[FUN/MECH] No smoking! v0.0.7/5 - Not only smoking now :) [BukkitDev]

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    It's possible obtain a list with all soud effect like:
    sfx gshriek = ghast sound
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    1. blz (alias - blaze) - blaze sound
    2. bow - sound of shooting bow
    3. click1 - mouse click sound,
    4. click2 - next type of mouse clicking
    5. door - creaking door sound,
    6. extinguish (alias - "psh") - fire-extinguishing sound
    7. gshoot - ghast shoot
    8. gshriek - ghast's "meow"

    And you can use numbers. /smoke sfx=6 is same to /smoke sfx=psh and smoke sfx=extinguish
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    it is really wonderful, plz man, update it for mc 1.1 :p
    'cause when I try to execute any command, nothing happens, just the "/smoke help" message.
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    Yesterday I tested No Smoking v0.0.2 with latest craftbukkit devbuild. It worked fine. I will not test it with every craftbukkit build, until RB released.
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    Strange... So, do you have an idea why I have the "/smoke help" problem ? :(
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    On lastest bukkit version 1772 doesn't work.
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    Unfortunately I can not be checked and recode plugin with bukkit's devbuild. I think the best way is to focus on the RB, when it will be done.
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    One idea :) Using permissions is disabled by default. If you are not OP and trying to type /smoke command you will get "/smoke help" message. So if you are not OP, but you have access to config.yml you must stop server, edit config.yml - change line "use-permissions: false" and set it to "use-permissions: true"
    Than you must start server again, and if you have permissions (no-smoking.smoke required for everyone who must use plugin) you can try command /smoke again.
    If you are already OP, and have a "/smoke help problem" check server log for No Smoking errors (if any - send it to me). If you are using craftbukkit devbuild, please wait until RB released. I'm planning new version release after expected RB.
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    Running 1772 running fine with No_Smoking...
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    New version released.

    v.0.0.4 MCCity edition
    • Using permissions is "on" by default
    • Now NS-signs activating by redstone power
    • Added new sign "[ns-toggle] to toggle effect by redstone
    • Signs are colored now, and displaying effect state as color of effect name.
    • Fixed memory overload problem with entity based effects
    • Some code optimization, including new bukkit event system support

    Updated link to file (previous was wrong)

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    Is this updated for R5? If not, please do. Thank you.
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    I think it will. There's no any deprecated code. I've tested few days ago.
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    v.0.0.5 released.
    Craftbukkit 1.2.3-R0.1 supported.

    • New sound effect added: zombie iron and wooden door chew, zombie destroying wooden door sound.
    • 256 (and more) height supported.
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    Is there any way to make the effects happen on players? Such as lightning when you join or smoke on teleporting?
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    Is there going to be a void fog update or is that somehow impossible? I'm making a magic shop on my server and i think that effect would be ideal for it. Thanks!
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    Sorry it is not possible yet. There's no effect of fog or something. In our server, we created Diablo-style :) portal to Nether - we filled it with random-directions smokes...
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    Polish No Smoking! tutorial. Thank you very much Treekt :)
    Video created by Treekt
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    ca will be cool to add the hearts of qand you aprivoised a dog
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    Yeah! It will be cool... but it not possible yet...
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    not working for me... the plugin is loaded but when i /smoke the smoke don't appear :-?
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    /smoke command just toggles the wand mode. If wand mode enabled you can use wand item (default - coal) to place effect above the clicked block.

    To select effect use command /smoke eff=<type>
    All command list are present in the first page of this thread. And you can watch a tutorial demo. It was created for earlier version, but it is actual and you can learn how to place effects from this video.

    And don't forget if you're not a OP you must setup permissions for your player before using plugin.
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    Looks like a pretty cool plugin. One thing I could suggest though is maybe add in a feature where you can change the color of the smoke. Because I'm working on a Pokemon server and for the ice gym, I would like some sort of mist/smoke hovering around the floor to give it a more realistic feel.
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    Sorry, but it not possible to change smoke color.
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    • 1.3.x supported
    • Added new effect: explosions (it supports rates 1...10, 50, 100)
    • Ender Pearl effect was removed (due to craftbukitt's limitations). All ender pearls effects will be shown as three ender signals.
    • New pointlist file format. All previous files will be converted (including v0.0.1 pointlist file)
    • Plugin renamed (space removed, now it called NoSmoking. Don't forget to rename plugin's data folder.
    • Added Metrics and update checker.
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    i tried using the pearl effect but its the same as the eye effect
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    Ability to spawn EnderPearl entity is removed from craftbukkit since 1.3.x version. So this effect in No Smoking was replaced. I'm waiting to new versions of craftbukkit: may be ender pearl will come back...
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    why is it that lightning has to have 10, 50, or 100 for its rate? i was trying to set up a system to make lightning flash whenever you push a button, but its difficult to get the timing down right wiht other special effects since the lightning tends to happen slower and more random even with a rate of 10
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    Is there a chance of making custom sound effect support with this plugin?
    F.e.: With a Sounds direrctory, and if i put some .mp3 files there, it will plays the music when i activate it?

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