[FUN/MECH] MobMentalist V1.2 - Cause mobs to go crazy [DISCONTINUED]

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How should mobs behave when they target a player?

  1. Target each-other

  2. Target themselves

  3. Glitch about then insta-die

  4. Other - Leave response in comments

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    mobMentalist - Keep those demons at bay.
    Version: v1.2

    This was the first plugin I ever made. Due to the large amount of interest recently I have decided to remake mobMentalist for the all new release of 1.8
    Mob mentalist makes all enemy mob that target you kill themselves. Skeletons die by their own arrows, Zombies viciously pummel themselves to death, Spiders spin in circles taking damage and Creepers will hiss and blow up.

    'mobMentalist' - User cannot be attacked by mobs.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


    Version 1.2
    * Mob burning is configurable.

    Version 1.1
    * Mobs ignite and damage themselves.

    Version 1.0
    * Plugin release.
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    One word. JustEpic.
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    You need to have an external download link, like dropbox :)
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    Heheh nice idea :) but change hosting ex speedshare or mediafire ;) I like this plugin :D
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    LOL seems like a cool idea. I'll test it out on my own test server :p

    I don't want to seem like a retard here... But it seems like you gave a download link to your source and not the actual jar file :confused:
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    Agh darn. I probably did, I will reupload to Mediafire when I get to my laptop again.
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    i know this plugin is 'down'/unedited, but can you make creepers not affected? or configurable?
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    Could you add the same permission as leavemebe has?
    And will creepers instant explode when they target themselves?
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    This is really cool. I used it with mob rain and when the creepers fell and exploded my players totally freaked out.
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    Long time no see DKDunnings. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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