell another player they have been successfully pickpocketed. It makes no sense to me. Please provide an option to disable the message '[PickPocket] %t has stolen you!!', and just remain silent.
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    ummmm i cant seem to get this to work. I have installed correctly but i cant figure out how to actually pick pocket. i also dont understand about the permission nodes. can i get some help plz? ty in advance
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    Check it out now:

    Will inform nothing.

    If you have the "default" configuration:
    - Add the 'PickPocket.use' node into your Permissions plugin (only to those Groups that you want to allow to PickPocket).
    - Now when a player from one of those groups hit other player with a bucket, the plugin will start to work.

    If you cant figure it out, send me your config files or try to give me more information.
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    you may have made this backwards as an op I can steal but not a player
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    Here is everything in my config file.

    PickPocketTool: '325'
    DamageOnFail: '1'
    LooseToolOnFail: 'no'
    FailToSteal: '[PickPocket] You have Fail!!'
    ItemStolen: '[PickPocket] You have stolen an item!!'
    TryToStealYou: '[PickPocket] %t has tried to steal you!!'
    HasStolenYou: '[PickPocket] %t has stolen you!!'

    This is the exact copy that came with the download so i havnt changed anything.
    I am brand new at using Bukkit and this is the first mod/plugin i have downloaded. i got bukkit from this youtube video as i was trying to mod minecraft servers. here is the link:
    2 part video.
    part 1:
    part 2:
    i still dont understand anything about nodes and permission plugins
    thanks if u can help me :p
    PS so far only my friend has joined lol. i can host and i have portforwarded if that is related to anything
    PPS sorry bout really long post

    oops forgot to add items properties. anyway they are the default text aswell. when i start the server up in the command line it says your plugin/mod sucsefully started (sorry got bad spelling this week for some reason)

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    You should install GroupManager or Permissions, read the info on those plugins to manage the permissions nodes.
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    ok thanks will try
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    We're wanting to use your source or thought process on our Heroes RPG plugin ( would you be willing to contribute to the plugin or allow us the source to use it?
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    Only downside is that this can be used in <SafeZones>
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    Hi i installed your plugin, and sadly it will not work :(

    Here is my permissions setup:
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - 'iConomy.access'
                - 'iConomy.rank'
                - 'iConomy.list'
                - 'iConomy.payment'
                - ''
                - ''
                - ''
                - 'PickPocket.use'
    And i have these set as users:

            group: Builders
                - '-derp.derp'
            group: Builders
                - '-derp.derp' 
    The plugin successfully runs when i start the server. However when i log in at bob and bob2 it doesn't work. Neither can steal from each other.

    Any ideas?
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    Tell me your CB version, pass me your full permissions config and your PickPocket configuration.
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    Hi, I installed it one week ago on my server and it works!! : ) I use the spider string to steal (object 287) and damage on fail is now 0. So that is working.
    Nonetheless, everytime I change in the config file the sentences
    FailToSteal: '[PickPocket] You have Fail!!'
    ItemStolen: '[PickPocket] You have stolen an item!!'
    TryToStealYou: '[PickPocket] %t has tried to steal you!!'
    HasStolenYou: '[PickPocket] %t has stolen you!!'
    it doesn't anymore :/

    And are you going to add a new version in the future?

    Thanks for your job FlingeR!^^,
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    We need have cooldowns here, because thief can spam someone and steal whole inventory :D However, on my server people enjoy your stuff as well FlingeR, so thank you ! ;) [diamond]
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    Can you please add an option just to use your hand and having a chance to fail and succeed, but when you fail it will have custom text. I like the permissions, because if the request I made for you is accepted I will add a new group to my server, Thief or maybe it can go with a rebel.
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    Where is the .jar? Both download links only have the source code available.
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    -NO item
    -Hold Down Shift then steal
    -WIth percentage
    -Leveling up for higher percentage
    -With permissions.
    Please consider some of these and I no you have some of these featured on here. I just want to make a group on my server that has these ideas.
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    kahlilnc thats great
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    Is it possible to lowe the percent of stealin things beyond 50%?
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    I know it's petty, but I know I as well as others don't want to have to change your grammar in the config files after we all download this nice plugin.

    Please edit to something like this, if you haven't already:

    PickPocketTool: '325'
    DamageOnFail: '1'
    LoseToolOnFail: 'no'
    FailToSteal: '[PickPocket] You have failed!!'
    ItemStolen: '[PickPocket] You have stolen an item!!'
    (StealAttempt?)TryToStealYou: '[PickPocket] %t has tried to steal from you!!'
    (Robbed?)HasStolenYou: '[PickPocket] %t has stolen from you!!'

    The most important thing for me is the 'from' in the messages because I know that the "LooseToolOnFail" and such are probably worked into the code.

    This is a great looking plugin, especially since I have a no-rules PvP Nether :p


    The Grammar Nazi
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    Theres a plugin out there called "Open Inventory" which allows you to open a players inventory anywhere in the game, and it opens it like a chest, is there any way you could make it so everytime you click a player with the item, you open their inventory, and the success chance is still there, just based on whatever you try to take out.

    This would be down right amazing and I would pay for this plugin if you could possibly do it.
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    Request: iConomy cash on the list of stealable items (with amount stolen configurable)
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    Can you make it so they have to be sneaking when they try and steal? That would be awesome!

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