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    MusicCraft - Play musical compositions using note blocks.
    Current Version: v1.4.4

    • Write music on signs, or in chat and have a note block play it back.
    • Can Save / Load songs to file.
    • Can infinite repeat music to create ambient music.
    • Adjustable playback speed.
    • Works with Redstone.
    • Uses MML (Music Macro Language) Format.
    • Basic MIDI -> MML converter.
    • /mml list <Page> - list all the songs stored on the server, page number is optional.
    • /mml save [SongName] [MML Script] - save a new song to the server
    • /mml play [SongName] - play a song stored on the server on a note block your standing next to.
    • /mml stop - stop a song thats playing on a note block your standing next to.
    • /mml remove [SongName] - remove from the server a song you own, or if your admin any song.
    • /mml info [SongName] - shows the composer of the song, if your the composer shows you the MML script instead.
    • /mml import [SongName] import a midi file in the songs folder to a MML version.
    MML Instructions:
    • You can write your music either on a sign, or in chat by using the command /mml save [SongName] [MML Script].
    • All MML scripts must start with [MML] as the very beginning of it.
    • MML is a simple music language where a single letter represents a single note.
    • Notes that can be used are the standard A - G notes found in most music compositions.
    • You can also use "sharps" like F# by putting a "#" symbol after the note.
    • Place a "X" anywhere in the music score to have it infinite repeat (loop).
    • Change to higher or lower octets by placing a "O" followed immediately by a number (currently just 1 or 2 or "o3F#" because that's all minecraft really supports).
    • To set the delay between notes, place a "T" anywhere in the script with a number (1-9) or (###) right after it. For single digit numbers, the delay will be 0.1 seconds multiplied by the number (for example, 7 will get you 0.7 seconds between notes. For triple digit numbers, the delay is in milliseconds, so typing 150 would be 15oms.
    • You can place a "R" in the music score to insert a "rest" note. You can use this to create pauses in your songs. The rest note will delay the same time it would take to play one note.
    • You can play MML from signs by right clicking the sign or activating it with redstone.
    • You can also use redstone to play songs, by hooking it up to a sign with MML on it.
    Note: You can also play a saved song from a sign by putting [MMLSong] on the first line and the song name on the second line.

    line 1: [MMLSong]
    line 2: test
    This will play the song saved as "test" when you right click the sign or activate it with redstone.

    See the examples below for a sample of what a sign should look like. For more information on note blocks, see the minecraft wiki here.


    Example 1: [MML] ABCD
    This will play the notes a,b,c,d and then stop.

    Example 2: [MML] X T1 ABCD
    This will play notes a,b,c,d in a infinite loop with a 0.1 second delay between notes.

    Example 3: [MML] X O2 T5 AA#BCDF#
    This will play the second octet of notes a,a#,b,c,d,f# in a infinite loop with 0.5 seconds delay between notes.

    Note: All spaces are OPTIONAL, and letters are CASE-INSENSITIVE. For instance, [MML] x A B C D is the same as [MML]Xabcd. The only thing that cannot be changed is the [MML] tag, which must be capital and have no spaces.

    Video Examples:

    FF7 Song by Ridgedog from Voxel Box:

    Video Tutorial made by Meee:

    Old example video made by me:

    - 'musiccraft.use' - This allows you to play MusicCraft songs.
    - 'musiccraft.ignore.repeat' - allows user to ignore the allow repeat setting. (in config file)
    - 'musiccraft.ignore.mintempo' - allows user to ignore the min tempo setting. (in config file)
    - 'musiccraft.ignore.playerlimit' - allows user to ignore the max per player setting. (in config file)
    - 'musiccraft.ignore.cooldowntimer' - allows user to ignore the cooldown timer. (in config file)
    - 'musiccraft.songs.admin' - allows you to remove songs owned by other players.

    • Look into making a import from MIDI.
    • Make "/mml list" have different pages or categorys.
    • Permissions Support
    • Expand Permissions support
    • Allow different parts of the music go at different speeds (using "t" again).
    • Better MML support.
    • Add "rest" notes to allow pauses in the music.
    • Add Load Song / Save Song functionality.
    • Add Redstone circuit integration.
    • Ability to play saved songs from signs.
    • Code Cleanup
    • Fix bugs
    - Update for CB1060.

    - Found out how to hide the onPlayerQuit nag...
    Full Change Log (open)

    - Updated for CB 612/ Minecraft 1.4

    - You can now use " /mml import * " import all the .mid files in the songs directory.
    - Fixed permissions issue with /mml import
    - Plugin will now ignore octets higher then the maxOctets setting in the config file.

    v1.4 - 3/15/2011
    - Better MML compatability, can now use "+" instead of "#" and can also use ">" to go up a octet and "<" to go down a octet.
    - New basic MIDI > MML converter using the "/mml import" command.
    - Fixed redstone to work with newer CB versions.
    - Added basic pages to "/mml list"
    - Other Bug fixes.

    v1.3.4 - 3/6/2011
    - Fixed MusicCraft not working properly after being disabled and then re-enabled.
    - Fixed redstone on/off functionality
    - Built with the new latest recommended CraftBukkit (493).

    v1.3.3 - 3/4/2011
    - Fixed more permission issues...

    v1.3.2 - 3/4/2011
    - Added /mml stop to stop repeat songs (I forgot it...:oops:)
    - Fixed a console exception being thrown when attempting to play a nonexistent song.

    v1.3.1 - 3/4/2011
    - Fixed permission issue.

    v1.3 - 3/4/2011
    - Added Load / Save song functionality.
    - Added the ability to use multiple "T" notes to change delay between notes for subsequent notes.

    v1.2.1 - 3/3/2011
    - Fixed typo that caused the musiccraft.ignore.repeat permission to not work.

    v1.2 - 3/3/2011
    - Works with redstone now.
    - Added more permissions.
    - Added a plethora of configuration options in the config file.

    v1.1 - 3/2/2011
    - Added config file.
    - Config file includes option to limit global number of songs playing.
    - Added basic permissions support. (may be improved upon later)
    - Added "rest" notes.
    - Improved other plugin compatability.
    - Fixed songs not closing properly when their note block was broken by a player.

    v1.0 - 2/28/2011
    - Initial Release

    Source: GitHub

    Feel free to share your music creations in this thread as well :D
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    Phantom Index

    There a video example?
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    No, but I guess I could make one. I don't really know any good video capture software though as its not something I do often.

    EDIT: Ok I put a little video up showing some of the testing I was doing. Made it using the free version of FRAPS so it was limited to 30 seconds, but it will do for now.

    EDIT2: If someone wants to make a better example video with real music, let me know and I'll put it in the original post.
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    Really cool :D
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    if some1 of you is freakish enogh to compose the Zelda hymne like this, plz post how many signs you need and what letters and so on ^^
    would totaly love to bury underneath a Tri-Force-Temple and everybody entering just goes like whoaaa zelda
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    Get out of my brain, just kidding :) I wanted to do the Zelda theme since note blocks got introduced, to bad I can't try it now because of issues with my server :/
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    Wow, I really admire your awesome plugins. Nice one again, just what I wanted without tricky redstone mechanics. <3
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 1:33 PM ---
    Wait, I haven't tested yet, but will this conflict with MyWarp's sign warps?
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    Thanks :)
    I don't think it will conflict, but I'm not positive. The next version definitely wont (I have made some adjustments to help improve other plugin compatibility in general). Only way to know is to try it and find out.

    EDIT: by the way, I'll have the next version out later today :)
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    Mmm Octopie

    hey you should be able to have it toggle with redstone just an idea if you want to do it
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    That no-so-tricky redstone mechanic would be nice, though :p
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    A shame it's impossible to make the Morrowind theme on here.
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    Added to the Todo list due to popular demand :)

    Also, v1.1 is out which adds basic support for permissions, Il probably add more specific nodes later but for now you can just use 'musiccraft.use' to enable it. Added rest notes, use a "R" to make a pause in your song. Added config option for the global maximum number of running songs at the same time. Other miscellaneous fixes, including songs now properly die when the Note Block they are connected to is broken.
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    Do the note blocks have a G note or am I wrong? [​IMG]
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    Lol, yea they do, I messed up the description. Ill fix that in the original post.
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    Hng rests are added. I love you.

    How do rests work, anyway?
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    will writing on lines 2 3 and 4 be like writing all in one line?
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    This looks really awesome, I may have to wait for redstone integration tho. Great video tho, havint to wire out a song is way to much work.
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    It'd be nice if this could use text files in this format to play longer pieces of music. *Mario bros. theme* Other plugins do this. why not this one?
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    Just put a "R" in the place of a note, and no note will be played but it will still pause the amount of time it takes for one note to be played.

    Yup, whenever you play the sign, all the lines just get put together to make one big line and then that is played. You can even write on the very first line after the [MML].

    That sounds like a good idea. You can kinda already do this with other mods that load text files to signs, just put a [MML] script in one of those mods and load it into a sign, then right click the sign. But I do plan on adding some sort of save file / load file functionality at some point in the future, I'll add it to the todo list.
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    this sounds like a great plugin..
    im trying to do this song but it has diffrent times after each note
    so if you could make diffrent T times it will be great.
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    hey a little something i noticed ever since i installed this plugin that items that i /give dont show up until i click on them in the inventory. idk if it is caused by this plugin or not, but something you should look into maybe.
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    it would be nice to have full mml functionality at some point, cus I have a lot of songs made in full mml script and this wont utilize much of that script. for example: a+>f>d<<a+>fa+n58d doesn't work D:. Also it would be great to implement that file functionality because the signs are too small to make a full song.
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    Thanks, and yea Thats the next thing on my list of things to do :)

    /give works fine for me... I'm not sure, there could be a conflict but there shouldn't be. Pretty sure i worked all that out with v1.1, but Il double check.

    I plan to make it as fully supportive of MML as possible when I get the time, however due to Note block limitations its impossible for full MML compatibility. Note block doesn't support any way to tell it to play things like "whole notes" or "quarter notes" or anything like that. We only get to choose if the note is A - G.

    EDIT: 1.2 is out, see change log. :)
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    NVM it can't be your plugin I removed it and it still happened. Probably some outdated Voxel plugin, which I've been having issues with recently anyway.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the response, i'll make sure to keep up with your updates :D. It sucks note blocks are limited, but we gotta make do with what we got! Thanks.
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    @bekvon ,Love the plugin. But can I make a request? I would love to have it send a pulse after its done playing. This way it can trigger a longer mml song. If you would do that I would love you for ever. HEHE Would help me from making mile long song tracks. Or even use the txt file idea.
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    that would be great.
    the mml file could be just the same as if it were written on the sign, it would make it much easier to edit.
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    Ok, 1.3.3 is out (1.3 still had some issues I had to fix [​IMG]) You can now have different parts of the song going different speeds. Also there is now a save/load song function as well as the ability to play and write songs without the need for a sign [​IMG] See changelog for more details.
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    Amazing plugin. No more words.
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    HeyHo i have a question...
    Why say minecraft"[MusciCraft] You Don't have permissions to do this!" I'm the Admin on my Server please help me :(

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