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    No smoking!
    version: v0.0.7

    This plugin evolution is freezed. There's a new plugin PlayEffect (first I want to call it NoSmoking-2). NoSmoking! will be updated to keep compatibility with future craftbukkit version. But all new features, effects, etc. will be added to the PlayEffect plugin. You can easy upgrade to PlayEffect (it supports NoSmoking 0.0.7 file format).


    No smoking allows you to spawn some smoke at your Minecraft worlds. It was created to steam-punk style server to simulate steams and smokes. But after releasing version 0.0.2 the name of the "No Smoking!" acquires a new meaning: now it's an acronym of "Not Only Smoking!" because now plugin is able to produce 8 types of different effects in addition to smoke.
    You can see demonstration of plugin abilities on this video.

    Like this plugin?
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    This is awesome! Is there permission nodes though? So that only certain people can make smoke, as i would assume that with lots of smoke scattered around your worlds it would begin to lag.
    Also a possible addition could be to have the coal taken away from you as a price for making the smoke, unless you have a node exempting you from the cost.
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    Permission not supported yet. But only OPs can make smokes.
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    Can I see a picture/video :p cuz I wonder what it looks like, and also what it looks like with wind
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    Permissions support couldn't be any easier now if you would like to add it.
    if(player.hasPermission("permission.node") {}
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    Thanks, I'll use permissions in next version of the plugin

    Plugin demonstration video (embedded in first post)

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    Awesome, but for me, smoke disapear after a reboot (or reload don't know)
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    hmm.. any errors in server log? Is file plugins/NoSmoking/smokepoints.cfg created?

    Video tutorial:

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    this happened to me the first time I loaded NoSmoking. It persisted through subsequent restarts, however.
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    How about subsequent reboot? Did you have to install a new smoke or old smokes restored? And what happened with file/NoSmoking/smokepoints.cfg? May be it were deleted?
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    awwesomeee i'm definitely going to use this.
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    First time I see a smoke plugin being done fright. In the previous ones I saw, it was damn ugly. Yes, I've been running a server for a year now :)
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    Very good plugin!
    Just one request for me: Could you possibly make it so the smoke is bigger? Like make it go upwards more and produce more of these particles effect? General is just to make the smoke size bigger :)

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    Apasilic, thank you. Pleasure to hear it ;)
    It's not possible to change size of single smoke. But you can create big smoke, when placing some smokes near other.
    For example, I'm usually place one smoke on the chimes top with /smoke wd calm parameter and next smoke (/smoke wd wind) over the first one.
    In future release, I'm going to include some templates, that will simplify the creation of big smoke.
  15. Shouldn't the plugin name be "No Fire" lol, since there is smoke!
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    Hmm... Now I think, that "NO Smoking" is an anagram from phrase "Not only smoking!". And after releasing the next version, the name will completely describe plugins features :)
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    I searched long for a really good smoke mod, and now i found one which exceeded my expectations by far.
    Your plugin would be even awesomer if there would be the possibility to toggle smokes by ID!

    The only big drawback: I have the same problem like Shooty and Greylocke.
    I found No smoking! to create a folder named 'no smoking' AND 'NoSmoking', and I can't notice a rule when it is accessing which of the two created smokepoints.​
    Also NoSmoking! still knows the smokes created, but the effects are lost.​
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    In nearest few days I'm planning to release new version of plugin, so problem with two folders will be solved out. About problem like Shooty and Greylocke, I tried but could not get the same error. Nevertheless, I have optimized the code and I hope it will affect positively on the work of the plugin.
    Toggle smokes by ID is good idea, I'll think about it.
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    Well, does this plugin update itself? It now prefers to use the 'No Smoking' folder. The smokes even doesn't disappear anymore on my server. :D
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    New version released. You must download it to install. Smokes create in v0.0.1 will transfered to new version, However, make sure that file smokepoints.cfg is located in the folder "No Smoking" (if it located in "NoSmoking" (without space) just copy it in new folder).
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    Nice work! It is very useful!
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    Wait, can I create jukeboxes that loop forever with this? That's awesome.

    Edit.: Wow that's totally great. :D However, the only things I can switch to are smoke or potion break. When I do /smoke eff=Ender eye for example, it only says "Current effect: smoke bla bla". Am I doing something wrong?
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    Oh! Sorry, in descriptions were effects names, not options for /smoke=eff... (now corrected)

    You can use:

    1 /smoke eff=smoke
    2 /smoke eff=flame
    3 /smoke eff=signal
    4 /smoke eff=potion
    5 /smoke eff=pearl
    6 /smoke eff=eye
    7 /smoke eff=song
    8 /smoke eff=sound
    9 /smoke eff=light

    And you can give a number as parameter to eff, song, sound

    For example:
    /smoke eff=8 sfx=1 rate=1
    will enable sound effect "blaze" with rate = 1.

    Same for music:
    /smoke eff=7 disc=10
    is same to
    /smoke eff=song disc=ward

    Disk's numbers:
    1 - 13
    2 - cat
    3 - block
    4 - chirp
    5 - far
    6 - mall
    7 - mellohi
    8 - stal
    9 - strad
    10 - ward
    11 - 11disc
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    I'm probably not the first guy to tell you either one of these two things.
    A. Great Plugin!
    B. "anagram" isn't the right word. I think you're looking for "acronym".
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    A. wsurfer852 thank you!
    B. Thank you again! My English is too bad, so any correction will help me a lot.
  27. do those items like enderman eye, ender pearl etc. show up each time u want to make these? ^^ and sounds also? :E
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    Great plugin i use it in my server but i was wondering in the video what plugin are you useing to make it so that you have to pay items to open doors?
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    That was a small easter egg ;-) It's my other plugin called "MCCity Lockpick and Rent". It's not released yet, but I'm planing to release it after some tests.
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    I feel that you have possibility to be a great plugin Developer and wanted you to join our plugin Dev team. We work hard and will work with other developers to make great plugins leave me a message if you want to.

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