Inactive [FUN/MECH] MusicCraft v1.4.4 - Compose music! Play it with note blocks! [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by bekvon, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Hey Bekvon. I gave you some support on my youtube channel. The thing i'm ultimately confused about, is the MML Codes. I want to make a midi file into a MML, though there is way more than one instrument on the midi file. Do you know any good sites i could search for MML Files, that work decent?
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    Thanks :) I don't know of any good sites for MML that work well though :( The main limitation is the fact that we only have 2 octets to work with, and that makes it really hard to find ones that do.
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    Does this work with 733? Looks pretty cool o.o
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    Works great, but does the g (octave 1) note seem bugged for anyone else? It sounds waay too low for me.
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    Anyone have some already made songs? Lol
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    Even better would be an app to convert MIDI files, then no one would have to make a MML song from scratch again.
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    Jack Bartlett

    None of the tempos come out right :'(
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    Hey, my first post here!
    I love that plugin ;D

    Made 3 little songs with it:

    Trolololo (you know...)

    Pirates of The Caribbean (He is a Pirate)

    and the Standard Tetris music (not uploaded)
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    I keep getting a "can't find song" error although it's most definitely there.
    Could someone either help out or send me a new songs folder with the Lost Woods theme from Ocarina Of Time?
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    Using latest version with Bukkit 740.
    I have a song I'm looking to implement. Instead of excavating a 104x30x15 basement to hold the redstone and note blocks, this plugin seems like a worthwhile alternative.
    Except the octaves seem a bit flawed somehow. The testing I've done isn't super-extensive yet, but apparently octave zero (o0) is not recognized, and octave 3 apparently gets read as octave 2. So I'm curious how to render all three F#'s that Minecraft supports. Is this just a simple coding error, or am I missing something?
    Hopefully this helps.
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    Been trying to get any MIDI file to convert and play properly for hours now and I can safely say that the MIDI conversion feature is useless, the timing ends up all wrong/notes are in the wrong order with every MIDI I try to convert, no matter what tweaks I make to them beforehand. Not one song has sounded anything like the original. Maybe ABC files would be easier to convert? There are quite a few already available online, and there are decent midi to ABC converters.
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    Did a little bit more testing and pulled up your source code (thanks for that, it helped me figure this out)
    I'm tired and not much caffeine at the moment, so hopefully I explain this correctly.
    If I'm seeing this right, the way parses the input, the top F# gets excluded if you try to use the "O" to specify the octave. The variable "modifier" gets relegated downward if the note is an F#. I'm guessing this was an effort to make the bottom F# (zero right-clicks on the note block) the beginning of the first octave and start the scale there.
    But this makes the top F# (23 right-clicks) inaccessible, as the maxOctaveCheck curtails the note range to octave 2 for the rest of the scale, and then the F# check further reduces it.
    Try this: set up a sign that reads "[MML] o0f#rro1f#rro2f#rro3f#rro4f#rrx" you'll get three notes, two of which sound the same.
    Now try this: "[MML] o1 f#>f#>f#>f#rrf#<f#<f#<f#rrf#>f#>f#>f#rrx"
    Thankfully you included this little trick with the angle brackets which kick the whole modifier variable up or down a dozen steps wholesale. THAT allows me to hit all three F# notes, necessary because the music I was adapting originally covers something like four octaves, which I reduced to two, but I wind up using all three of those F#'s.
    Hopefully I explained this correctly and this helps shed light on a potential issue.
    Thanks for the effort you put into developing and publishing this plugin. I think it's really going to come in handy for the project I'm working on.
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    Voxel Box

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    Keyboard cat is best :D I like it ^.^

    Can you upload your potc ?
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    @bekvon: Two things.

    1. Have you looked at CommandBook's midi functionality with builds 753 and up? It somehow manages to sync the music perfectly! It might be related to the fact only the person who activates the midi can hear it, but still, perfect sync is definitely very desired!

    2. Is a more compact way of playing complex music any closer to release?
  17. Good work, i love it :D just one question what block for the files do you use
    mario1 use dirt/ mario3 wood/ potc5 uses wood/ tetris 4 uses dirt/
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    Josh Sagnella

    I'm totally installing this as soon as I get off work. Awesome.
    You guys should set up a web page to upload people's songs to share.

    Keep up the good work.
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    I wrote it in the MML files (open it with a text-editor)
    mario1 and mario2 > Piano (dirt, air, some others)
    mario3 > Bass (wood)
    potc1, potc2 and potc3 > Piano (dirt, air, some others)
    potc4 > Bass (wood)
    potc5 > Sticks (Glass, Glowstone)
    tetris1 > Piano (dirt, air, some others)
    tetris2 > Bass (wood)
    tetris3 > Drum (stone)
    tetris4 > Sticks (Glass, Glowstone)


    yes, that makes fun ;D


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    I love your songs, however I am curious how you get your songs to play so smoothly on your server? I have a great server and have tried from the server computer and different computers and the notes never play as smoothly as your videos show. Have setup exactly as you do and same results. Sounds choppy and not as clear. Help would be appreciated ty.
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    He is playing them from basically the same computer the server is on.

    It does seem like it's possible for note blocks to play more smoothly now though, CommandBook implemented a way, which is why I tagged bekvon to tell him. Hopefully he can update MusicCraft with the same tech.
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    I have tried it from the server as well didn't help any.
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    Someone should make a tut. on adding songs >.>
    Whenever I do it says not found.
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    on the sign:
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    Drei Gyuu

    Is this plugin good for offsite servers? Cause I've read few comments saying that the delay would not let you get a right tempo, and that it will only work if you are playing on the computer the server is hosted on?

    Please confirm.
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    Voxel Box

    I record these on a computer connected to the same network as the server, it plays just fine for me at 20+ members but they can only hear it smooth like in the video at less than 7 folks online.... which never happens anymore.
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    I know thats where to put it and all that, but it always says not found
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    strange doesn't sound clear to me at all if even if im on the server pc and the only one logged in. still sounds like crud lol
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