[FUN/MECH] npcx (v0.0.31) - The NPC eXtender (now for 1.8.1) [1097-1157]

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    npcx - The NPC eXtender
    Version: 0.0.31

    UPDATE: mixxit has took the initiative to update the npclib to 1.8, all credit for this update goes to him! it should work on any 1.8 version of craftbukkit

    If you are having trouble, please read the old thread here and the included readme.txt that mixxit left. If you know of any other tutorials, do post and I'll add them.

    Info Update: Well long story short I am beginning to get bored of Minecraft and I don't have as much time as I would like to develop this plugin. This probably means that the rewrite I had planned is just going to die. Besides lack of time and motivation, I find it extremely pointless to write an API for NPCs outside of bukkit/craftbukkit, which makes the rewrite I was working on very frustrating. However, I will continue to update mixxit's code for new versions of minecraft, but don't expect any new features or anything.
    Update 2: As NPCs are being planned natively for 1.8 (the adventure update), I will probably be working on a (separate) plugin or directly with the NPC API if I have time.

    Note: If you have iConomy, make sure you have at least version 5+ or you'll get an error like this.
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event WHATEVER_EVENT to npcx
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/iConomy/iConomy
    You should also be able to add "use-iConomy=false" in the npcx properties file.

    If you're having trouble installing MySql on windows, here's a nice guide: http://forums.bukkit.org/posts/293544, thanks to Atticus Craft. Basic WAMP/LAMP/MAMP servers should work fine too, just make sure you have the username/password correct and the database with permissions to the right user.

    • You can create npcs
    • And they do stuff
    • Everything should work like it did in mixxit's last version
    And by "work like it did" I mean I have no clue if there were bugs from then, but they're probably still around now. Please report any you find so I can take them into consideration.

    For MC 1.8.1 (1097+, no RB yet) Download
    For MC 1.7 (937+, 953, 1k): Download
    For MC 1.6 (807+): Download
    For MC 1.5 (740-803): Download
    Source Code

    Version 0.0.31
    • Updated to MC 1.8.1 (by Mixxit)
    Version 0.0.3
    • Updated for Grum's internal renaming
    Version 0.0.2
    • Updated for 1.6
    Version 0.0.1
    • Updated for 1.5
    • Began code revamp
    All credits go to mixxit for his work. Special thanks to sk89q and fullwall, even if they don't know they helped.
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    no, my server runs on a nitrado gameserver.
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    Then you need to have them set up a MYSQL db for you. If they can't, you could probably host one elsewhere, but eh, I wouldn't want to deal with connecting to another server for my plugin to work.
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    Hey great mod. i have it up and running on my server. i am able to create npc's and the like but ive seem to run into an issue with pathgroups. for some reason it keeps giving me an error when i try to set the paths. i have a pathgroup setup but it will not let me acually create the path positions. any help would be appreciated. thx

    forgot to add the error.

    "Insufficient arguments /npcx pathgroup add pathgroupid order name"

    i am typing "/npcx pathgroup add 1 1"
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    this plugin bugs me... it doesnt work :/ it just errors anything i type
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    @Gravebeyond : You have to give a name to each of the stops. Yeah, I know this seems pretty stupid, but you have to type "/npcx pathgroup add 1 1 FirstStop"
    @Tulips : I think you're giving a little too much information for us to manage... :rolleyes: It would get us started if you gave us the error, don't you think? does the console have an output to the error? you would want to include that. And, please, read the last 5 pages of the thread to check if the error hasn't been reported and solved yet.
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    Thank you for the help. ill try that out when i get a chance. The video that is on youtube does not say to add the "FirstStop". probably why i was abit confused. :)

    Ok the pathing now works. my next issue is i cant seem to get the "/civ buy" command to work. it just gives me a general error and nothing happens. any help is very much appreciated, and so far everything else works pretty well.

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    @Tulips : I think you're giving a little too much information for us to manage... :rolleyes: It would get us started if you gave us the error, don't you think? does the console have an output to the error? you would want to include that. And, please, read the last 5 pages of the thread to check if the error hasn't been reported and solved yet.[/quote]

    well i didnt setup mysql cus idk what to do with it so that might be a problem
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    Updating for 1.6 as soon as I get back from school. Thanks to all the people who have been answering questions.
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    well i didnt setup mysql cus idk what to do with it so that might be a problem[/quote]

    Setting up the plugin correctly usually makes it work.
    Come back when you've followed the instructions
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    when you have rewritten it, will it still need MySQL??
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    This plugin will probably always need mysql
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    I already have NPC (Not NPCx ) does this mean i have to uninstall my NPC and install NPCx or do they work side by side?
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    no theres only 1 thing to the left and it wont let me choose new database, its faded like so i cant click it.. what do i do :(
    Edit: also it says 2003 - Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) whenever i double click it or click console or anything to load it :/
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    once i set up a server with brohoster I will have to get them to make a database for this, will they know how to do that if i link them the NPCX post my mixxit or will i have to explain it, cus im pretty nub at this kinda stuff.
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    planning on adding alternatives, mysql is looking like the hardest to write for me right now
    I don't know how different hosts operate.

    Updated for MC 1.6.
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    Dude do we have to delete NPC for NPCx to work?
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    I've never even heard of NPC. Try testing it yourself.
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    sorry its Citizens
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    Uhm, they theoretically shouldn't conflict, but they might. Why do you want to run both anyway?
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    IIRC, they conflict (at least they did with mixxit's).
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    hey how do i get it so i dont ahve to use navicat... cus that Table thing is empty it doesnt have 3 things like in the tutorial and it wont let me make new database on the connection Local can i get any help on what i did wrong
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    my npcs doesnt spawn !!
    i just did as the instruction says.
    It gives no error syntax in the log!! HELP thx
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    I hope you bring in that we make our own Skins for the npcs
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    I've been running Citizens and npcx for 3 weeks or so now, and it works perfectly so far as I tell. They are standing right next to one another, even.
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    Awesome plugin! would love it if you could control pathgroups via user responses. E.g the npc could say "where do you want to go?" and depending on the users response it would trigger the npc to start walking a set path.
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    I wanted to say thank you for your work in maintaining such a great plugin.
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    how far are you with your code?
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    npcs shouldnt count as player, they should be mobs. its stupid that they are listed in the /who /online /playerlist
    and also take the resources like a normal player
    i liked it, but how it is now, i cant use it
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    Please finish this. I am interested in this new version you are writing.

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